How To Get a Girl 100% Interested – Examples Of Correspondence

How To Get a Girl 100%? To arouse a girl’s interest is to ensure that the dating continues. Girls don’t linger with boring men, so you need to liven up communication as soon as possible with intrigue or, on the contrary, with a crushing truth that will not leave you indifferent. Examples of what to write a girl in Facebook to interest her, what to talk to a girl in correspondence to please her, what questions to ask to interest a girl, read in this article.

Contents of the article:

  • How to interest a girl in order to attract her attention
  • What attracts girls to guys
  • How to behave and how to look to arouse interest
  • How to get a girl interested in Facebook (10 examples).
  • How to get a girl interested in online dating

How can I interest a girl in order to get her attention?

In this block we talk about the qualities that you need to pump up in order to attract attention and interest. To begin with, understand one simple thing: If you are not able to attract girls now, then you have to change something. Perhaps these changes will not be given easily – the result depends on your persistence and level of self-knowledge. We will give a complete list, but you are free to choose for yourself suitable items.

Another important point: remember that women are also people. Accordingly, in order to become more attractive to them, you will need to become, in principle, a more interesting and socializing person. This does not mean that you will be followed by strings of gays. It means that first of all, you’re going to have to develop your general personality and communication skills, and then you’re going to have behavioral strategies to deal with girls.

So, here’s what to take care of:

  • Appearance. You always meet by the clothes you wear, remember? The first opinion of a person is formed in 7 seconds. You may not even have time to talk, and the person in that time already decides whether it is interesting to at least say hello to you. Appearance should be neat, well-groomed and attractive. To achieve this, take care of three aspects:
  • Clothing. It must be clean and ironed, modern and stylish. Confident possession of the casual is often enough, but you are free to experiment with the appearance, if you are sure in your sense of style.
  • Body shape. You don’t have to have the figure of a mature athlete or bodybuilder. But the lack of excess weight, muscular corset and posture will make absolutely anyone more attractive.
  • Skin and hair. A couple of decades ago, you didn’t have to worry about it at all, but now more and more men are looking to take care of themselves. To withstand the competition, get a stylish haircut, tidy up your beard, if you have one, choose a facial product that suits your skin type. It’s not as difficult as it may seem, and the requirements for the appearance of men is still much less than for the body of girls. Remember hygiene, take care of your hair, facial skin, hands and feet.
  • Intelligence. Intelligence and outlook are important things for communication. Looking good but not joining the sprawling ranks of intelligent people won’t give you much of a chance to have a long and enjoyable conversation. In the age of Google, not learning is at least suspicious. It is not so important what exactly you are passionate about. What’s important is to burn with your business and be curious about current social trends.
  • Confidence. Another important parameter, without which it is not impossible to communicate, but difficult. You can choose a perky girl who’s timidity will be cringe-worthy. But healthy confidence is loved by everyone.
  • Communication skills. Active listening, the ability to be silent in time, to speak up in time, to flirt, to ask or tell a story in time will make you more attractive, even if you missed the first points. But manners and communication skills most often go hand in hand with intelligence. Build them up together: it’s easier and more effective that way.
  • Respect. For yourself and the people around you. Without respect for yourself, you won’t start to like yourself – you don’t have to think about girls yet. In order to feel your value to others, you must first believe in it yourself. Respect for others saves you from rudeness and meanness, which is also an undoubted and very big plus.
  • Determination. This is little more than self-confidence: you are not only aware of your right to different actions, but also successfully implement it. Not a critical parameter, but determined people usually achieve more.
  • The desire for self-development. It is not enough to read ten or twenty books and scour the last months of news from scientific sources. You must always be interested and strive for more. Try it and start with an interesting field. You’ll like it too 🙂

How To Get a Girl

What is it about guys that attracts girls?

We talked about the basic necessary qualities and skills in the previous paragraph, but if curiosity has not yet run out, read on about what a guy can interest a girl.

Girls love surprises. Intrigue will be a great tool to promote dating and will play into your hands. In this case, you should first cause a girl at least a purely human sympathy, and only then create a mystery, which you will solemnly and elegantly reveal at the right moment.

Unpredictable actions and decisions are also a great tool. Of course, we are talking about pleasant unpredictability, and not about canceling a date half an hour before the appointed time. Absolutely monotonous and monotonous communication generates not so much confidence in your constant well-being and stability, but mortal boredom that can do terrible things. And unexpected turns, surprises, unpredictable ideas and the same development – a wonderful way to prevent this boredom, surprise her!

Another pleasant quality is opposite to the previous one, although they do not conflict with each other. It’s about reliability. Girls are bribed by the opportunity to rely on you, to trust, to relax. It’s nice to deal with a man who will not let you down and take care of everything. Someone who will not have to save you, and who will come to your aid in case of emergency. If with all this the person can also surprise you – he becomes close to perfection.

Sexuality. Not everyone is lucky to be born playboys, but everyone can find their own attractive features, a good haircut and a style of clothing that emphasizes the advantages. Combined with intelligence, grooming and confidence, this often provides sex appeal.

