How To Pick Up a Girl Who Likes You, Examples of Phrases for Facebook


How To Pick Up a Girl Who Likes You? Relationships of the sexes are so mysterious that almost at all times men have wondered how to make a beautiful pick-up to a girl, no matter how it is formulated. It’s not easy even now: funny hookups to girls more often than not come out unsuccessful and lead to ignoring or slapping. Not many men know how to approach a girl beautifully. If you, too, feel a lack of confidence in this matter, then you’re at the right place. Read how to approach a girl you like the right way and learn about the best ways to do it.

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Top Boldest Pitches to a Girl

What to consider

Rolling up on a girl you like

In an academic institution.

How to hit on a pen pal

In messages on a dating site

Top Boldest Pitches to a Girl

Surely the main thing you want to know is what those macho men and pickup geniuses who have never heard the words “no.” say. We, in turn, doubt that such people even exist. Everyone meets unsuccessfully from time to time, there’s no tragedy in that. But the bolder, brighter, more competent you are, the better your chances of success.

Your job is to get attention. Make the girl think about what’s going on in general, catch her eye and thoughts. To do this you have to behave provocatively: be prepared for this.

How To Pick Up a Girl


The most beautiful and elegant way, which also works on those girls who blow off anyone who comes up.

  • If you see a situation like this, get close to her. Position yourself as if you were going to meet her, but don’t pay any attention to her.
  • Then do something unusual in her direction. It is suggested to place halves of matches in her direction on the bar, but you might as well write something on pieces of paper and stack them one by one, tear up the napkin systematically, arrange the surrounding objects differently, moving also those that have already been rearranged. Do not pay any attention to the girl at this time, do not even turn your head in her direction.
  • Stay close, as if you came to this very spot for her, but don’t talk, don’t smile, don’t wink. At some point she won’t be able to stand it and will start the conversation first: she’ll ask you what you’re doing.
  • Without turning to her, tell her you’re testing her. Chances are, she’ll ask you what for. Answer that the whole test will collapse if you tell her. But this is to see if you should communicate.
  • In all likelihood, she will continue the conversation – she will ask you further and give you a chance after a couple of lines to set her terms, or she will call you brash and smug (you should smile at this and admit that you are). One way or another, the conversation will start, and she will be the initiator.

Unobtrusive small-talk.

  • Original and unusual phrases are often used here to hit on a girl. But a simple situational reason for conversation is also appropriate.
  • Point out something that is going on around you at the moment you approach. It could be the weather, a loud sound that was heard a few seconds ago, a situational occasion like a question or a review of the alcohol you’re drinking at the bar.
  • People don’t expect a sudden conversation to start, and the relevance of the occasion confirms that you’re not crazy.
  • As a result, the girl is surprised and responds, than gives an excuse to continue the conversation.
  • Already further it can be turned in a convenient direction: to offer something or exchange contacts, if you talk to a stranger.


  • An old and tried-and-true way that will never lose relevance. It’s nice to hear something flattering about yourself – for such words it’s customary at least to thank you. Girls are very fond of compliments about their beauty.
  • After complimenting your clothes, hairstyle, accessory, voice, or just about anything and getting a thank you, ask a question that relates to the object of your praise and continue the conversation. It all depends on your imagination.
  • After noting the beauty of the scarf, you can ask what fabric it’s made of (assume chiffon in the case of a thin flying scarf or wool/cashmere in the case of a warm one).
  • After praising the girl’s voice, you can say that you need to voice something for work and even take her phone number under the pretext of cooperation.
  • Another way is to compare the marked trait to something poetic.

How to pick up a girl who likes you? What to consider?

There are a few rules to keep in mind for any podcast. They will reduce the likelihood of failure.

  1. Don’t be rude.

    Rudeness and rudeness, unlike charisma, are not conducive to a polite response and further communication. Distinguish between the two and always check to see if the phrase you choose to begin with sounds offensive or insulting.

  2. Avoid clichés that are treated negatively.

    Movies often show people coming out of pick-up schools as if they were made for student failure. Don’t repeat their mistakes. Don’t ask if her parents own a candy factory or why she’s so sweet, don’t ask if her family is looking for a new son-in-law. Be careful with the “I think I’ve seen you somewhere before” gesture, too. Be sure you don’t say something equally embarrassing after the girl answers.

  3. Improvise.

    It can be tricky, but try to make your introductions not seem clearly planned. Even if you resort to one of the tricks you’ve read out. The more sincerely you speak, the more the conversation fits the situation, the better your chances are.

  4. There are situations where you have prepared perfectly.

    A presentable appearance, a well-thought-out conversation starter, possessing certain information about the girl that will help you. But she blows you off right away, answers sluggishly, turns you down, doesn’t know what she’s talking about, makes a joke out of it. It’s not an embarrassment of a lifetime – it’s just an accident. You can put up straws on all sides, but that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t fall down. You might just have bad luck with a girl – get over it beforehand. Be prepared not to get depressed if you fail.

  5. Words and demeanor are only half the battle.

    Don’t forget that you also have to look good and pick up in the right place: not at the water cooler at work, but in a more private setting. Not when she’s busy and not inclined to talk, not during meals, not early in the morning and not late at night.

