How To Excite a Man With Words – Top 20 Examples Of Text Messages

How To Excite a Man With Words? What excites a man most of all? Butt and breasts, many people will say with confidence. And be right only in part. Yes, the male gaze involuntarily focuses on the prominent points. Nature. Can not go against it. But why one “bum-chest” excites, and the other, exactly the same, emotions do not cause? Because a man perceives women’s sexuality in a complex. So let’s find out what, besides biological signs, is part of this complex.

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  • What excites men the most: 7 unexpected stimulants
  • The way to a man’s heart is through the nose: what smells excite them?
  • Stimulate at a distance: arousing correspondence
  • Virtual sex
  • Exciting text messages

What Excites Men Most: 7 Unexpected Stimulants

A woman’s body is undoubtedly a stimulant. But men have different views on women’s vascularity. One wants a soup set. The other one wants it beefier. But there are things that guys unanimously call sexy. Remember.

  1. A good appetite. A good appetite will tell a man a lot about a woman. About a high libido. An emancipation. A lack of complexes. Finally, the ability to bear and nurse offspring. Conclusion – on a date, eat a fat steak and grunt quite a bit, not chew a leaf of lettuce with a lean face.
  2. Groomed hands. The owner of the most gorgeous ass will cause a man to shudder in disgust if her hands have burrs or nails are nibbled. A woman’s hands should be well-groomed – soft, gentle, with a neat, classic manicure. So they want to kiss and want to wear a ring.
  3. Long hair. Most of all men are aroused by things that emphasize the difference in gender. And if men’s preferences in the size of a woman’s breasts diverge, they converge back on the hair. Should be long – thinks the vast majority of guys. And if the hair is not only long, but also very well groomed, their color does not matter. The most stubborn lover of blondes will surrender to a redheaded beastie, if she has a mop of well-groomed hair.
  4. Open shoulders. About cleavage and high heels we will not remind. This is a school education. But there are things not every female graduate knows. Did you know that guys lose their heads at the sight of naked women’s shoulders, collarbones and neck? 18th century fashion designers knew about it. So instead of buying another pair of lame and unexciting jeans, buy a pair of things with open shoulders.
  5. A little tummy. Pumping your abs day and night to have those coveted “cubes”? Drop the bad stuff. That same bulge in the waist area that you’re so desperately struggling with, normal men are into it. Yeah, that’s the “ugly” thing you’re trying to banish from your body. Well, a man’s rough hand likes a woman’s soft tummy, that’s all.
  6. Artful flirting. Yes, men love our weakness, vulnerability, inaccessibility and indecision. At the same time, they are very excitable initiative. Moderate. Covered. What is called flirting. There are many ways to get a guy to like you. Beckon, give a sign, look expressively. And then go about your business as if nothing had happened. Or let him in and then push him away. And don’t forget to give up in the end. The main thing is, don’t be pushy. He’s the hunter. You’re the victim. Don’t get it mixed up.
  7. Natural makeup. Guys are unanimous in their unwillingness to get soaked in foundation, powder, lipstick and other cosmetic substances. When applying makeup, understand what you want it to achieve – to be a “work of art” or a sexually attractive girl. If you want to have sex, makeup must be nude. So that no man will suspect a ton of plaster on your face. And you can always bring the ass and breasts to condition with exercises. You can and you should. Because, no matter how you slice it, a man’s eyes are focused on the prominent points. Nature. You can’t go against it.

man standing in front of neon lights

The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through The Nose: What Smells Excite Them?

You know firsthand how smell can change the perception of a person. Sometimes you like a guy, he’s classy and sexy. And when you get close, you’re disgusted. It doesn’t stink, though. But not that. And it’s not even about the perfume. I mean, it’s a nice perfume, it’s expensive, it’s nice. You know what it is? Pheromones. It’s a volatile substance that’s released by our bodies. And what pheromones are, are what they are. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Fortunately, body odor intolerance is rare. In any case, the first impression a man will make by tasting your perfume. And although no one cancelled the individual taste, there are smells that the vast majority of people like or do not like.

How Excite a Man With Words? Not Even A Hint Of Sex!

I don’t like it – first of all, all that powdery, aldehydic stuff. All that “mothballs” that remind me of my grandmother’s childhood. The same “undying feminine classics” from which men are dying, gasping for breath. The guys stubbornly fail to see the difference between “Chanel No. 5” and “Krasnaya Moskva. They hate both.

In the same category – “grandmotherly” – men write down fragrances that we women reverently call “oriental. I assure you, the Orient, as men see it, is a harem. But not that your favorite perfume with an intrusive trail, from which it is impossible to wash off.

In third place – the fragrances “unisex”. Men are indifferent to “unisex” at best. “Neither fish nor meat,” their nose tells them. Neither man nor woman. No one to erect on. Although, she seems nice… She’s got a nice ass.

Flavors of Love

Now about the smells that excite guys. First of all it’s a “delicious” perfume – with vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, coconut. Something that promises heavenly pleasure.

Something that reminds you of virginity and chastity, also turns you on. We’re talking about smells of purity and freshness – marine and herbaceous perfumes. It doesn’t matter that it’s not your first or even your second. The main thing is the impression.

Scents with citrus are another aphrodisiac. Guys have a particular passion for grapefruit, but fruits are good in principle any. As well as some vegetables. For example, pumpkin is in the top energizing smells.

