How To Disable A Subscription In Dating Sites?


Dating portals can easily get rid of not only loneliness, but also money, so how to disable a subscription? A particular case of siphoning off money is the Premium account subscription service. Here’s a talk about what human ambition can lead to and what you can do in a “suck it yourself” situation.

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  • Living with privilege: Where dreams lead
  • Easy Scenario: How to Cancel a Premium Subscription
  • Unsubscribe from the site
  • Remove auto-renewal on IOS
  • Unsubscribe on Android
  • Block the card
  • If you are threatened by debt collectors

Living with Privilege: Where Dreams Lead

In general, ambition is a good thing. As the song says, it helps to build and live. If ambitions are adequate, of course. Sometimes ambition is just an aggravated ego, psychological complexes, and mental disorders. Examples, you know, a lot.

Choosing a VIP account is an example of adequate ambition. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stand out and get a couple or three optional “perks”. Besides, it’s always possible to try such an account, as they say, on the teeth – to subscribe for a day or, for example, a week. The price of a question is a penny. Why not, you think. And confidently click the “Buy” button.

Congratulations! You are now a member of the club of those whose accounts will regularly drain their hard-earned money.. Because it turns out that in the user agreement of almost any dating site, which, of course, no one ever reads, in small print, but in black and white, it says “Premium subscription renews automatically“. Translated into English – from now on, money will be taken out of your pocket with enviable regularity and without warning. How else scammers scam you for money – read here.

How To Disable A Subscription

“Jeempo” is stealing money!!! I activated the service for a day to try it out. Only 2 dollars. The next day they took 245 dollars from my card without my knowledge. A sort of automatic monthly subscription. On what grounds? Is it legitimate? Is there any way to get the money back?

There is a basis. The reason is called the User Agreement. Signed it without reading it – no one cares. That’s the calculation. And you can’t get a penny back. The best thing to do in this situation is to unsubscribe from the paid service. The question is, how?

Easy scenario: How to disable a subscription from a VIP account

There are two scenarios. The first is without complications. When the unsubscribe happens by simple hand manipulation. At the dating site Badoo, this is exactly the case. Portal is happy to use human inattention, but instantly responds to the request of the client, “get lost, paid account. True, no one but you will not deactivate the account. So let’s do it.

Unsubscribe from the site

Connected on the site – go to the settings. On Badoo, the Settings section can be accessed through your profile page. You open your profile. Click on the “gear” icon. Scroll down to the “Payment settings” section. There you do what you want to do with your Premium account. You can “unsubscribe”, for example. Premium will be deactivated at the end of the paid period, but will be active during it.

Remove VIP account subscription on iPhone (iOS)

There’s a rule of thumb – any subscriptions set up through a mobile device can be managed through that same mobile device. Let’s say you have an iPhone. And you’ve set up your Badoo Premium account through iTunes. So, go to “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad. There, go to “iTunes Store and App Store,” find the “Apple ID” button and select “View Apple ID. If a password or biometric ID is required, enter it. Then scroll to “Subscriptions” and find Badoo Premium (or another subscription). Cancel or leave it if you suddenly change your mind halfway through and decide to stay in premium status.

By the way, if you cancel your subscription, you’ll be in that status until the end of the paid period.

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Unsubscribe from the Android dating site

The same applies to subscriptions purchased on Google Play. Where you bought it, that’s where you unsubscribe. That is, go to Play Market on your phone. Press the “Menu” icon (three parallel horizontal lines). Select the section “Subscriptions”. Looking for a Badoo Premium subscription. Unsubscribe, or just enjoy.

The hard patient: what to do if “unsubscribing” doesn’t work

Oh, if only all dating sites would so easily part with subscribers who bring them a concrete and clear benefit. It happens, you unsubscribe, you cross your eyes, and the money keeps flowing like a stream into an unknown river. What to do?

Write letters in big handwriting.

You start writing angry letters to the helpdesk with obscene headings, reading the contract through a magnifying glass – and, lo and behold, you find out that “unsubscribe” isn’t enough. That the “unsubscribe” is only the first step, not the only step. That cancellation of an account Premuim is valid only if “if it is clearly expressed in writing,” as, for example, the notorious dating site eDarling. Signing out in the settings is good, but it’s not enough. You need to fill out an application to terminate the contract and send it by e-mail. And not at any time, but at least two weeks before the end of the paid subscription.

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A horse’s throw – to block the card

But even this is not the most severe clinical case. There are “inoperable patients” where the application has to be sent not to an e-mail address, but to a physical address. To some Honduras.

Sending, it’s possible, of course. But first we go to the bank, block the card and get a new one, which, of course, never again register on sites with dubious reputation. At the bank, by the way, you can argue with the operator, shouting about the “unauthorized write-offs without asking for confirmation of transactions via SMS” and write a statement for the return of “unauthorized write-offs. The operator, of course, will pour out water about “sucker himself. But the main thing is to stick to your line and not give in to provocations. Maybe something will turn up. But do not get your hopes up. And only then, having relaxed, can you buy envelopes, glue stamps on them, and send letters to Honduras.

If you’re threatened by debt collectors.

And if this fraudulent website you sent a stamped letter to (having previously blocked access to your bank card) starts harassing you with messages and phone calls threatening you with “Pay your debts or you’ll be dealt with by collectors” – screw you. Auto-renewal of the contract under United States law can be challenged in court. And all debts on this subject are mythical. And beating out a non-existent debt is fraud and extortion. With such a statement and go to law enforcement agencies, if you can not resist the “collectors” themselves.

Once you buy your privileges and get on auto-renewal, don’t sit back and fold your arms. It’s not going to go away by itself. We have told about the methods of unsubscription – standard and radical. Every site has an individual approach. You can learn about the approaches on our dating sites rating page. There are real reviews from users who not only praise but also trash dubious portals. Be vigilant!

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