How To Know If A Girl Really Likes You?

How To Know If A Girl Really Likes You? The easiest way to find out if a girl likes you is to ask. But we don’t look for easy ways. And not everyone will honestly admit to everything. Even today, in the age of feminism, girls reserve to men the right to take the initiative. We, let me tell you, it’s just to our advantage. Stimulates us to be “faster, taller, stronger.” And today you’ll be one more unit of quality because you’ll learn to read women like an open book.

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  • Body language: how to understand that a girl likes you by looks and gestures
  • Between the lines: how to find out if a girl likes you by correspondence
  • Flirting at work: how to know if a female colleague likes you
  • Individual approach: how the Zodiac signs behave
  • There is a question: how to know if you like a girl

Body Language: How to Know If A Girl Really Likes You by Look and Gestures

Know If A Girl Really Likes You

“She came up and said she liked me. She offered to go back to my place. At home she threw me on the bed, and we had violent sex”-what does that remind you of? That’s right. In reality, the girl who likes you, will be stingy in expressing feelings. And we’re not just talking about the shy girl puritanical school. Everyone is the same in that sense.

You want to live until old age, “do not eat meat, baba did not know” – wait until she comes up and offers to go to you. Another option is to learn how to read women. You understand what she wants – you know what to do to you.

  • Chances are you like a girl whose gaze lingers on you longer than 2-3 seconds and comes back to you constantly. Even better – the young lady’s gaze descends to your chest or crotch. What does this mean, it is not difficult to guess.
  • By the way, a woman interested erotically will show the inside of her wrists. Don’t ask why. Just remember. If a girl is burrowing to show you this part of her body – she’s probably running through her head the hottest scenes with you.
  • That a woman likes you, signaled the manipulation of the hair. For example, she shakes her “mane”, throwing it back and showing her neck. Or ruffles a lock of hair in her hands – stroking, spreading, twisting on her finger. Or coquettishly puts her hair behind the ear, showing you the perfect oval of the face.
  • Pay attention to the pose. She shows affection by turning her body toward you. When you look she keeps her posture – straight back allows you to advantageously stick out her chest. Even the shoes that pointed at you can tell about the sympathy. Not a shoe in your direction? Then take our site as a bookmark and read the invaluable (and most importantly, free) dating information from time to time.
  • The girl you like will look for (and find) an excuse to touch you. Shake off nonexistent dust. Will remove a fallen eyelash from your cheek. Run his hands over your shirt with the words “what interesting stuff. The most desperate even stumble to find themselves in the hands of the object of interest.

Read more about this in Allan Pease’s book “Body Language. How to read the thoughts of others through gestures. Make sure you read it. You’ll look at the world with entirely different eyes.

Between The Lines: How To Figure Out If a Girl Likes You By Correspondence

Virtual reality is a world of a different order. A territory where the possibilities for analysis are limited, and correspondence is the only material for evaluation. In all likelihood, a girl likes you if she…

Initiates communication

Girls tend to be girls, even online. They don’t move their hands too much. If she writes first, throws in topics, shares photos and videos, it’s a bold signal that things are not easy. Or she needs something. Or she likes you.

Quickly responds

If the interested young lady is not a hardened pickup artist who knows that she has to answer messages, if she is late, she will write back immediately. Even if she’s busy: “Sorry, busy! I’ll respond later!”. Her responsiveness would be the envy of a Boeing X-43 hypersonic aircraft.

Writes in detail

She’ll never say “Norm” to your “How are you? A girl who likes you will write back in detail how she is doing and will always ask about yours. Any question you ask awakens in her the gift of eloquence and writing talent. You give her a word, she gives you ten.


Girls rarely say compliments. Compliments are the prerogative of men. And if you suddenly start catching things like “Great body, do you work out?”, “What a piercing look, mesmerizing” – she really likes you.

Interested in you

She burns with curiosity to know everything about you, and she can hardly restrain herself from overdoing it. Nevertheless, the questions pour out of her like a cornucopia – what you like, what you eat for breakfast, how you fold your socks, whether you want kids, and so on.

Advertises itself

And, understandably, a woman who really likes you will try to impress you. That is, when asked “What are you doing?” you’ll probably hear, “Reading Marquez,” “Cooking lasagna,” “Going to the fitness room.”

There are still plenty of ways to know that a woman has a crush on you. By the way, in social networks (VK, Facebook, etc.) girls with a head out a willingness to like your posts, comment on your photos and post information that emphasizes the commonality of tastes (you – about ecology, she – about endangered turtles). And we move on to the third dimension of modern life: work.

woman in white spaghetti strap top

Flirting At Work: How To Know a Female Colleague Likes You

Hot sex in the meeting room is as normal as a bottle of cognac in the work closet. And where else to love and be loved than at work, when that’s where we spend most of our time, and after a hard day’s work we only dream about one thing – cuddling with your favorite pillow. In general, the “languor of the flesh at work” – is absolutely natural. And this is how a woman who obviously “languishes” for you behaves:

  • She regularly appears in your field of vision, even if you work in different departments, on different floors or even in different buildings;
  • When talking to you, the colleague strokes your neck, rubs your hair, touches your earrings, rings or necklace, sublimating the desire to touch you;
  • speaks differently to you than to other male colleagues, unintentionally changing the tempo, timbre, intonation, and rhythm of the voice;
  • In meetings, “gives in”, expressing support and agreeing with your suggestions, ideas, thoughts, and plans;
  • is attentive to little things – for example, brews coffee personally for you and, of course, with the right amount of sugar;
  • Like any woman, she begins to maniacally watch her appearance and change her strict suit for a more feminine look.

