Tips To Recognize a Scammer On a Dating Sites

The emergence of dating sites has inevitably attracted there a large number of scammers profiting from lonely hearts. How do they cheat on dating sites? And is it possible to avoid such a fate?


How to get scammed for money on dating sites

There are plenty of deceivers on the net, who are pulling money out of naive and gullible citizens in any way they can. As for the sites specializing in dating, it is much easier to find such a victim here.

We care about the users of dating sites and especially for you have made a directory of swindlers and scammers, a black list of users. Come in and see so you don’t run into them.

Depending on the degree of impudence and lack of conscience, there are several types of scammers.


Petty charlatans

These are mostly women or members of the stronger sex who hide their true identity behind fictitious female profiles, as they divorce men on dating sites for small amounts of money. These specimens do not have large profits. They can only lure away a small gift, money for a cell phone bill or a paycheck, etc. from a wealthy applicant.


Robots and fake pages

Here, too, they peddle the attractive appearance of a young person. At first a robot will communicate with you, which has already been programmed with typical phrases. The answers will be simple and monotonous. If you want to check it once again, ask the same question several times. You are guaranteed to get an answer to each one.

After a few messages, internet scammers will offer the candidate to go to another site, from which it will supposedly be more convenient to communicate. Needless to say, you will have to pay for access to such a site. In addition, the false page can send viruses or all sorts of flyers.


A major dating scam

This category of swindlers prefers to spend more time processing the victim, but they also take away a larger sum. They choose women from 30 years old, who have already lost hope of getting married, as an object of their attraction. There are several variants of how to scam the dating sites in a big way:

  • A subject of a foreign country is just crazy about his new acquaintance and looks forward to visiting her. In order to buy herself a ticket to the groom, they offer to go to a ticket ordering site. Naturally, the site is fake, and the money goes straight into the crook’s pocket.
  • An enviable foreign groom is on his way, he is on his way to meet his sweetheart. But suddenly some minor mishap occurs on the way, for which he urgently needs money. He’s bound to pay it all back!
  • Internet dating scammers also use to send a “gift”. Only for some reason the future husband forgot to pay the shipping fee for this gift, and the shipping company without payment will not deliver anything. But the gift is worth it!
  • Particularly cynical “suitors” divorce their victims for large sums of money, which they allegedly lack for treatment. After receiving the money, the swindler “falls into a coma” for a while, and then comes back and tries to swindle his beloved out of at least a little more.


Outright extortionists

Such specimens are trying to gain the trust of the interlocutor and fraudulently obtain photos or videos of an explicit nature from them. Then it’s just a matter of finding out the real pages of the chosen one(s) in social networks and blackmailing the victim by distributing these very intimate photos and videos in the circle of her closest contacts. They may threaten to send the photos to their boss at work or to their parents.


Danger is real

Internet dating brings danger into real life as well. This happens after a relationship moves into personal communication, and both sexes can become victims here:

  • Men can be tricked by new acquaintances into shopping trips, dinners in restaurants, and vacations in nightclubs, where the man will pay for both himself and his companion. In some cases, clopheline and similar drugs are used, and the groom will find out that he has been robbed.
  • What will online dating a scammer result in for a woman? She may be left unexpectedly in a restaurant, forced to pay for a delicious meal, or drunk to insanity for the purpose of rape. Often the same Clopheline is applied to the weaker sex in order to stock up on compromising evidence, which will then be a great tool for blackmail.


SMART Diagnosis of a Scammer

Even decent people don’t write the truth in the “About Me” column. What to say about scammers. How can you tell? Is it possible that everyone is under suspicion? And what about the presumption of innocence?

There’s no need to get paranoid about it, of course. There are millions of questionnaires. The vast majority of their owners are normal people. And in general, to be afraid of wolves – don’t walk in the woods. And yet, the dating site is a convenient resource for scams. Scammers operate here with great pleasure. Some by themselves. Others are in companies. And it is worth checking everyone for “lousiness”. And those who look like a “sweetheart” – especially.


Face check

Step one is photo verification. Make sure that the photo and the owner match. First, run the photo through the search engines Google and Yandex (to do this, you need to type in the query “search by photo” in Yandex). Second, ask for a fresh photo “especially for you” – with some specific gesture. It is possible that instead of a specific gesture you will get an obscene gesture – for example, fuck. That’s okay. Immediately showed his true face – “boorish”.


Isn’t he on the list?

