Six Mistakes You Can Make On An International Dating Site Are

In the blog of the international dating site Adult Dating – MeetKing there is a lot of articles that will help you understand the specifics of online dating with foreigners, build your strategy of behavior and search for a man for a serious relationship on the Internet, and avoid common mistakes made due to ignorance or misunderstanding of the new side of interpersonal relationships for many ladies.

In this article, we will briefly describe the most common mistakes you can make on an international dating site and provide links to articles from the Adult Dating – MeetKing blog that address each of the cases described.

Six mistakes you can make on an international dating site:

choose an unsuccessful photo of the questionnaire

We’ve talked about this more than once. Your profile picture on an international dating site decides whether a man wants to meet you or not.

Provide little information about yourself on your application form

This means that during registration on the dating site you only partially filled in your application form or did not specify important information that is important for dating: marital status, presence of children, where children live (with their mother or not), knowledge of foreign languages, requirements to the man you want to meet.

To give knowingly false information about yourself

For example, if you live in one of the Eastern European countries, or if you indicate one of the European countries in the “Country and city of residence” column of your profile on an international dating site, hoping that this will attract more suitors. Remember, sooner or later a man will have to tell the truth, how will he react to his confession? It’s impossible to predict.

Specify in the questionnaire requirements for a man that will only scare away candidates

For example, specific requirements regarding a man’s financial standing or a desire to meet a man much younger than yourself. We advise you to specify those requirements, which are essential for you in a relationship. “Conditions” without which a relationship is not possible. If age plays a secondary role in the relationship for you, then you should not pay much attention to it in the questionnaire, namely to strongly limit it to five or three years of difference. By limiting the age of the suitors, you will also limit the attention to your questionnaire. A serious man will pay attention to these criteria and will not bother you if he is, for example, two years older than the age of the “ideal” suitor mentioned in your questionnaire. As for the financial aspect of dating a foreigner and the relationship,

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Being too passive in finding a man and communicating with suitors

This means that you simply go to an international dating site and wait… interest in your profile or a man’s first letter, and once you have corresponded with a man, you reply to him irregularly and superficially, without showing any interest in his life (in the form of questions or reactions to his story about himself).

Not knowing and not wanting to understand and accept the mentality of a foreigner

Often women, unknowingly, expect the behavior of Slavic men from foreigners, trying to impose on them the values and stereotypes of relationships characteristic of Eastern European society. Unconsciously, when trying to get acquainted with a foreigner, they are looking for a relationship with a Slavic man. For this reason, the acquaintance may not work out. It is worth learning to accept a foreign cavalier as he is, to accept his view of the world and of the relationship between a man and a woman, rather than trying to make a Slav with a foreign residency out of him. The foreigner grew up and lives in a completely different (from Eastern European) social, cultural, and economic reality.

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