Women remain women even at work, because there is no such law as “it is forbidden to love. And everything that does not violate the criminal code easily fits into the work code.

Individual approach: how the signs of the Zodiac behave

As for astrology, don’t take everything the stars say to heart, but keep a few things in mind.horoscope globe

How to know if an Aries girl likes you

Aries girl with her usual straightforwardness does not hide her feelings. And the poor lamb does not act like one. Like you – she will tell you. Silent? Ask. With great pleasure explain the situation. And do it with the brilliance of a talented orator.

How do you know if a Taurus girl likes you?

Taurus, on the contrary, keep feelings to themselves and do not hurry to reveal them. Probably, it’s because of excessive rationalism – Taurus is always focused on long-term relationships and never rushes headlong into a maelstrom of feelings. Women of this sign favor generous and gallant men.

How to know that a Gemini girl likes you

Flirting and coquetry of this person should not be taken at face value. Often signs of attention is nothing more than a way to diversify the routine. What really gives away the interest of the Gemini is the desire to invest in communication. Never stand at the stove – with excitement rush to cook. Indifferent to soccer – will buy your favorite team scarf and a ticket to the next match.

How do you know a Cancer girl likes you?

Her closeness makes it very difficult to read. A good sign is when a Cancer girl begins to be frank, to reveal her soul. With the first person she meets, she will not allow herself such intimacy. This means that you matter to her. Probably like you.

How to understand that you like a girl lioness

Lionesses are more used to condescendingly accept love. Falling in love, they feel out of place – torn by the contradiction between the need to carry the crown and the desire to throw everything, including themselves, at the feet of the chosen one. In this situation, the Lioness can become aggressive, demanding or disappear. Not for long. After cooling down and thinking over a plan of action, she returns.

How to understand that a Virgo girl likes you

Virgos are similar to Cancer in expression of feelings – they experience everything inside and do not demonstrate anything outside. Perhaps only too picky or critical – a signal that she is not indifferent. If, however, Virgo somehow burrowing to touch you – a sure sign that she likes you.

How to know a Libra girl likes you

A Libra girl will not deny herself the pleasure of going into contact with a man who is interested. Constructing yourself an unapproachable maiden – not her manners. The truth is, flirting, always leaves ways to step back. In case she suddenly dislike you, and with Libra this happens very often.

How to Know if a Scorpio girl likes you

All girls in love are fanatically watching themselves, but the way that Scorpios do it – top flight. Her appearance is trying to kill you. She transforms into a passionate, sexy, femme fatale. Erotic dominance is seen in everything, from appearance to behavior.

How to know that you like a girl Sagittarius

Recognize her real feelings are difficult, because Sagittarius flirt always. Gives Sagittarius look – glittering, piercing, evaluating. And even “by pure chance” she happens to be near. And one day just as “accidentally” will offer you to go to a coffee shop or even drink wine with her.

How to know that a Capricorn girl likes you

Restrained in the expression of feelings, Capricorns know how to control themselves. But in some places give weakness. A girl of this sign, interested, becomes softer in communication. In it appears coquetry and vulnerability – the properties, in general, it is not inherent.

How to understand that the Aquarius girl likes you

She smiles so much that interest seems to be there. Interest is certainly present. Aquarians are basically interested in everything. As for sympathies, it is almost impossible to define them reliably by any external signs. Perhaps only the unfolding of friendship can indicate something. Common interests and views for Aquarius – everything.

How to know if a Pisces girl likes you

Charming and flirtatious, in the presence of a man they like, they lose all their charm. Shut up, shrink, blush, and can not associate two words. That’s where the “beautiful what fools”. A sudden and rapid drop in IQ is a sure sign that the fish is hooked.

Here’s a question: how do you know if you like a girl

And a couple of words about a problem that, at first glance, isn’t even a problem. “I don’t understand if I like the girl or not,” guys sometimes write. In general, sooner or later, you will understand. On the other hand, why pull the cat by the balls, if you can dot on and on right now.

You definitely like a girl more than a friend if you:

  • Think about her often or even constantly, sometimes to the detriment of work;
  • Looking for an excuse to write, call, touch, or meet;
  • You are ready to change your plans for the sake of a meeting, and in general, you are ready for a lot of things;
  • worry when you see her or hear about her (heart palpitations);
  • jealous when you see her in contact, even verbally, with others.

By the way, if everything we talked about you don’t have anyone to attach to, register on a dating site immediately and practice. Good luck to you!

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