What To Do If a Girl Does Not Reply To Messages And Ignores You?


Girl does not reply to messages… Most of us have encountered this situation: the correspondence is going well, both seem to be happy with the communication, and then the girl stops answering. She might be distracted for half an hour, or she might not say anything the next day. How to understand that a girl purposely avoids communication, what are the signs of ignoring and how to be if a girl ignores – read the article. And do not lose heart: there is still a chance to fix everything.

Content of the article:

  • Girl doesn’t answer messages. What to do?
  • How do you even know if you’re being ignored?
  • Why isn’t she responding? 8 possible reasons
  • What to do to fix it
  • What to write if you are ignored on a dating site, in a text message, in Facebook or MeetKing, or do not pick up the phone
  • You’re not alone: concrete examples from life and solutions
  • Don’t do this: ways to get out of a situation that will make it worse
  • How to communicate so that a girl doesn’t even think about ignoring her
  • It didn’t work out: how to accept and move on

The girl does not reply to messages… What to do?

girl does not reply to messages


First of all, don’t sound the alarm too soon. Grown-ups tend to mind their own business, so if she’s quiet for less than an hour, don’t fill her up with a ton of questions about where she’s gone and urging her to get back into correspondence.

How do you even know if you’re being ignored?

  1. No answer for quite a long time – more than an hour.
  2. The girl appears online, doing notable activity on the page: posting something, writing in group chats.
  3. You see her activity on other sites.
  4. You write her new messages after you’ve been silent, but she doesn’t read them.

A common strategy for behavior in such cases is to gently get the girl’s attention and find out what the problem is. This requires asking briefly and constructively what happened. See below for examples of how to do this.

Why isn’t she responding? 8 possible reasons

More often than not, girls don’t just shut up if communicating with you was interesting and enjoyable. If a woman has stopped replying to messages, it means something has gone wrong. Here are 8 possible reasons why a girl ignores your messages in VK or other messengers and social networks.

  1. She’s just busy.. The most obvious and fairly common reason.
  2. The conversation has come to a standstill.: the topic had exhausted itself, there were no new questions.
  3. You asked a difficult question that she can’t answer right off the bat.
  4. You said something wrong. Or offended.
  5. She found out something about you that now repulses her.
  6. You reacted to something wrong.as she expected, and now she’s not sure she wants to communicate.
  7. A more interesting interlocutor has emerged..
  8. She deliberately chose to ignore you and see what happens – to see how you behave in these situations and how much you want to communicate.

What to do to make things right

Let’s simulate the situation: three hours have passed since the last message, and she is silent. We tell you how to get out of the girl’s ignore.

First, look at the last few messages: did you ask her something? Did she answer the question? Did you say anything that might have offended her? If she just doesn’t answer the question, offer to change the subject. If there’s something there that might have seemed offensive, clarify if it’s okay and ask directly if you offended her.

Demonstrate a desire to continue communicating, but don’t be too intrusive. Don’t send a dozen post-it notes and messages like “where did you go?”, “why aren’t you answering?”, “where are you?”, “come back, I forgive you”, “why aren’t you talking?” And especially avoid phrases like “this is the end, right?”, “that’s it, I’m over for you now?” and the like.

Text her on another messenger, text her, or call her if there’s a phone number. But don’t do it all at the same time. If she’s been silent for an hour and a half, don’t send all the messages in all the resources at once, dialing her number once you’ve dealt with the mailing list. Stretch your persistence and give her a chance to respond before you’ve done everything possible – it’s first, more effective, and second, you won’t seem like a maniac.

Sometimes a woman doesn’t respond to a text message for no apparent reason, but most likely there is a reason after all. Try to figure it out. There are different reasons for starting to suddenly ignore a girl, but you have to react according to the same principle.

What to write if you are ignored on a dating site, in a text message, in Facebook or MeetKing, or do not pick up the phone

If a woman suddenly ignores you in correspondence, you need to remind yourself. The optimal way to do this is to ask her once where she has disappeared to and to clarify whether everything is all right. You can do it verbatim: “Where are you going? All is well, shall we continue communicating?”

Suggest another topic of conversation:

  • Share the latest news
  • Ask about something not even related to the previous topic. Use questions that people like to answer. For example, everyone loves their pets, so just post “do you have pets?”
  • Post a photo (memes are great) or music
  • If you’re confident in communicating and have been texting for a long time, and especially if you’ve already seen each other and it went well, buy a couple of movie tickets, take a picture of them, and write “got tickets to a comedy (or movie title). Shall we go?” Invite them to your favorite cafe or restaurant. Suggest some leisure time, a reason to meet.

Chances are, the girl’s abrupt ignoring means something. Just be human. Don’t get too emotional. Give compliments. Show your interest in communicating, your desire to get it back, but don’t act like a maniac.

If the ignoring is happening on messengers – on Facebook, on classmates, try calling her. It’s a more decisive move that often works. If you get an answering machine, leave a message. She’ll be able to listen to it without letting you know, as opposed to reading her correspondence. This will give her a chance to think before you see that the messages have been read and start writing new ones.

