How To 100% Know If A Woman Is In Love?

The first step should be taken by a man is to know if a woman is in love. Yes, but you want to step in the right direction. How do you know if a girl is in love, or if she has no feelings other than friendship? There is more than one absurd answer to this burning question on the Internet. “If she kisses passionately and for a long time – then she loves you! Ready to come over and kiss? Not ready? Why not? Adequate guys understand the measure of responsibility and the severity of the consequences. So let’s not make any sudden moves, but just observe.

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  • How to understand that a girl is in love, but hides: 9 signs
  • Trick or treat: how to understand that a woman is not in love with a man
  • Girls are different: how the Zodiac signs in love behave

How to know if a girl is in love, but hides it: 9 signs

Of course, you can ask straight out. Modern women are called free, liberated, uninhibited in everything. Including in matters of love and sex. And yet women say one thing, but think another. And don’t get your hopes up, not even close to tell you what’s on her mind. Just take it for granted. As for deciphering a woman’s feelings, let’s rely on well-known facts.

I’ve got my eye on it.

Let’s start with the obvious things. The expression “to put an eye on” did not appear for nothing. We don’t look at what we don’t like. And vice versa. If we like something, we can’t take our eyes off it. But do not expect any formalities. Like, will look furtively and lower his eyes when he bumped into you. A woman in love may look at point-blank range without the slightest embarrassment. Or she may not look at all. And yet the vast majority of women become shy, vulnerable and vulnerable. And look accordingly. It is impossible to confuse this look with anything else. As well as to describe it in words. You have to see it.

woman standing on cliff

It Blooms And Smells Very Nice

Moving on. They say love makes a woman beautiful. Indeed, a woman in love blossoms and smells. But she becomes so spectacular for one simple reason – she begins to take care of herself with the zeal of a photo model. Notice that every day a girl looks “like a date” – so, for someone is grooming. Another question – for whom. Maybe not for you. So check it out. Invite her for a friendly walk. Have a chat, ask the right questions, have coffee. If she comes dressed up, “go for it, what are you standing around for?”

A Little Bit Of A Fool

Love is stress, and stress makes a reasonable person inadequate. She shrinks and shrinks at the sight of you. She talks like she has no intelligence. Talks in a way that’s not her style. Or behaves too swaggeringly. Sometimes vulgar. The same thing is happening to you, by the way. Remember how you behaved the last time you fell in love. That’s right, like a fool. She’s acting like an idiot. She’s stressed.

Ignoring Others Peoples Feelings

A woman who is in love with one particular man is indifferent to other unspecific men. At all. Absolutely. To her, even Brad Pitt is like a pensioner. No emotion at all. Because there is only one male in the world for a woman in love. Well, if the woman you suspect of love is actively flirting, and rumor has it that it is not limited to flirting, love is out of the question.

Wants To Know Everything

Woman Is In Love

She’s about as interested in your life as your mother is – she wants to know everything about you. What you eat for breakfast, what movies you watch, who you were with for the first time and when the last time, why you broke up, etc. Such curiosity can be stressful, but wanting to know everything is part of love. Besides, she just likes talking to you. As long as possible and no matter what about.

Communicating Without Limits

There is such an important factor of communication between people as distance. You’ve probably noticed how irritation flares up inside when a “stranger” invades your “personal territory. We experience nothing of the sort – tension, irritation, and anger – when the boundaries are violated by someone close to us. So, if a girl lets you into this zone – lets you come close, touch, use her personal things – then you are at least not a stranger to her.

Always In Your View

If you periodically or constantly spend time in the same team (working, studying, vacationing together), for some reason she always catches your eye. Do you think it’s an accident? Or fate? No, she specifically chooses places to bother your eyes. So that you notice how beautiful she is today. And a woman in love can make herself beautiful with the skill of a real stylist.

Shows That You Care

The maternal instinct, inherent in women by nature, does not only apply to children. The desire to care extends to everyone who is dear. The object of love – he is, of course, dear. And the reason to take care of this treasure she will always find. Cheer up if you’re sad. She’ll soothe your nerves. Warm you up with a cup of tea when you’re cold. And all for nothing. Without asking for anything in return. Instincts!

Become A More Confident Man

Generates Sexual Tension

And, of course, there is a distinct feeling of sex in communication with this woman. Her face turns red. Her hands are shaking. Her speech slips. And all the other signs of sexual tension. If you don’t know anything about it, read it. That’s the state you read about when a woman in love goes into when she sees you. If you want to be sure, provoke it. Start controlling the woman. Come closer. Fix her hair. Put your arm around her. And observe.

Trick Or Treat: How To Know If A Woman Is Not In Love With A Man?

Or another situation. You are together. She says she is in love. And you are not sure whether she is in love with you or with your purse. On the one hand, of course, you want to throw diamonds at her feet. On the other hand, and for a ring with a cubic zirconia under your spoon, it sucks unpleasantly. It’s not that it’s a pity, but I do have my suspicions.

