The Best Ways To Ask a Girl On a First Date: Where To Go And How To Behave


What to ask a girl on a first date for the first time depends on her response. That’s why it’s important to get it right: choose both the moment and the way and the wording. We tell you how to ask a woman out so that she won’t refuse.

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The best ways to ask a girl out: how not to get rejected for sure

How to prepare for a date

How to ask a girl out on a date in person

How to ask a girl out online: examples of successful wording

How to talk a woman into a date on a dating site

How to ask a girl out via VK

How to ask a girl out over the phone

How to make a date via text message

How to ask a stranger out on a date

Asking out a date in verse

How not to ask out

The best ways to ask a girl out on a first date: how not to get rejected for sure


Let’s say right off the bat: rejection is still possible. Even if you do everything perfectly, a girl can find reasons to refuse the meeting. But nevertheless, the more competent you are, the higher the probability of consent. Here are a few rules to help you get consent:

  1. Be polite. Be considerate and courteous to the girl. Give the impression of a pleasant person. This is the basis of her acceptance.
  2. Take your time. Don’t offer to meet until you’ve gotten to know her better and talked to her for a while. You need to give the appearance of confident sympathy – by experiencing it, the girl is more likely to say yes.
  3. Think through the meeting. Where you will go, what you will do, what you will talk about. If you can improvise with the latter, you should prepare the first two points in advance to avoid awkwardness on the spot.
  4. Choose the right wording. Since you’ll get an answer right afterwards, it’s important to say something that won’t kill all the previous efforts and incline the girl to agree. We can help you with the wording πŸ™‚
  5. No pressure. If the girl doubts, you should normally ask the reason for doubts and convince her of the innocuousness and safety of the idea. But you shouldn’t just bend your line harshly: it will convince the girl that her doubts are not in vain.

How to prepare for a date

On a First Date

You’ve chosen the best place to go on a date. You’ve got the cherished consent. The meeting is set. What do you do now? Make sure everything goes well.

  1. Think through the program.. Where you can get a coffee, where the places are scenic enough for a walk, what movie to see if we’re talking about a movie. You could include something original in the form of walking on rooftops, riding rides or horses.
  2. Take care of the budget.: In our country it is customary to pay for girls on dates. This is the case in most cases, and a girl can be offended if she has to pay for herself.
  3. Think about how you look.. It must fit the occasion: if you are going to the theater, dress more elegantly, if you plan any active entertainment – choose something comfortable. Clothing must be clean and tidy. Your hair should be neat. Pick a pleasant unobtrusive perfume.
  4. If you want to get the best of a girl… – Think of a small gift or give flowers.
  5. Think of topics to talk about. What you want to ask, what you want to tell about yourself. The conversation will probably build itself, but it’s better to have a couple of trump cards in case of awkward silence or to find out things about the girl that you already want to ask.

How to ask a girl out in person

If you’re already seeing and communicating, and you don’t need to transfer dating from the Internet to reality, everything becomes much easier. It’s enough to catch the moment and pull it off gracefully.

  • If you’re studying or working together, add romance and drop a note. Suggest going to a movie she’s waiting for, or to a cafe with her favorite kind of cuisine. In the tradition of American movies, write the “Yes” and “No” options for her to check off the right one. If you’re sure of success, you can spell out the options “Yes,” “Definitely yes,” “As soon as tomorrow,” and “Ask me again.” If the plan doesn’t work, the girl just won’t return the note.
  • When you meet her, compliment her appearance. Inquire about the news and offer to take a walk/lunch/walk somewhere together.
  • Ask for help. Maybe you need to pick out an outfit for an occasion, a gift for Mom, or something she’s good at. This would be a great excuse to meet and emphasize your attention to the girl.
  • If you have a ticket or season ticket to somewhere that’s about to expire, offer to keep her company.

How to ask a girl for a date online: examples of successful wording

man sitting on concrete brick with opened laptop on his lap


Successful phrases for asking a girl on a date through social networks and on the Internet basically fall into three categories:

1. Surprises. Something with a little mystery about it.

  • “I know a place you’re sure to like. I won’t tell you where it is, but I can show you. Shall we?”
  • “You were wondering… I know a thing or two about it, I can tell you over a cup of coffee. Can we meet tomorrow at 7:00?”

2. Compliments. Tell the girl about her dignity and offer her leisure time related to it.

  • “You’re the only one who likes horror movies as much as I do. Shall we go to the movies to see Guillermo’s new horror flick?”
  • “You know so much about art! I’m a total ignoramus, but I want to go to the new exhibition at the House of Artists. Will you keep me company?”