Rolling up on a girl you like

Those who wonder about guys hitting on a girl with words are thinking in the right direction. Conversation is the main thing that happens between you at that moment, so we’ll focus more on phrases in the following paragraphs. But we won’t forget about manners and strategies either 🙂shallow focus photography of man and woman holding hands


In the case of any pick-up, it is important to be friendly, attentive, say affectionate words and use the effect of surprise. Thanks to the latter, the girl is more likely to respond to you, and the first two points will convince her not to bother further.

If it’s a girl you know, don’t make the hookup a key moment of your communication. You didn’t start dating in the first place, so you’ll have plenty to talk about even if she doesn’t agree to a date. Plus, you can try again in the future if you still want to. And you are more likely to be more accurate.


If you meet a stunning stranger, seize the moment. You probably won’t cross paths again, so you have to act lightning quick.

Here are three great ways to do it:

Tell it like it is. This method is especially good for those who are confident and have good communication skills. If you’re not, just learn the catchphrase and practice saying it calmly, clearly, and with a friendly smile beforehand. As a joke, you can add at the end: “I promise I’m not a maniac.

man and woman sitting on rock during daytime


Here’s what you can say:

  • “I’ve only seen you for a few seconds, but I really like you. Let’s take a little walk/I’ll walk you to where you’re going/exchange contacts and chat.”
  • “I don’t meet on the streets, but I really want to spend at least 15 minutes with you. Can I buy you a coffee or take you for a walk?”
  • “I don’t know my way around this part of town, and I’d really appreciate it if you could be my tour guide for a while. I owe you a coffee, you owe me a few minutes.” Spend those few minutes so that the girl agrees to exchange contacts.

Go out “hunting” with a bouquet of flowers or a glass of coffee. When you meet the girl you like, give her what you have prepared. Tell her that you wanted to give it to the most beautiful/charming/unusual girl you meet, and it is definitely her. Give her one or two more compliments. Offer to walk around or exchange contacts. You can give your number along with the bouquet – in a note – or your coffee – written on a glass.

At the club.

Buy a cocktail and hand it to her with the words:

  • “I think it suits you very well. Try it: what if I guessed right?”

Be nearby on the dance floor, shorten the distance. Tell her she’s a great dancer. Add that you can rock, too, and do some funny moves. You can stop there, but if the conversation doesn’t get going, with a connoisseur look, ask her to teach you how to dance the way she does. Wait for a more lyrical tune, offer to reminisce about your high school years, and invite her to a slow dance.

group of people enjoying concert
Ask the waitress or someone you know to pass her a drink. Include a funny note with a text like “I expect a few minutes of your attention in return. Find the curliest guy in the room.” A funny (and accurate!) description of yourself is the key to success in this scheme. It’s what will help a girl not be intimidated and approach you.

In an institution.

    1. A simple, romantic, and fail-safe way is to put a note in your textbook or on her seat in the classroom. You can reveal your identity and invite her to meet you, or you can leave the intrigue behind and write just the time and place of the meeting, with some romantic notation.
    2. You must have a cool understanding instructor. Write in the work you give him a request to give the right girl your invitation for a cup of coffee, for safety, immediately specify all the names and passwords.

couple sitting on the field facing the city


  1. Agree with the girl to prepare for a test or exam together. The rest depends on your abilities.

The easiest option is to tell her that it’s been such a pleasure to prepare, that you’d be happy to see each other outside of academic matters as well. If you’re an excellent student and an intellectual, figure out how to cipher her invitation in a chemical equation, a matrix, a graph, a physical law, a chapter of the constitution–anything where you’re both good.

If you’re brave and you’re sure she’s not timid either and will appreciate it, at the presentation of the collaboration as you go along, read a sentence like “It is also reported that the second speaker is very nice to the first and is invited to tea and cake tomorrow at 7 p.m. Subject 2 can find out the details in a personal conversation with Subject 1.

How to pick up a pen pal.

There are dozens of ways you can hit on a girl online in a cool way, and they all rely on originality and being different from other people who text her. We tell you how to coolly hit on a girl you don’t know on social media, and give you examples of phrases for hitting on a girl in correspondence.


On Facebook

Examples of how to hit on a girl in Facebook:

  1. Hi! Your photos are incredible – only interesting personalities can do that 🙂 I will be glad to communicate. Can you tell me where this one was taken?
  2. I think I found the girl with one of the most charming smiles in the world. Would you believe I have one of the best versions of a sense of humor, or prove it? 🙂
  3. – I know something about you.
    – Yeah? What’s that?
    – In fact, I didn’t even believe it at first.
    – So what were you able to find out about a stranger you see online for the first time?
    – That you have two qualities that are considered incompatible, but go well together. Most men might not like them, but I consider them a plus. Care to take a guess?
    – Well, I know I’m a pretty straightforward person.
    – You got the first one right. You’ll find out the second if you agree to walk with me tomorrow night!

In the messages on the dating site.

Girls on dating sites take messages from strangers more easily and respond to them more readily. On these sites you have a maximum chance.

  • You have a very unusual and bright appearance. Are you as different in character as the others?
  • I didn’t expect to see a girl with such good looks, sense of humour, sense of style dating goals here. I’ll be honest: I’m pleasantly surprised 🙂 judging by your profile, you are interested in snowboarding. How long have you been snowboarding?

Send a poem of your own composition, no matter how funny or snarky. Ask her to evaluate it. If the reaction is positive, tell her that she inspired you.

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