Irina And Ralph

We met on MeetKing. After we expressed our liking for each other, Irina wrote to me first… Later she said that she liked my profile and, and to quote her words: “she couldn’t let pass me by”. 🙂

At first we wrote daily messages to each other on your site. It became clear quite quickly that we have many interests in common (sense of humor, hobbies, preferences of books, films and music) and we continued our communication via e-mail and Skype. A month after we met, we were already communicating exclusively via Viber and Skype.

After about a month and a half it became clear to me that something more could come out of this acquaintance. We are united not only by common interests but also by similar outlooks on life and relationships. It was clear to both of us from the very beginning that if everything goes well then the first meeting should take place soon.

My trip to Irina went well and was able to confirm what was already “outlined” between us earlier. Two soul mates were looking for and found each other. We are very happy. At this point, we are both worried about the separation. This year I had 10 days off and from 15.09 to 28.09 I was with Irina in Togliatti. Apart from a rather chaotic departure from Germany (I almost missed my flights from Frankfurt and Moscow) the trip went very well. Irina met me at the airport in Samara and even then the greeting was warm and heartfelt. In the first few days we were both still unsure and a bit cautious about communicating with each other. But in the end, the feelings we had previously had for each other were able to be confirmed when we actually met.

We communicated and still communicate mostly in English, a little bit in Russian and with the help of Google Translator 🙂 We both know English, but not perfectly. I grew up in the GDR and studied Russian at school for five years. There’s not much left of my knowledge of Russian, but when I realized I was going to visit Irina, I started to “refresh” my skills, and I’m still doing it.

I plan to visit Irina for two weeks in January, she will come to me for three weeks in the summer, and I will be at her place again in the fall. We’ll see how the relationship develops further. We both wouldn’t want to rush things, but give the relationship the time it needs to take the next serious step.

– Perhaps you can say a few words for those who haven’t found their happiness yet?

Without pressure and high expectations, be open to everything, don’t be afraid of the language barrier. Because if all is well, you will understand each other without words 🙂

Ralph, Germany

This article is based on correspondence between Ralph and a female member of the MeetKing website. The material is published with the consent of the couple.

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