3. Quests. The point of the method is that it takes something for a girl to get an invitation.

  • Place the note with the invitation in the box and put it on the end of the game. Play along for the girl to win and get and read the note. “Victory is yours! But can the loser win the opportunity to take you to the movies?”
  • Hide several notes, each one telling you how to find the next one. The last note should have an invitation with an address and time. “You’ve come a long way. Only one last step remains, and the result will pleasantly surprise you. I’ll be waiting at the coffee shop at six o’clock in the evening.”

How to talk a woman into a date on a dating site

On a dating site, your only tool is correspondence. It’s enough if the girl is interested enough to decide to meet.

Be courteous and pick the right moment to invite her. Don’t call to see if the girl tells you something important right now. Do it at a convenient time-not early in the morning or late in the evening. Make sure she is in a good mood and communicates openly.

Wording from the surprise and compliment categories will work great here. Here are a few more examples of what a correspondence might look like:

G: Oh, what a day at work today. I was tired, I thought I would beat up my colleagues for their faults.
M: I’m sorry. Hang in there, the weekend’s coming up.
R: Oh yeah, we’ll have to get a better rest, get away from a tough week.
M: I have an idea about that. I know where the best desserts are in town. You like eclairs, don’t you? Then you should try these! I have similar plans for lunch on Saturday. Care to join me?
G: Sounds like fun, why not πŸ™‚
M: I won’t tell you everything, but I can drive up to wherever you say and take you to the place from there.
R: All right, wait by the subway.
M: I’ll be there at 12, happy and wearing a red scarf πŸ™‚

M: How are you doing today?
W: Great! Started planning my summer vacation.
M: Great! Do you like to travel?
R: Yeah, a lot! I want to see something in Europe this year.
M: What about that Europe we have right here in town?
W: You mean the main street?)
M: Oh no, there’s something more interesting! Would you like to see it?
R: I’m intrigued πŸ™‚
M: Just a story here won’t be enough. So come to Three Cats Coffee Shop on Friday at 7:00, and we’ll start there. It’ll be fun, I promise!
R: Okay. Let’s see what kind of guide you are πŸ™‚

G: What do you do?
M: Right now, it seems – needing your help.
W: Wow, what happened?
M: Literally just found out about a backpacker traveler coming to visit us. And you’re the only one who will appreciate his lecture. Will you keep him company?
R: That sounds interesting! I will, of course. Where and when will it be?

How to ask a girl out through Facebook

If you want to ask a girl out via Facebook for a date rather than an unfamiliar girl, think about how to do it in an original and fun way. Communicating with a girl you already know, you can choose wording less carefully and not be afraid to experiment. There is a list of good phrases that will help you easily communicate with a girl you like.

The most original way is to create a simple but beautiful website with an invitation. Send it to her by private message with a caption like “Look, what a cool idea.” The site should have the invitation itself with the date, time, and place to meet.

If you can’t design a Web site, you can draw graffiti or make a postcard on Photoshop. The main advantage here – an unusual format and presentation. The result should be beautiful and unique, so it was evident that you are not just googled the template, and really tried.

Another way is to record a voice message. And there are ways to distinguish yourself: with music in the background, funny effects, intonation, and other audio recording possibilities.

If you want to invite via correspondence, don’t worry about originality: that can be a good solution, too. Here’s what it might look like:

M: How’s it going?
R: I’m cramming history for the test tomorrow.
M: Yeah, it’s been quite a week at school. Keep me company for the colloquium tomorrow after the test. And we’ll have time to rest, and the study will be more productive. I suggest we sit in the coffee shop in front of the main building right after classes.
J: That’s a tempting offer πŸ™‚ but can you help me with the problems?
M: Sure! That’s one of the problems. Great, then come to the table by the window and I’ll meet you there.

M: You left your glasses in the office. You must miss them. πŸ™‚
G: Man, I thought I dropped them on the way home.
M: I can give them back today so you don’t have to worry about them until tomorrow. I’ll buy you dinner, too.
R: Oh, great! Can you come to my neighborhood, to the Hieroglyph Cafe?
M: Yeah, I was just about to suggest it. I’ll be there in an hour.
R: You’re my savior! Thank you, I’ll be there on time.

W: I bought a dog!
M: Wow, that’s great! What kind of breed is it?
W: Spaniel. Nice puppy.
M: I had a spaniel when I was a kid, they’re really great. By the way, I have an extra leash and a couple of toys. I’d be happy to give them to you if you let me take them for a walk.
R: Tempting! We’re taking a walk in the park.
M: Great. I’ll be there at seven.

