Top 20 Phrases You Can Use To Tell A Girl You Love Her


To tell a woman that you love her in a beautiful way, to tell her that you love her in an original and unexpected way, to tell her romantically – this is something that you do not learn at school. Life itself teaches these things: you have to make a lot of effort to cope in order to express your feelings to a girl. Of course, there are many examples in books and movies, but they are not too often appropriate in reality. We tell you how to say “I love you” unusually, if you are shy to confess, and compose a declaration of love in your own words.

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The best tips on how a guy to confess his love to a girl


Choose a place and time

How to confess your love when you meet

How to confess in correspondence

Top phrases for a declaration of love

Confession of love to a girl in verse

Mistakes to avoid

Top tips on how a guy confesses his love to a girl

The first thing to know is that all people declare their love in different ways, just as they love in different ways. It doesn’t matter whether your feelings tear you apart so much that you can’t keep quiet, or you run away from them because love is not a comfortable thing, or it’s just a little warmer for you to live this way.

You Love Her


What and how you feel is normal. And telling your girlfriend about it in a way that suits you is no less normal. So do not try to cool down or, on the contrary, to squeeze out a non-existent passion: your chosen one knows about your temperament and character. And she chose you for who you are – so there is no need to try to be a different person at the moment of recognition.

The best confession is the one that is sincere and the one that you ask for yourself. This is the moment when feelings are laid bare, which means that sincerity is the key parameter. Even if the result is nothing like the scenes from the hundred best melodramas in movie history, even if you yourself never thought your confession would look the way you want it to.

Try to think of a wording that expresses your feelings as best as possible. A declaration of love always turns out to be about both the lover and the beloved at the same time – remember this and try to strike a balance between your own comfort and the pleasant words you want to say to the girl. 

Look on the Internet if you can’t make it up yourself. But try not to repeat an already existing confession exactly, but only borrow ideas or wording. Love is a serious matter, so approach its expression with responsibility and do everything to the highest standard.


In every sense, it’s about thinking things through, from place, time, and words to taking care of your appearance. About how, when, and under what circumstances it is better to confess your feelings to your beloved, I will tell you below. 

In the meantime, read and keep the check-list of obligatory points of preparation: material and mental.

  • Be confident in yourself. If you are modest, your estimated modesty of your chosen one will be visible in any case. So try to sound and speak as confidently as possible: say the cherished words several times before the meeting (you can in front of a mirror), tune in beforehand. Immediately before the confession, try to calm down in a way that is appropriate in the current circumstances.
  • Prepare yourself for the different. You are the one who has been planning this moment for days, and the girl is not expecting it at all. She may be confused, she may respond inappropriately or she may be unprepared for the response, and she may also change her mind and change her reaction in a few days. Keep all these options in mind and react calmly if things don’t go according to plan.
  • If she rejects you, offer a friendship. This will be a sign of concern that may have the effect of changing her mind.
  • Don’t demand a “here and now” answer.
  • Let her be the first to know how you feel. Don’t tell others about them before you tell her.
  • Take care of your appearance. Take a shower, dress neatly, shave, brush your teeth.
  • Remember that fear and mild insecurity are normal.

Choose a place and time

If you have decided to confess your feelings in a way that will bring the girl to tears of delight – you will have to plan a lot. Choose the best place for the date and start acting. Not a bad option would be to recreate a scene from a movie or book or the best night in the history of your relationship. But there are more appropriate moments for tender love confessions than inappropriate ones: you are free to say them on any date, under almost any circumstances.

Photo of Man And Woman Looking To Each Other


You don’t have to go to the most picturesque place available, shower everything with rose petals, or wait for the big date in your relationship. Let it happen when you yourself want to confess. The main thing is that all the girl’s attention at this moment was turned to you, both were in a good mood and not too tired.

How to declare your love when you meet

This is the best way, because if you can see each other, it’s better not to put the confession online or say it over the phone. The first declaration of love is an intimate moment in a relationship, and just as you don’t want to miss the girl’s reaction, she would like to see you, hear you, and be able to touch you at this moment.

But there is a kind of disadvantage in a personal confession: you have to muster up the courage to say things that people are usually afraid to say. The girl won’t expect it, and she won’t have a chance to react after thinking about it. These are the two factors that make most of us nervous. If you, too, get anxious when you realize them, remember that your relationship is so good and stable that you’ve fallen in love with your chosen one and don’t want to keep quiet about it. That means it’s sure to go great.