The ability to stand out in a crowd of similar people. Clothing, hairstyle or manners are not so important. But it is the appearance that attracts the first attention. Remember an important rule: know how to catch the eye, not the neck;).

Sense of humor. People with whom you can laugh from the heart are always prettier than others. Be able to laugh and be able to laugh – it wins hearts.

Next, we’ll tell you how to intrigue a pen pal to get her involved and what to ask a girl to attract her to you. But first, you need to prepare yourself.

How to behave and how to look, to arouse interest?

Let’s open a trump card at once: there is no one minimum set of things in the whole world that will make any man attractive, and no list of stock phrases and habits that will ensure that any girl will like you. Without universal answers and magic pills, life is harder, but more interesting – find something that’s about you. Uniqueness and specialness is something that will never stop being appreciated in people.

Each of us has a personality – with its strengths and weaknesses, interests, behaviors. Reveal yours and you’ll win: a confident otherness is always attractive.

Having ten similar choices of whatever, a person pays attention to the eleventh – because it is different. The listed qualities, which are valued by girls and help to be an interesting person, are enough to be competitive. You have to be brighter for a winning position.

You can look whatever you want: dress in sweaters and jeans, in business suits, or in unique pieces with your own character. The main thing is that your style matches you.

You can be a passionate angler, live the race life, or be mostly interested in marketing or coding because you work in it-it doesn’t matter. Certainly atypical hobbies make a person more interesting, but it’s usually passion that decides everything.

Being passionate about what you do is what’s important. It’s the passion and the energy you put into it that makes people look more closely at it and at you. And it works great with girls.

But there are four traits that will make you more attractive in any case – it’s grooming, communication skills, a sense of humor and reliability. What these are and why they are so important is written above.

How to get a girl interested in Facebook? (10 examples)

This and the next paragraph will talk about the impression you make by correspondence. This is an important point, which helps to maintain communication in person, because the correspondence in messengers has become an integral part of life. We give practical advice on what to write to a girl on the internet to attract her attention, and how to communicate with a girl on social networking sites to attract her.

Don’t forget two important rules: make your page look nice before you start dating and write to several people at once, because communication with some girls may not work right from the start.

So, the list of things to write to girls to entice them:

  • Hi! You look great on your avatar, let’s get acquainted 🙂 I am Anton, I am 24. I am a lawyer, working by profession. I like surfing and snowboarding, I dream to travel at least three months a year. What are your dreams? I think dreams can say a lot about a person.
  • Hi! We don’t know each other, but I think we’ve met somewhere. Maybe at the club last Saturday? I’m Alex, and I’m in the mood to meet 😉
  • Hello Marta. Would you like to brighten up the evening with some pleasant conversation?
  • Hi. I’m the one who will make your day brighter today. Ready to get started? 🙂
  • Hi. Found you on John friend list and couldn’t resist writing. Let’s get acquainted! 🙂 I’m Anton, I’m 24, and you look like an interesting conversationalist 🙂

iPhone X beside MacBook

Here are the options for what to do to show a girl that you are interested in her if you already know her:

  • You’ll never get bored! And I’ve got a surprise that you’re sure to like. Ready for something big? 😉
  • Been thinking a lot today about how girls feel about guys who dress unusually. And now I need your expert opinion: tell me what you think of those?
  • I’m an avid cycling fan. If you’re not already, I’m ready to open up a new world for you as early as this Friday.
  • I was going to take you out for coffee, but that’s too corny. How about a picnic in the woods or the park? I know a couple of great places.
  • How would you react to a man who claims to be able to make the best pasta of your life? 😉

How to get a girl interested in a dating site

Many people do not understand how to attract the attention of a woman on a dating site and how to correspond with a girl in order to pick her up. In this case, we make a list with a dozen phrases to start dating.

  • Hi! You look like a real heartbreaker in your picture. Is it really like that?
  • Are you dealing drugs? Because you look adorable, but I want to rule out the qualities that I don’t want to see in my girlfriend.
  • Hi! I’m Anton. I bet for 10 messages you like me enough to have coffee with me next Saturday? 😉
  • Hi, the most charming girl in our town! I see you skateboard. Would you like to go skateboarding sometime?
  • Hi. You look a lot like Ariel. If you give me a chance, I’ll prove that I have a lot in common with both Apollo and Prince Eric 😉
  • Hi, you’re an adorable girl, and you have a cool dog. Keep a sheepdog myself, couldn’t help but write. Let’s chat!
  • Hi! We do not know you, but I think you can help me in one research. I am Anton 🙂 answer some questions?
  • Hi. I like you very much on just one profile, and I want to get acquainted with you. Tell me right away: what kind of coffee do you like? 😉
  • Hi. Do you want to meet the best connoisseur in the city? Because he – that’s me – definitely wants to meet you 🙂
  • Hi. I no longer hoped to find an interesting person in my life, but MeetKing changed my mind and I stumbled upon your profile. Now I definitely want to get to know you better. Tell me about your life!

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