Where To On a First Date Coffee Shop Or Movie Theatre?

Where to on a first date? The purpose of a first date is usually the intention to strengthen the position gained, to get closer and, most importantly, not to spoil anything. So don’t mumble “Let’s go out” or “Where do you want to go? You set the rules, and therefore always keep in mind a dozen original ideas where to invite the girl. And here’s what the pickup gurus think about it, who at effective dating, as they say, have eaten the dog.

Article Content:

  • 3 budget but spectacular first date options
  • Tea ceremony
  • Rooftop picnic
  • 3 ideas for an unforgettable romantic first date
  • Horse riding
  • 3 places to get to know and feel a girl more
  • Wine tasting
  • The first, but also the last: where do girls disappear after a date?

Where to on a first date? 3 budget, but spectacular options for a first date

Where To On A First Date

From our rating of dating sites you’ve learned where you should register your profile and you’re probably already firmly established on several dating portals. And if you read our blog and train your knowledge in practice, it means you have about a dozen heated and not stubborn girls in your “Favorites” folder. It is clear that any pleasant virtual acquaintance must be converted into an even more enjoyable real meeting. Money not enough, but you can always organize something spectacular budget. Let’s talk about how to make an impression within the funds that even a student can afford.

Tea Ceremony

Invite a girl for a cup of tea in the comfort of a tea ceremony. By the way, previously this pleasure was only available to members of the imperial family. Today, even a plumber can take his lady of the heart out “the imperial way”. In 1.5-2 hours of tea ceremony you will truly relax, learn what it means to drink tea without sugar, and most importantly, you will feel how quickly, easily and effortlessly became close or even family. The magic of tea!

Rooftop Picnic

If you know where there are open rooftops in your city (if you don’t – ask the roofers), grab a bottle of champagne, two glasses and take your girlfriend to admire the sunset and a panoramic view of the city. Don’t forget about safety rules – don’t come closer than a meter to the edge, don’t throw bottles and glasses from the roof, don’t make a fire.


If the hikers refuse to give up their names and passwords, the picnic can be held on the nature – in the park or on the edge of the forest. A plaid mat and a basket of sandwiches will make up your entire investment. And what dividends you can get out of it depends on your communication skills.

rocky mountain photography

3 ideas for an unforgettable romantic first meeting

If your girlfriend – romantic blood (like Turgenev’s young lady), immerse her in a world of girlish dreams and fantasies. But don’t be fanatical. We’re responsible for what we’ve tamed, remember?

Horse riding

Popular among romantic girls, a popular fantasy about the prince on a horse can be embodied in reality with the help of hippodromes or horse farms. Let the first date will be a clatter of hooves and wind blow, and you will always remain in her memory of a prince.

Balloon ride

“In a big balloon…” – So be it. Give her the dream of millions of girls – to go up in the sky and touch the clouds. Eyes in love at the end of the balloon ride are assured, unless, of course, the girl suffers from acrophobia – compulsive fear of heights.

Under the stars

Date night under the stars is an enduring classic. A new level of this classic is a meeting in a planetarium, where you will have thousands of stars, planets and galaxies at your disposal. A great option for a date when the weather is bad and your bank card balance is almost zero.

3 places where you can get to know and feel a girl more

If you count on the panoramic prospect of a relationship with her, give the girl a real test drive. Yeah, right from the get-go. There’s no time to waste.

Quest room

The game not only brings together, but allows you to look at a potential partner from a different angle – how she thinks and thinks, how emotional and temperamental she is, whether she is able to give in or try to dominate. At the end of the quest, you learn a lot more about her than if you had met in a coffee shop or movie.


What does bowling have to do with it, you say. And I’ll tell you that it’s a great way to remove barriers and get the girl out in the open. Sitting with her foot on her leg and her hands clasped together is not an option. Willy-nilly you’ll have to open up and lose control of your acting. And you watch and evaluate her looseness, excitement, vocabulary, ability to learn new things, flexibility and plasticity, relationship with alcoholic beverages, etc.


Want to find out what reserve of kindness, compassion and participation your chosen one has? Invite her to a place of care for all the homeless, abandoned and unwanted – children, the elderly or animals. Volunteer work in such an institution is not only a plus in your karma, but also a great opportunity to test the girl for the humanity factor.

3 dating scenarios that remove blocks and blow the roof off

A temperamental girl is a different approach. A tea ceremony with such a hot girl is a waste of time. A first date on a rooftop is a dangerous experiment. To a shelter – not necessarily or a little later. But a wine or cognac tasting, for example, is the way to go.

Wine tasting

While the sommelier is telling you how to make a wine with a complex bouquet and character from an ordinary bunch of grapes, and the girl is trying the theory in practice, you are sitting and enjoying how to get the best result with minimal effort. And, most importantly, you never get any accusations of “drinking” from her. First of all, you don’t have to sip non-tasting (be warned). Secondly, a sommelier pours it.

Go-Kart Club

To the girl in the “casual, extreme and adrenaline” style, make a date at the go-kart club. You can let her win. Prove that you’re a man at another time and place, but for now let her enjoy her victory, drive and meeting with such an original guy like you, who preferred a real drive to a dull coffee drinking.

At your house

couple sitting while eating

If the correspondence kept coming up with an overwhelming desire to rip off your clothes and have unrestrained sex or something similar, invite the girl to your house, but definitely under a plausible pretext. For example: “My cat is depressed, I can’t leave him alone. Come over to our place, I’ll cook salmon steak and asparagus, we’ll talk. When asked “Where is your cat, which is depressed?” you can always lower your eyes sadly and drearily mew.

The first and the last: why do girls disappear?

She smiled, listened to you attentively, and even told you about herself. And then she didn’t pick up the phone, and you wondered why. After all, everything was fine: the date was great, the girl was beautiful, and the prospect of a relationship was inescapable. So there you go. The decision about whether or not you’re going to have something is made almost immediately. Leave after an assessment of “fail” does not allow her upbringing and time spent on manicure and makeup.

Does this mean that the location of the date doesn’t matter? It means something else – from the first second of your meeting you have to be on top. Taut, confident and irresistible. You smile from the corner of your lips, kiss the cheek, take her hand and lead the way. In general, you know how to flirt with a girl. In the future, lying with her in the same bed, you are guaranteed to hear that you conquered her just by this. Good luck!

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