Lifehack – if you type “groom blacklists” (“marriage scammers”, “scammer list”) into a search engine, you get links to sites and forums where scammers are exposed and have their photos posted on a shaming pole. Of course, scammers often change their accounts. But there are lazy ones among them. We are all human. And it is not superfluous to read other people’s stories. It’s a case where it’s not better to learn from your own mistakes.



If your love affair started with his/her gorgeous presentation letter, check this literary masterpiece for plagiarism. You can use portals such as,, – here you enter the text and check its uniqueness. If something similar got on the Internet, the program will give you passwords and passwords. But also 100% uniqueness – not a reason to applaud. Yes, you really are being approached individually. The question of what purpose is still open.


I want to see you

Invite your interlocutor to a private chat – for example, to talk on Skype. By video link, of course. The scammer will refuse. The scammer doesn’t have that much free time. He needs to be engaged in fraud, not “tooting his own horn. In fact, why show his face? Absolutely no reason, if you have a snout. Or the photo and the face do not match. Does this mean that every “refusenik” is a scammer? Not at all. But there are questions.


That doesn’t add up

Attention to detail. There are inconsistencies and inconsistencies in dealing with the crook. He is one. There are many of you. What he said to whom – all you can not remember. Especially if the process is approached with a soul – processing the victim on an exclusive scenario. Misfires are bound to happen. Because the man, not a robot. What kind of human is another question.


At a glance

Have you been loved promptly and forever? A lightning declaration of love is a serious reason to go into high vigilance mode. Scammers often use the “at first sight” scheme. Mix in a shaker of confessions, compliments, and promises, and treat. And the head from such a cocktail, as a rule, goes around. If you began to feel sick with love – run, before you lose consciousness from the “feelings-s”.


There’s everything but you

Soulful outpourings of “there’s everything but you” are another hackneyed but often exploited scheme for handling victims. Generally speaking, people prefer to keep quiet about money. Or to speak, but in a narrow circle of relatives. Swindlers tell about their material well-being at once, in detail and in detail: a house on the seashore, a couple of yachts and a very profitable business. But there is no happiness. I am looking for you, and I think I found you.


Coming in from the back

Nothing to complain about, but you feel uneasy? Create a second account and communicate with your new bride or groom on behalf of another person. You can learn a lot about your conversation partner. For example, that he hits on everyone with the same maneuvers. Or, conversely, his testimony is strikingly different. Here – a long-distance sailor, and there – a retired officer. Is it indecent to have two accounts? When it comes to personal safety, all means are good (within the penal code, of course).


Four rules of security

We advise to see what dating sites are pulling money out of users. It is not only on a dating site that one can get into slavery or bankruptcy. And outside of the Internet people lose money, honor and dignity. Moreover, in virtual reality it is easier to catch a cheater. And in general, if you follow the safety rules, which you need to know like the multiplication table or the rules of the road, everything will be fine.


Keep it to yourself

There are some things to keep with you. First, it is a passport, bank card numbers and other identity documents. And if the person you’re talking to asks you to send a scan of it – to buy tickets or book a hotel – send him or her a kook. We don’t need to remind you that you should also keep intimate photos to yourself, do we? Here’s your residential address, place of work, and other personal information.


No empathy

Empathy is a good thing. If man were a complete egoist and acted solely out of self-interest, what would happen to the human race? Who would be the “crown of nature” today? Fortunately, the human nervous system is designed to “mirror” the feelings of others–to empathize. But if you’re on a dating site – forget empathy. Sympathize with the sufferer, of course, you can, but without a bank card in hand.


Be realistic

Keep yourself grounded and close to the ground. Many have a tendency to wishful thinking. And you will make sure that it is real. And be especially vigilant if it suddenly seems like “this is my soul mate,” “as if I’ve known him/her for a thousand years. As a rule, such euphoria is a consequence of the filigree work of the cheater. If you suspect a fire in your heart, take a cold shower. Stay under the cold water until you cool down. Better a cold than a heart attack from the collapse of hopes.


Trust no one

The word is not only a means of conveying information. “The word is man’s strongest weapon,” said Aristotle. Don’t take words to heart. Don’t take them at face value. It takes time to get to know a person, not words. And you can write and say anything. In general, “believe no one these days, sometimes not even yourself” (“Seventeen Moments of Spring”).

But no matter how you look at it, dating sites are a handy tool. And it’s quite safe if you’re careful and cautious – follow the rules and look around. Good luck!

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