What Excites a Woman Most In a Man?


What excites a woman? Female arousal is a phenomenon that is no easier to understand than it is to understand women in general. Take hormones, for example – their constant level in a woman’s body is out of the question. And it affects libido. And not only that. But we will still try to find an answer to the question of what excites a woman, besides the firm male buttocks and other prominent advantages.

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  • All men want to know this: what excites women the most
  • 7 things that really excite women
  • 3 tips on how to excite any woman
  • How to know if a woman is aroused
  • Physiological signs

All men want to know this: What excites a woman?

They say nothing excites a woman in a man quite like his purse. Then comes the look (penetrating) and the voice (penetrating). Also, perhaps, a good perfume and a strong “boner”. This is partly true. A woman is programmed to get excited at the sight of a physically developed, handsome and wealthy man. It takes the best material to reproduce. You won’t get very far on the ugly and the poor in evolutionary history.

Nevertheless, muscles and bills in your pocket aren’t the ticket to the world of female arousal. Did you think you’d beckon her with a bank card, play with her biceps and triceps, and she’d rush toward you out of sheer passion, and you’d merge in an act of love? No, sexologists do not study the phenomenon of female arousal with a magnifying glass in their hands and give expert advice on how to excite a woman.

What excites a woman

7 things that really excite women

We will not go into the impenetrable maze of female physiology and psychology. You can read it if you want to. For example, Drent Yelto’s “The Vagina. A History of Misconceptions.” Or Emily Nagoski, “How a Woman Wants. A Master Class in the Science of Sex.” And we’ll talk about what arouses women other than the body. Now find out what she thinks about when you’re driving, and why you should buy a candelabra and candles.

1. Romance

Let’s start with the candelabra. Only guys can get turned on and have sex in the light of a soffit with a feeling of complete comfort. A girl needs romance. All that “ambience.” The setting sun over the sea. The glow of a candle in a wine glass. Your twinkling eyes in the twilight. Because. Girls are emotional.. And this emotionality needs to be “drowned in”.

silhouette of two person sitting on chair near tree

2. Spontaneity

Predictability is good for the economy, but ruinous for the libido. Spontaneity and unexpected plot twists turn me on. For example, she’s folding her socks in a ConMarie drawer, and you come up behind her, put your arm around her waist, and kiss her. Nothing supernatural, and the socks in her hands quiver. And maybe the sex is going to suck.

3. Dominance

man kissing womans cheek

Nothing will ever come of it, except purely by accident, if you stand aside and rub your handkerchief in your hands. Don’t rub, don’t rumple, don’t mumble. Dominate correctly and beautifully. What your plans for the evening are, you decide. The last word in an argument – for you. Said – like cut off. But do not overdo it. A dominant man is not a “boor.” He’s a guy who knows what he wants and what she wants.

4. Prelude

Unfortunately, the story that women are very turned on by long foreplay is true. To get aroused, a woman needs to turn her head off, and that’s a long process. If you want sex to end with a mutual orgasm and not her muscle spasm, warm her up. By the way, it’s worth finding out in advance what arouses a woman during foreplay. So you do not get, you caress her breasts for half an hour, and there is no reaction. Perhaps she is a fan of obscene stories. Or she gets turned on by a spanking. All in all, an individual approach.

5. Generosity.

Girls are not mercenary. The sight of a fat purse excites girls for one simple reason we mentioned above–the natural instinct that oversees the continuation of the species. It’s not the fur coats and diamonds, but the opportunity to provide their children with quality food, clothing, and education that turns a girl’s head. Be generous. Let her relax a little.

Become A More Confident Man

6. Driving

It would seem that this has nothing to do with driving. It turns out that while you’re driving, she’s not just sitting around, she’s watching. She’s drawing conclusions, linking your driving style to your sexual temperament. And if the devil dares you to comply with all the rules, see all the signs, carefully drive through dangerous areas of the road, do not count on sex in the near future. The right lover is boring.

man driving straight on pathway during day time

7. Love

And the thing that excites a woman the most is, right, love. Because when the hormones in the blood storm, the partner seems to be the best – a man with a capital “M”, in whom all the virtues are united in an incredible way. And with this worthy man, a woman in love is ready to merge in an act of ecstatic love without foreplay and reflection. Of course, until some time. That said, all girls are individual. What excites one may paralyze another. That’s why I always recommend treating a woman as a unique exhibit that exists in a single copy.