How to offer to meet on the phone

Asking a girl out over the phone requires brevity and confidence. Prepare in advance and try not to distract the girl with lengthy conversations and long unsure mooing. Here’s what a good example of a phone invitation looks like:

M: Hi, just calling to ask what plans you have for the weekend.
R: Hi, so far I’m only busy on Saturday afternoon.
M: Great. How about bowling that same evening? I want to unwind, and you seem like perfect company.
G: I’m not much of a player, but I think it would be fun.
M: That’s what it takes! I’ll be there at six.
R: Okay, I’ll be there by that time.
M: See you then!

M: Hey, do you have a minute?
R: Yeah, talk to me. Did something happen?
M: Nothing serious – just wanted to take you on a tour of the rooftops Friday night. I hope you’re interested.
R: That sounds intriguing, yes. But I’m not sure I’ll be available.
M: It’s up to you, but if anything, we’ll start from mile zero at seven. I’d be very happy if you could join us.
R: I’ll try and tell you exactly on Thursday.

M: I think you’ve been looking for where we make good coffee in Kemeks. I found such a place, and I need an expert. Shall we go there on Sunday?
R: That sounds interesting! I’m free during the day.
M: Great. I’ll pick you up at three.
R: Okay, I’ll be waiting.

How to make a date by text message

The main feature of SMS invitations is their brevity. If you are interested in how to set up a date with a girl you know via text message, try to put as much information as possible into one message. Here are some examples of how to ask a girl you know on a date via text message:

  1. Haven’t seen you in a while and I want to meet you. Let’s go to the movies on Saturday. I owe you a ticket and an ice cream.
  2. Did you hear your favorite Hurts are coming? I got tickets, I want to hear them live. I’m counting on your company.
  3. You’re a connoisseur of Italian food, aren’t you? How about a pasta dinner on Friday? They say it’s great at Papa Carlo’s.
  4. “Aladdin” finally came out– I’ve been waiting a year! Will you come with me to the premiere? I promise it’ll be fun!
  5. I want to see you and do something nice for you. Can you tell me a place I’ve wanted to go for a long time? I have a couple of ideas, but I’m open to suggestions.

How to ask a girl you don’t know out

How to ask a girl you don’t know out is the most difficult task of those discussed in this article. It’s worth saying right away that the chances are slim: in the age of the Internet, few people dare to go on a date with someone they see for the first time. Nevertheless, here are 5 tips that will increase those chances:

  1. Stay at arm’s length. Don’t violate the girl’s personal space.
  2. Speak with confidence. She’s probably the one who’s afraid here. If you are too, the acquaintance will not take place.
  3. Explain the reason for your conversation. You need help finding an address, you like her, you’re interested in what she’s doing or eating, if it’s in a cafe.
  4. Compliment her if she looks unusual or simply attractive, ask an appearance-related correct question.
  5. Be aware that she might say no. Then ask for her contacts – her phone number or social media profile – and chat before you set up a meeting again.

A date invitation in verse

An original way that touches many girls. In this case, it’s the emotionality that counts, not the size of the stanzas or the perfect construction of the quatrains. Here are some examples of the best way to ask a girl out on a date in verse.

Beautiful creature,
I ask you out on a date!
I want to surround you with my tender care,
I confess that to be with you, very willing!

I’ve liked you for a long time,
Shall we go to a cafe, or a movie?
Please don’t say no,
For I cherish you,
How, I’ll tell you when I meet you.

I never dreamed in this life
To find a more beautiful creature.
You are without a doubt the ideal.
Let’s go on a date tonight!

How not to ask out.

We’ve told you how to ask a girl out on a first date so that she’ll say yes. Now let’s list what you shouldn’t do to avoid rejection.

  1. Don’t be rude. Call politely, react appropriately to possible objections and change of plans.
  2. Don’t offer ill-conceived options. Don’t ask, “Would you like to spend time together?” but suggest something more specific, like going to the movies, an amusement park, a walk.
  3. Don’t call at inconvenient times like early morning and late evening and don’t interrupt the girl’s story to ask her out.
  4. Don’t say the word “date” itself, it can be intimidating.
  5. Don’t ask in a crowded place where a lot of people will hear your dialogue.
  6. Don’t call a place where the girl will definitely not be interested.
  7. Most importantly: don’t forget to show up for your scheduled date!)

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