Top 10 Ways – How to Get the Girl of Your Dreams into Bed Quickly


This is the question almost every guy asks himself how to get the girl of your dreams? Only real macho and gay guys don’t have it. You get acquainted, she looks wonderful and gives the impression of a nice and interesting girl. At some point you realize that the thought of what she’s like in bed won’t leave you. What to do? For starters, don’t read this article on a date. Take care of your preparation in advance 😉

We tell you how a young man can seduce a girl for intimacy and what to do to get any girl into bed.

Article content:

  • Effective ways to lure any girl into bed
  • How to seduce a girl from a dating site
  • How to seduce a girl you met on the street
  • How to spend the night with a girl you met in a bar
  • How to get the girl of your dreams into bed after your first date
  • 5 methods of the best seducers
  • Real macho rules: how to prepare and seduce
  • Shopping list: what comes in handy to seduce a girl
  • Atmosphere: excitement and conversation
  • Hour X: How to get a girl in bed
  • What to talk about during sex
  • What to say to a girl after sex
  • How to fail an assignment: common mistakes that are sure to ruin everything

Effective ways to lure any girl into bed

Let’s start with the main thing: there is no single scheme, no step-by-step plan that will work for absolutely everyone. If you act within stereotypes and use clichéd phrases, she’ll think she’s met a robot and run away.

Girl of Your Dreams


The question of how a guy can get a girl into bed quickly and get her going seems to be a never-ending one. The thing to remember here is that a girl is not a tricky device that works by script or code. There are things that not only girls like, but people in general. These are simple and win-win rules:

  1. Be polite, considerate and courteous.
  2. Don’t act like the bed is the only thing that interests you.
  3. Listen to the girl and watch her: most of the time she hints at what she wants and how best to treat her.
  4. Don’t try to be perfect in everything, don’t follow all the rules flawlessly, don’t act like you’re a tenth-generation aristocrat. Be a lively and interesting conversationalist.
  5. Don’t shorten your distance at once, but don’t be completely cold either.
  6. Make sure you have somewhere to go.
  7. Take the issue of contraception into your own hands.
  8. Don’t forget that sex is preceded by something, and the girl doesn’t disappear from your bed afterwards. Think through both the behavior before and the behavior after.

What else can’t girls resist? Charm, charisma, sense of humor and intelligence. A combination of these qualities will give you a great advantage and almost a 100% chance of continuing to date in privacy, even if you are not considered handsome. The main thing is not to go overboard with any of these qualities, forgetting about the others – this will only alienate her. Read about what women like most in men here – men that girls fall in love with.

How to seduce a girl from a dating site

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You went to our ranking of the best dating sites and chose a girl. If correspondence with a girl intrigues you, you will surely want intimacy when you meet her in person. Seducing a girl you don’t know from a distance to sleep with her is no easy task. Here are five ways to make it work.

Hint at intimacy during a text message

Not from the first message, but before you arrange a meeting. The girl may expect intimacy on her own, but it’s better if you let her know what you want in advance. Don’t talk about bed directly and rudely – write something like “I wouldn’t mind getting to know each other further in a quieter environment” or “I think we’ll need more than a couple of hours in a bar to get to know each other.”

Show your interest.

Carefully ask her what she likes about young people. How she prefers to spend her time. Ask her to tell you some funny or amusing stories about relationships and intimacy. If the girl responds positively and is open to such conversations, ask what excites her. This will be your main clue.

Intrigue her.

Don’t tell her what place you want to go out with her until the last minute. Prepare a surprise, tell her about it, but don’t admit exactly what you have planned or done. Don’t intrigue the girl with loud promises about your skills in bed or size. Act light and innocuous, but arouse interest. If you get a positive response, tell her you will have one wish or request for her. Don’t forget to think through options for wishes and requests in advance if they don’t come up right away. Let this wish be easy to make and suitable for the first meeting of two unfamiliar people.

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Ask to wear appropriate clothing

Another way to intrigue and make your intentions clear. Tell her you have a weakness for girls in stockings, dresses, sweaters, open-shouldered blouses, whatever. Add that you have no doubt that she will look great either way, but it will make you feel even better this way.

Play the romantic.