As for flowers, you can use rose, tuberose, gardenia and jasmine. The main thing is fresher. Flowers should smell like dew, not grandma. “Red Moscow” is also rose and tuberose, but in this version the flowers are killer for guys.

Patchouli, ylang-ylang and sandalwood are considered the default male aphrodisiacs. But this is the East, which is a delicate matter. So you need to look at the overall composition, which can be both spicy (good) and powdery (bad).

So choose a perfume that contains any of these aromas. But it doesn’t guarantee an iron erection. Your boyfriend may well be the exception, for whom “Chanel #5” – The epitome of sex, and vanilla awakens nothing but memories of mom’s pies.

Excite a Man With Words

What Words Can Excite A Man?

Spirits cost money. Words are a free aphrodisiac. And you don’t have to be a philologist to whisper dirty things in his ear. Guys in this sense are very simple. They hear something like, “How big and strong HE is,” and their brains go right down the line.

Well, after ten years together many men call “Borscht ready, my love. It’s understandable. But even in this case, to shake his penis – a solvable task. There are things that work without fail with anyone.

  • Erotic fantasy. I emphasize fantasy. Not your sexual experience before him. Experience is okay, too. But present it as a dream or a dream. “Darling, I had a dream…” And, drenched in crimson, with a hoarse voice, tell how your beloved in this dream loved you.
  • Memories of the past. About shared experiences, you can and should. Masturbating in the movie theater in the back row? Having sex in a public place? Just remember how a juicy moment began – and your brain will tell a man how it all ended.
  • An intimate compliment. There is no guy in nature who is indifferent to compliments. And if the compliment is targeted – about his outstanding “dignity” or outstanding achievements in the field of sex – a man does not fail to prove “Yes, I’m cool, and here’s another confirmation of that.

The main thing is not to be embarrassed. It turns you on when he uses “18+” vocabulary. And it turns him on. It really turns him on.

Stimulate At A Distance: Arousing Correspondence

Don’t miss any opportunity to hit him in the head. You need to know what to talk to a guy about. A horny man is the best man in the world. It’s Hercules performing feats. It’s Mohammed going to the mountain. All in all, a useful man for the household. That’s how you keep him toned up.

Virtual Sex

Distance is not an obstacle. Why do you think erotic chats or phone sex are so popular? Because a guy can be turned on by two in any situation. Knock him out of his desk chair and send him to the bathroom to tidy up his thoughts with one word. And do not copy templates from the internet – stimulating poems, text messages and quotes. Write in your own words. I want so and so: “I want you, all wet,” “My ass is waiting to be whipped. You could hint, “Bought lacy underwear,” “Sucking a lollipop and bored.” Forget the high IQ. Sex is easy.

If the relationship has not reached the bed, and balances at the level of bonbon-bouquet, with a vocabulary of caution.

Exciting text messages

Virtual sex, like any other sex, takes time. If you don’t have time, but you want to “support” a guy, text him. Short, but succinct messages. Here are some examples of texting a man.

  • “Will you help me unzip my dress tonight?”
  • “Will you help me fulfill one of my sexual fantasies?”
  • “I’d like to relax a little tonight. With you.”
  • “A lonely girl wants to have dirty sex.”
  • “Are you sure we had enough of each other last night?”
  • “I want sex with you to never end.”
  • “I’ve decided to take a yoga class to be more flexible.”
  • “I’ve decided not to wear underwear at home. Do you mind?”
  • “Will you spank my butt tonight?”
  • “I so want to put my feet on your shoulders.”
  • “Let’s watch some good porn tonight.”
  • “Let’s get to know you better.”
  • “Do you want me not to wear panties at home?”
  • “Missed your tight ass.”
  • “I want to fulfill three of your wishes.”

Don’t go overboard. Know your limits. Don’t hint at BDSM if you’re not really ready for it. A guy might forget that he promised to take your hamster to the vet, but he’ll remember the threesome text until his retirement.

School Of Nonverbals: How To Understand That A Man Is Excited

You can get in your pants and check. And if circumstances do not allow? For example, we just met five minutes ago. Or the place is crowded. But that’s no reason to stay in the dark! Do not worry, to understand that excite a man, you can, even if his desire does not “stick out”.

  • The first is the look. Looks excited man, like a hungry beast – devours eyes. This is extremely inadequate look – cloudy, heavy, piercing, carnivorous. It makes you want to give or run away (act according to the circumstances).
  • Sign number two is body movements. The horny guy is fidgeting, fidgeting, fidgeting. Some guys are frankly shaking. Does not know where to put his hands, which want to rub you, but have to – a button, phone or cuff. Tries to get closer. Even closer. Breaking personal comfort zone.
  • Next, the voice. The timbre of the excited man changes. It becomes even lower. Sometimes it gets husky. Speech slows down. Its semantic load is minimized. He may start talking nonsense (his phallus hardens, his brain liquefies).
  • Adrenalin reactions. The release of adrenaline in the blood dilates the pupils, causes a slight blush, rapid breathing, heartbeat and sweating. You hug him and feel his heart pounding? Maybe tachycardia. But more likely, an erection.

Now you know what arouses men. The question is what to do with this aroused man. You can, of course, twist and turn him while he’s not thinking straight. But always remember, an erection is temporary. Nothing lasts forever. And sanity comes back to the craziest. That’s why you can’t go far on sexuality alone. But you can’t move without it, either. And you can hone your feminine skills on dating sites. Good luck!

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