3 tips on how to excite any woman

On the other hand, there are always universal rules that work for most. One of these rules is that you can excite a girl during ovulation by touching her little finger. Let’s talk about this and a couple of other “tricks” below.

Lifehack 1. Turn on the “dark triad.”

Scientists have studied, studied women and “figured it out”: all women are crazy about men with the “dark triad.” “The dark triad” is a combination of Machiavellianism (tendency to manipulate), Narcissism (narcissism), and Psychopathy (antisocial behavior). You don’t have to pretend to be anything special. It is enough … to stop smiling and “make a brick face. So stop smiling. Narrow your eyebrows and start making angry growls. And take the dolphin photos off social media.

Lifecycle 2: Harness the power of pheromones.

It turns out that many girls choose men by relying on… their sense of smell. Our bodies do exude pheromones, and their quality and quantity affect sexuality. Have you ever wondered why unsightly guys are sometimes a huge hit with women? Maybe it’s the charisma. Or maybe it’s that Quasimodo’s body exudes mind-blowing pheromones. And if you are not confident in the irresistibility of your natural smell, buy a good perfume. You can – with pheromones. They say it makes girls go crazy. The opposite effect is also possible.

Lifecycle 3. Watch her cycle.

If there is a unique opportunity – to monitor her menstrual cycle – take advantage of it. The menstrual cycle greatly affects a woman’s sexual desire. And here’s how.

  • Days 1-5 of the cycle are actually menstruation. A girl wants tenderness and to the arms. Sex, too, by the way (during these days the sensitivity of the uterus increases). For obvious reasons, many of them refuse to have sex, but become aroused, nevertheless, quickly.
  • 5-13 – libido increases. The amount of estradiol in the blood increases. The girl gets prettier in front of her eyes. There is a sparkle in her eyes. Her movements become sexy. She responds to flirting with excitement and readiness.
  • 14-20 is the period of ovulation. Hormones are at their peak. Libido is at its peak. A girl is ready for the most desperate acts and extravagant experiments. Keep in mind, this period is the most favorable for fertilization.
  • 21-28 is the famous PMS. Conception didn’t happen, and the girl becomes a fury, turning the lives of the guys around her into hell. Sexual attraction is out of the question. Don’t go near her, she’ll kill you.

To conclude this chapter, I’d like to quote the scientist Kinsey (who wrote the book “The Sexual Behavior of Women”): “The most important thing that can be said about sexual reactions is that they are always different in different people. So your girlfriend’s PMS is not a reason to go to the bunker. Maybe today she will start up like a new crossover out of the salon – at once.

Ready – full: how do you know if a woman’s horny?

Unfortunately, a woman doesn’t usually come up and declare “I want sex.” Fortunately, there are signs that tell you that a woman is horny, without words. Not pretending, not pretending, but really horny.

Physiological signs.

She is breathing rapidly, as if she had run a hundred meters. Her nipples harden, and if she is not wearing underwear, they bulge. Her clitoris and labia swell because of the blood rushing to her pelvis. The uterus secretes lubrication. All this you know. Basic sex education. I can add that a horny woman’s eyes glisten (because of endorphins) and her face turns a little red (blood pressure rises).

Psychological signs.

They don’t tell you about this at school, but you need to know it to quickly identify in a crowd of girls the one who wants you.

  • First of all, a horny girl will let you know that she singled you out. She fixes her hair and opens her neck (a gesture of trust). Sits down so she can keep you in her sights (and not miss you). Lingers a little longer with her gaze (so she understands). “You’re spotted and accounted for,” she signals.
  • Next, the girl demonstrates: she’s the best here. She starts smiling to make her face look prettier. Walks and wiggles her hips smoothly. Holds her posture to make her breasts seem bigger and her belly seem smaller. “Look how good I am,” her movements say.
  • Finally, the aroused girl turns on the heavy artillery so you don’t stand a chance. Shortens her distance. Starts stroking herself or surrounding objects. Of the surrounding objects prefers something phallic – for example, a glass or a pen. Licks lips. Stares intently. Sometimes looks down to the fly area. Starts to talk nonsense.

Some girls, after reading this article, will say no. They will say that they are not such simple things to respond to tight purses, romantic snot and love foreplay. That they don’t mean anything by licking their lips and stroking the foot of the glass. But, you know, a woman says one thing, thinks another, and does what nature tells her to do. And if nature has the task to “procreate and multiply,” it will do everything possible to ensure that the function is fulfilled. Dating sites, about which you can learn more on the ranking page, provide a great opportunity to look for and find each other to help nature in its evolutionary mission. Good luck!

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