Some girls still love with their ears. And in the case of online dating, this idea is more relevant than ever. Offer her interesting leisure options that will excite her. Describe the charms of a nature walk or a visit to a rope park, tell her how you love watching sunsets from unusual and picturesque places, how enthusiastically you get involved in adventures and ventures for the sake of experience and drive. But beware: your romanticism should be more than enough for a tentative correspondence.

On our site you’ll find a list of the best dating sites where it’s easy to meet cool girls.

How to seduce a girl you met on the street


At first glance, it doesn’t seem to be an easy case. But there’s plenty of room for improvisation! Dating on the street is a way for the brave and resourceful. Remember the main thing: a girl must be interesting and safe. It is rarely possible to convince an unfamiliar girl to intimacy in bed after half an hour of acquaintance. But it is possible to spend this acquaintance so that you will be in bed in a couple of meetings.

  • Offer to stop by a cafe where they’ll make something for you that’s not on the menu. Surprise her with a gastronomic experience.
  • Tell her you’ve been looking for the right person to go to the theater\cinema\ exhibition, and you’ve found her. Give her a ticket.
  • If the girl you’re meeting is sitting alone and sad, offer coffee and a walk around the neighborhood you’re in.
  • Walk your dog. Even if it’s not your dog. The pet should be cute – most girls consider owners of funny and cute dogs.
  • Ask for an explanation of where a place is, or ask where the best coffee shop in the neighborhood is. Don’t understand what the answer will be. Offer to walk with you in exchange for coffee.

How to spend the night with a girl you met in a bar


There is a big plus in this situation – both of you are already relaxed. It’s easier to get a relaxed woman to have sex and get her into bed. Here’s what you can do for that:

  1. Invite her for a drive around the city at night. You know some place with a picturesque view of the night panorama – you automatically get the right romantic leverage. With this approach, you manage to get laid on the first date, too.
  2. Ask her what she thinks is the sexiest drink and offer to make it together at your house. It only works after a successful flirtation!
  3. If you’re at a bar with friends, get everyone together to continue the party and invite her over. This will be an intermediate step between the meeting place and the bed.
  4. Disappear somewhere near the bar and tell her via note or text where to find you. Continue the evening with a walk, someplace romantic, or right away at one of your houses.
  5. Just follow the rules from the first section all evening, and there’s a good chance you’ll find her in your bed.

How to get the girl of your dreams into bed after your first date

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Many people wonder how a man can get a shy girl into bed on the first date. But you have to remember that not all girls agree to have sex after a single meeting. But you can influence this: the better it goes – the better chance of success. Here are a few ways to seduce and get the girl of your dreams into bed.

  1. Set up a date in an unusual place, win her over with your originality.
  2. Take care of everything so that the date goes perfectly smoothly. Make her feel trustworthy, give her a chance to relax.
  3. Show that she’s the girl of your dreams. Treat her appropriately, and she’ll be happy to encourage that attitude.
  4. Set up a dream date, an unforgettable evening after which she’s sure to want a follow-up. To do that, find out what she likes and arrange it just like that.
  5. Make surprises right during the date: provide in the standard program an opportunity to get privacy in an unusual and pleasant place, give a bouquet at an unexpected moment (ask a friend to pretend to be a passerby and give it to you or drop it off at the right moment, for example). Adjust plans as you go, do cute silly things.

5 techniques of the best seducers


Here’s what the pros have to say about how you can seduce your girlfriend for sex and lure her into bed.

  • Charisma. The main and most important quality for winning girls. But it is important not to overdo it: don’t let charisma grow into ignoring a girl and her desires.
  • Surprise. Before bed, let her know that you are thinking and acting outside the box. Surprise her.
  • Get to know her by becoming a newcomer to her company. Have a mutual friend bring you in. Make the perfect first impression by winning her attention.
  • Look out of the ordinary – Be different from your surroundings for the better. Emphasize this with your demeanor, your jokes, your topics of conversation.
  • Show her that it’s easy and pleasant to take care of her.. Don’t push, but be a pleasant conversationalist and don’t miss moments to bond.

Real macho rules: how to prepare and seduce

  1. Dress appropriately and look well-groomed. At all times. Keep gum or a breath freshener with you.
  2. Be decisive: don’t be timid and exude confidence.
  3. Be generous: treat the girl.
  4. Take care of everything you’ll need in bed beforehand. Carry a “gentleman’s kit” with you and keep another one at home.
  5. Be a good conversationalist: take an interest in the girl, tell her something interesting, and make sparkling jokes.

