Visiting a Foreign Country

Have you met an interesting foreign man and are now planning a trip to him? This is an important step in the development of your relationship. However, despite the warm feelings you may already have for him, the desire to trust and just forget yourself during the trip, enjoying the romance, the intensity of feelings and the anticipation of changes to come, you need to take care of your safety.

What should you think about before visiting a foreigner?

  • When traveling abroad, you must have your return ticket paid for.
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances, you should have enough money to pay your own expenses. You might get in a fight with a man, his attitude toward you (for reasons you don’t know) might change suddenly, he might have urgent problems (with his health, family or work) or unforeseen circumstances that prevent him from paying your expenses while you’re traveling.
  • To travel abroad, you’ll need to purchase health insurance valid in your country of residence. Find out how, if necessary, you can use this health insurance. You can do this at a branch office of the insurance company or at the travel agency that took out your health insurance policy.
  • Learn more about the country you are planning to travel to and travel precautions. Keep the location address and contact telephone numbers of the diplomatic mission of the country you are a citizen of.
  • While you are traveling, keep in daily contact with relatives and friends in your home country. Arrange with family or close friends how and how often you will contact them.
  • Make sure your relatives or close friends in your country of origin know where you are. Give them your address in the other country and information about the man you are going to visit: his full name, date of birth, address, and contact phone number.

Accommodation in a hotel or in a man’s private apartment?

If this is your first meeting, it’s better to think about staying in a hotel. You should not agree to stay in the apartment or home of someone you have never met (whom you know only from a distance, in communication). This is an unreasonable risk because, despite the time spent talking to him, despite the trust you may have already gained in him, you are still going to a person you don’t know very well.

If you stay in a hotel you will be independent of the man, you will feel safe and you will have your own personal space. And, in case the relationship starts to develop in an unfavorable direction for you, you feel uncomfortable, you can explain (say goodbye) to the man and continue your stay at the hotel or change your ticket for the next date and go to your home country. During the first meeting it is important to maintain your independence, to have your own personal space and to feel safe. This is the only way you can relax and focus on getting to know each other when you are in a foreign country.

If you previously met a man, he came to your country to get acquainted, then depending on the degree of development of your relationship, trust him, you can stay at his apartment.

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