So, if you’re the lucky owner of both the girl and the money, let’s figure out what the relationship is between them (the girl and the money). A girl who is intimate with them…

  • She is interested in the place of your meetings, not in the fact. The question “where?” she cares a lot more than “when? And the answer to this question should be, of course, in the plane of fashionable restaurants. This woman’s motto: if she eats, it’s foie grass, but if she drinks, it’s Moët & Chandon Sparkling Wine.
  • She delights in expensive, not sentimental gifts. If you’re used to giving her only status gifts (such as the latest iPhone), try to buy a small, but very cute stuffed hamster. See her dumbfounded face – you know what it means.
  • She doesn’t sacrifice her interests. She doesn’t wait by your bedside when you’re sick. Doesn’t skip a meeting with her friends to see you. Your problems are nothing compared to the needs of her hamster. And so on.
  • Acknowledges the one-way game. For a woman in love, reciprocity is the credo of life. For the woman pursuing a mercantile interest, there is a game of “you owe everything.” She, of course, nothing.
  • She only communicates about things. A woman in love is interested in the moment of your communication. The materially preoccupied one is interested in the benefit that follows from the communication. In general, they communicate with you only about the occasion. In plain Russian, you are being taken advantage of.

The main problem of such women is that they betray. They leave as soon as an opportunity for a bigger score looms on the horizon. Or when you get sick. Or when you become impoverished. A woman who loves you is reliable. With you, for better or for worse. You want one? Search for one. Look into her soul. Filter out the silicone.

Girls Are Different: How The Zodiac Signs In Love Behave?

There are different types of girls. If you take a horoscope as a basis, there are at least 12 types. And each type loves in his own way. Let’s talk about this in a nutshell.

How to know if an Aries Zodiac Sign woman is in love

A man learns about the love of a woman born under the sign of Aries from herself. The victim of his love Aries may pursue. Or he may simply shower them with gifts and all sorts of courtesies. So what if the woman.

How To Know If A Taurus Zodiac Sign Woman Is In Love

Don’t be under any illusions-these cold-blooded beauties don’t fall in love first. First of all, because they love themselves very much. And in general, their life goes according to plan. They allow themselves to fall in love if the man suits all the parameters. So first Taurus will let you in and explore all sides (including sex). Then – will allow himself to fall in love with you, and you to marry her.

How To Know If A Gemini Zodiac Sign Woman Is In Love

If you have been knocked down by a hurricane of sexual, intellectual and emotional attention – there is a Gemini woman in love somewhere. Her element is air, which is essentially the wind. This element is also to blame for the fickleness of her nature. Today – love, tomorrow – blown away by the wind.

How To Know If A Cancer Zodiac Sign Woman Is In Love

He has a tendency to cling to the object of his love with a dead grip. True, not immediately. Moreover, Cancer is almost incapable of attacking – of making bold moves first. On the contrary, this woman will keep her feelings under her shell long and hard. Until you fall in love and win her over.

How To Understand That The Leo Zodiac Sign Woman Is In Love

She does not hide her feelings. In love, she is fierce and a tyrant. Prefers to be the initiator. As in bed, invite, and then send out. And the lioness departs without much foreplay. In particular, those “unworthy” servants who refuse to please her in everything.

How To Know If A Virgo Zodiac Sign Woman Is In Love

Virgo’s great composure forces men to puzzle over what’s on her mind. Yes, her feelings are subject to discipline. Yes, the casual acquaintance in his soul will not let. But if you’re the right man for her, you’ll find a sensual and caring woman. Just let her know that everything is mutual.

How To Know If A Libra Zodiac Sign Woman Is In Love

Whether or not she loves, one or the other, she has to ask herself these kinds of questions all the time. And just in case, she has to act out the love play – to shine, to tempt and to seduce. Don’t take it personally. As for perspective, it is possible if a girl of this sign sees in you the possibilities for cutting such a diamond like her.

How To Know If A Scorpio Zodiac Sign Woman Is In Love

In love, she is a real femme fatale. Feelings for her are deep and serious. Don’t expect meek puppy dog looks. There won’t be any. This woman looks piercing, bossy and defiant. Can not escape – have to obey. And fulfill her every whim.

How To Know If A Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Woman Is In Love

The frankness and directness of this girl can only be envied. That’s where the soul is out in the open. She will be happy to tell you that she is in love (with you) and is not against being in bed with the object of love (with you) in the near future.

How To Know If A Capricorn Zodiac Sign Woman Is In Love

As long as she is not sure of anything (your intentions and financial situation), she will not rock the topic of love inside her. She will relax when she has a picture in her head. But in a whirlpool still will not rush. She will just show flirtatiousness, playfulness, vulnerability and helplessness.

How To Know If An Aquarius Zodiac Sign Woman Is In Love

Flirts, flirts, listens with open mouth – it seems to love. One thing should seem in this case – Aquarians love to be the center of attention. True, if a strong friendship is established with her – there is a chance that this charming crazy woman will fall in love with you soon.

How To Know If A Pisces Zodiac Sign Woman Is In Love

“What a fool,” is about them. When they fall in love, they become dreamy and absent-minded. Ready to dissolve in love without the rest. But if they do not see the man’s initiative, silently sail in another direction. Step forward and see what happens. If all the excitement, flushed – this fish is not indifferent to you.

The minimum information you need is at your fingertips. Take it and use it. No one to attach the baggage of your experience to? Millions of women want to fall in love! Sign up on dating sites and you’ll see for yourself. Good luck!

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