Shopping list: what you need to seduce a girl

  1. A gift – big and expensive or not so much. The main thing is something thoughtful.
  2. Candles to create a romantic setting.
  3. A bottle of non-strength alcohol for relaxation. Ideally, a good wine.
  4. Anything you need in bed: condoms, lube, other paraphernalia – at your mutual request.
  5. Wipes and fresh towels. That’s pretty clear, isn’t it? 😉

Atmosphere: excitement and conversation

Choose a comfortable place to incline the girl to intimacy in bed. If you have looked at the sunset from the roof of a high-rise before, it is unlikely to be comfortable to continue the evening there. Take care of a comfortable secluded place – an apartment or a hotel room. But it is better to come there after a dose of adrenaline or a lively evening to whet your appetite and passion.

Be courteous and polite, but don’t hide your intentions. Watch the girl’s behavior and reactions carefully to avoid undue pressure.

Discuss something personal, talk about each other, share your impressions of the evening or make plans. Try not to talk about extraneous topics.

It will be helpful over a bottle of wine or during foreplay to discuss who likes what. Don’t hesitate to ask the girl how she likes it better, and suggest how to make it better for you. It’s not as awkward as it might seem, and it’s not a bad turn-on.

Hour X: How to turn a girl on in bed

How do you start seducing a girl to drive her crazy? With a competent flirtation, turning into a demonstration of your passion. With paying attention to her. With a disposing environment.

Be attentive. Don’t spare any time for foreplay. Do not hesitate to ask her what she likes, do not be afraid to experiment within reason, help her better understand your desires. Pay attention to her movements and breathing, the body itself will tell you how to do the right thing. Make sure that the only thing you have of wood is your bed: logs are not the only ones you find among women. Don’t be a log, show your reactions.


Do things that turn you on, set a rhythm, but give her a chance to lead as well. Your activity is sure to excite her.

And most importantly, ask her. Don’t be afraid to ask for something. As long as you don’t nag and ask a thousand questions about where to hug her, it won’t hurt the romance and passion 🙂

What to talk about during sex

Let’s start with the main question: are you sure this is the time to talk? You’re supposed to be too busy for that. And it better be that way.

If you want to discuss the weather or talk about the SEAL video, something is clearly going wrong. If you are now fascinated by the question of how unidimensional dots form an infinite line, something is very wrong.

Try to be quiet and not distracted from the process. Better yet, just ask from time to time if she likes it and ask her to do something with you. It usually works out fine without that, though.

Don’t discuss political news, or the reign of Queen Victoria. Don’t talk about algebra, geometry, or geography. Better yet, just don’t talk.

What to say to a girl after sex

It’s simple – say what’s asked for. If you liked it, don’t hesitate to emphasize it. Offer water or a snack. Try not to profess your love.

Don’t think about it too much, don’t talk in clichés-there’s also a chance she’ll recognize you as a robot and run away just in case.

How to screw up an assignment: common mistakes that are sure to ruin everything

You never know for sure what it is that attracts a girl you like. But here it’s helpful to apply the simple rule of empathy–don’t do anything you wouldn’t like.


  • Don’t be rude.
  • Don’t be a narcissist
  • Don’t forget to listen to the girl
  • Don’t forget that the girl is a living person, not a warm heating pad for tonight
  • Don’t push if the girl shows that she doesn’t want something
  • Don’t try to appear the smartest, the most charismatic, the jokes. No one trusts people with kinks.
  • Don’t use harsh language unless you’ve agreed to it with her.
  • Don’t pull out sex toys without warning and don’t use them without her consent
  • Don’t be too passive: take some of the initiative for yourself. Don’t hang the need to do all the steps on the girl
  • Don’t be a burden: Don’t walk her around town for hours, with a planned dinner at her house and a sleepover in her bed
  • Don’t talk about exes. And especially don’t compare her to them. Better don’t talk at all.


Even if a girl looks like a mysterious prude – it’s easier to get along with her than at your first frightened look. Just be yourself, be gallant and don’t forget that she is a living person with whom you can discuss everything.

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