You’re not alone: case studies and solutions

Many people have experienced female ignoring, and it doesn’t always mean that you’ve stopped communicating forever. A girl can be put off by a lot of things, from some truth about you to a ribald joke. If she communicated with you before, and you were a good conversationalist, surely communication can be restored. We show you what to do if a girl does not respond to messages on Facebook.

Real Case: A young man asks for a photo of a girl and in response praises not her eyes, hair, or smile, but her breasts. She decides that he is only interested in sex, while she wants first of all to communicate and have a nice time. That’s a good reason not to respond: she’s both offended and upset, even though she now knows she has cool breasts. How do you get out of the situation? If you continue the subject and write “would like to get to know her better,” the girl is unlikely to ever reconnect. But the guy realizes that he did something wrong, and writes, “I’m sorry if I seemed rude. Breasts aren’t the main thing, it’s just that I noticed it right away. Your hair is very pretty, is it a natural color?” Since communication was going fine before this, the girl softened and replied.


Another example: Communication only started yesterday, there are still very few messages, and the guy is already calling her to visit him. The girl is frightened because she doesn’t really know him yet. After a couple of hours of silence the guy writes “Sorry, I just like you a lot, and I’m sure we’ll get along. But if you want, let’s postpone the meeting and chat online for now.” Then he just starts another, more neutral topic, and the girl calms down and goes back to texting.

man kissing womans cheek

Third case. – to show that even in critical situations things can be fixed. The girl is silent at some point, and the guy has no idea why. He writes to her on the site where they communicated, finds her on Facebook, texts her there, texts her on messenger, sends her texts. It takes a day, no result, total ignoring. He calls, gets on the answering machine and leaves a message: “I do not know what went wrong, but I want to continue to communicate. I am not a very good stalker, so I will not bore you after the call. Please answer me on a convenient messenger. How about a movie this weekend?” An adequate approach after such persistence returns the favor of most girls.

Don’t do this: ways to get out of a situation that will make it worse

Mistakes that are often made, but definitely won’t lead to anything good:

  1. Intrusiveness. Dozens of messages to all available messengers. Monotonous and meaningless repetitive questions about where the girl is missing, and no less monotonous entreaties to return. It looks like hysteria, and no one likes hysterical girls.
  2. Passive aggression.. All these messages along the lines of “okay, now I see how important I am to you, yeah,” “you don’t want to communicate, you should have said so,” “now you don’t say anything? Good luck,” “fine, let’s keep quiet for another six months. No one begins to think better of the person after that.
  3. Threats. A fairly obvious point, but many people don’t see the difference between “where do you usually communicate, what messenger should I use?” and “I won’t leave you alone, I’ll text you everywhere and call you every day. Threats are the best way to lose a girl immediately and for sure.
  4. The only message like “if you want to communicate, write. She already ignores you and doesn’t want to. Without your activity nothing will change.
  5. Alert on the entire contact list.. Do you have mutual acquaintances? Call everyone and let them know that the lady of your heart has disappeared off your radar. She’ll be thrilled that half the company knows she didn’t answer you. You are not a parent who has lost a child who has gone for a walk. You are two adults, solve the problem without involving a third party.

How to communicate so that the girl does not even think about ignoring

Very simple! Be polite, considerate, and interesting. Talk on neutral topics at first, avoid something completely personal like past partners and something completely suspicious like weight and breast size. Be interested in her and don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. Once communication is established, be bolder: invite her to meetings in public places like cafes and movies, promise surprises and make them, be charming.

It didn’t work out: how to suck it up and move on

You’ve done everything: you’ve politely made yourself known in all messengers in turn, apologized in advance, showed an adequate desire to communicate further, and she still hasn’t responded. Well, it happens. Even if you still haven’t figured out what’s wrong, at this point it’s worth stopping and switching to another girl, which you can find with the help of our dating rating.

That’s really what happens at times. But you’re not making a portfolio, so you don’t need to fill out the girl’s profile exactly: when you started communicating, when you stopped, why, what was good, what was bad. It’s a shame that contact has been cut off, but it’s not a disaster. Unless she owes you a large sum of money or something like that, of course.

It was just a girl you’re texting with. There are dozens, hundreds more on social networks and dating sites that you can start chatting with. You didn’t lose the last girl on the planet, or even the last good one. It wasn’t the last day of your life.

Don’t start building global theories about why girls don’t respond to dating sites. And especially don’t ask her about it. Just accept the fact that you don’t communicate with this girl anymore, realize this fact and communicate with others. Are you sure that communication will not continue – write to her what you think, even if it hurts. If you’re really angry, tell your friends what a bitch she is. A little encouragement and you’re back on track.


Girls are often ignored in correspondence. If she stays silent for an hour – there’s no tragedy in it. Just let her know, apologize if you said something offensive, suggest another topic of conversation. If that doesn’t work, text her on other messengers or call her. If that doesn’t work either – no problem. Leave the correspondence and switch to other girls. Don’t think about her: if she wants to continue communicating, she’ll come back, if not, you’ll have someone to talk to without her.

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