How To Meet a Girl On a Dating Site, What To Write To Interest Her

How to meet a girl on a dating site? Men as well as women need a reliable rear. They, too, want warmth, care, and the knowledge that someone is waiting for them at home. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to find “the one” in everyday life (or simply has no time for it), so dating sites are regularly updated with the male population. How do I meet a girl on a dating site? What to write? What to ask? And is it realistic to find HER?

Contents of the article:

  • What must be considered
  • How to begin a conversation
  • Survey research
  • Analysis of photos
  • Mailing topics
  • What not to write
  • Rules of communication

What to consider

When studying the application forms of applicants and in the process of correspondence with them, you need to pay attention to several points:

Literacy. Established ladies will never allow themselves to write with mistakes. This is typical for typical blondes and girls of the golden age, writing “sps” instead of “thank you”. Do you need it?

Photos. If all the photos were taken by professionals, there’s no guarantee that your chosen one isn’t wearing a ton of makeup. Start communicating on the site after an objective assessment of the naturalness and genuineness of the photo, not the beauty of exposed legs. You are looking for a wife, not an escort service girl. If the last statement is wrong, just skip this point or interpret it exactly the opposite.

Date of profile. If a girl claims to be on the site recently, you can check her honesty by simply looking at the date of profile creation and studying the comments on the photo. Does she cheat on little things? Then why do you need this person?

Where to Start Dating

You should meet girls on dating sites with a cool head, carefully analyzing all the incoming information. This is the only way you can choose “the one”, protecting yourself from scam artists and outright prostitutes.

Examination of the Questionnaire

Before you just write to the woman you like, it is important to get the maximum amount of information about her hobbies. Her profile, filled out personally, can help in this. If she includes her favorite band, movie or book in her profile, your chances for success increase significantly. You have a real reason to write to her, without using commonplace phrases.


If you do not know what to write a girl on a dating site, start with a compliment. Not vulgar, but correct, truthful and concise. Experienced seducers advise not to praise the girl for her beauty. After all, she did not put an inch of effort. But a sports figure, skilled makeup and tastefully chosen clothing deserve attention. Just refrain from pompous phrases and literary extravagances. Write simply and to the point, but without descending into banality.

Analysis of photos in dating site

dating site

Look carefully at all the photos that she posted on her profile. As a rule, the female gender is proud of any trip and is sure to post pictures of those trips. Have you found something like that? Then you will no longer face the question of what to write a girl on the dating site. Of course, ask her about her trip! And the emotions she experienced.

But if you can’t find anything like that among her photos, don’t give up hope. Look at her photos again. Maybe you’ll see her walking with her favorite dog, in mountaineering gear, or even with a fishing rod in her hand. Then you can safely start the conversation with her love of animals, hobbies of mountain climbing or fishing.


Ironic and provocative phrases always catch on and make the writer respond. However, such statements should by no means offend the person. Otherwise, you will have to forget about any communication. You must have a keen sense and act very carefully. After all, what is the norm for one may be unacceptable to the other.


orange and white plastic egg toy

Jokes on current topics are always received on fire. And many girls appreciate the ability of the interlocutor to treat life with the proper dose of irony. But try to avoid outright banter, circus performers are sent on tour.

In addition, any printed message is not able to convey the intonations of human speech. Therefore, many of the jocular statements on the monitor screen look quite joyless.

The topics of the correspondence

Let’s assume that the first acquaintance went positively. You continue to communicate with your chosen one, but you have no idea what to talk about on dating sites with a person you don’t know yet.

You can support the communication in the following ways:

  • Share a childhood memory or a little secret;
  • Ask about the past day and its significant events;
  • Ask about your plans for the weekend and offer ideas;
  • Exchange information that directly relates to your shared hobbies;
  • Talk about your own small accomplishments.

What not to write

Try to avoid political topics. As a rule, different people look at the same event in different ways. On the basis of such disagreements can arise a full-fledged quarrel. And in general, avoid any topic that may cause an aggressive response from your interlocutor. Communicate with a girl on a dating site carefully and without unnecessary negativity.

At the stage of virtual dating you should not show your jealousy, even if you have it. And no commanding intentions either. You are still strangers who do not owe each other anything. Especially since it would just be ugly.

And most importantly – do not teach life. Even if your chosen one is much younger, and you think that she knows little about the vicissitudes of fate.

The rules of communication are important

In addition to all of the above, we would like to give some tips on how to behave on the dating sites:

  • Don’t be a nuisance. Such people are not liked and try to get rid of the annoying interlocutor.
  • Dose your compliments. They should be, but not too often.
  • Monitor the adequacy and literacy of his speech. Educated people are always valued.
  • Do not post pictures from the Internet instead of photographs. This will raise suspicion of fraud. If you do not want to “show” your face to the whole country, explain that to the girl in a simple way and offer to send photos by e-mail.
  • Once you start communicating, don’t disappear from the site immediately after sending a message. The person you’re talking to may be online and respond to you right away. But a delayed response from you will look at least strange.
  • Do not delay online meetings, translate the relationship into real life. Otherwise your chosen one will choose another, more determined, man.

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