So that the confession doesn’t turn out to be crumpled, think in advance what exactly you want to say and how you’re going to do it. What’s the script? 

Here are four examples:

  • The incredibly romantic setting and the whispered “I love you” as you embrace
  • Talking about how wonderful your chosen one is and how hard it is for you to talk about it
  • A song or a flower or candle-lined confession
  • A surprise note that the girl discovers at dinner

Any of the options is good, and the best one is the one that suits you best.

Whichever one you choose, prepare yourself: organize everything you need, say the words you came up with several times in advance so that you don’t get confused at the most important moment, practice in front of a mirror.

How to confess in correspondence

If you do not have the opportunity to see her in the near future, but your feelings are boiling – let her know about them online or by text message. You can send her a ton of affectionate and tender words. It is important to write about love sincerely, because in this way there is already less emotion than in the traditional way.

Let’s tell you how it happens: here are 10 phrases to express your feelings in a Facebook message, for example:

  • “I could not love another. For my life you are like spring for nature – I can almost feel the bumblebees buzzing, the flowers blooming, I can almost always hear the birds’ voices. With you, my life is always sunny, though I now enjoy the rain, no matter what’s going on outside. Because with me there is always love for you – boundless and unconstrained.”
  • “You are perfection. I don’t know if I knew it from the beginning, but it’s obvious now in a way that nothing else in the world is obvious. I have fallen in love with you-and it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a charm, a coincidence of circumstances, a gift of fate, or the only possible outcome. I love you-and that’s the best thing that could have happened to me.”

Such messages should be written either when you are exchanging tenderness, or when the conversation is not happening at all. If the girl is talking about the news and suddenly gets something like this – it will be difficult for her to react to such words right away.

If you are in different cities and can’t confess in person, a simple wording will do: 

  • “I wanted to wait to meet you, but I couldn’t, and I want to say it right now: I love you.”

Another good trick is to hint at your girlfriend’s feelings, but to postpone the confession itself until you meet her: 

  • “I love it when you smile” or “I love looking at you so much.”

Top phrases for declarations of love

These words will always be appropriate. The main thing is to put something of your own into them, supplement them with something that is only in your story, and say them sincerely.

  • When I see you, the world is a better place. I love you.
  • I have never loved you more than this second. And I will never love you less than this second I want to tell you I love you!
  • I am infinitely happy because I have a girl like you by my side. I enjoy every moment together, I am in love with your hair, with your eyes, with your laughter, with everything connected with you. To the point of intoxication, to the point of silly laughter, to the point of no memory, to the point of madness. I love you. And I will always love you.
  • You’re the man I’d do anything for. I never thought I’d ever be able to say that, but I know it’s true now. I love you. And that makes me capable of anything you ask of me.
  • The world shines brighter with you, and my life has a major meaning. I will endure anything to be with you. I’ll always be there for you. I love you, sunshine.
  • I never knew if there was a god or fate, but now I believe that they are the reason we met. Because someone must have decided to give me such a gift – because I love you.
  • I cannot speak beautifully, but you will understand me. Life with you is different, brighter, happier, and full of experiences. As if the fog dispersed and the sun came out. You are very important to me. For you I am ready to change. I want to surround you with care and be there for you always. I love you.
  • Once I wanted to go on a date with a girl with such beautiful eyes. Now I can’t imagine my life without you and I think it’s not just about the eyes. I love you. I realize that now, and nothing can change that.
  • I’m hopelessly in love with you. Like a fifth grader, like a teenager who doesn’t yet know that love can end in pain. To be around you is incredible. Thank you for being in my life. I’ll do anything to make you feel good, to make you smile. Because I love you, honey.
  • It’s a strange feeling – now I don’t care what happens to the world. I close my eyes and see you laughing, tucking your hair behind your ear. I wake up and see your smile that you greeted me with on our first date. I fall asleep and remember our first kiss. I love you, and that’s all I need.

Confession of love to a girl in verse

woman in pink brassiere lying on bed

Many girls love poetry. Maybe it’s time to declare your love in a poem? Not everyone can appreciate it, but if your chosen one is a romantic, send or read her a love poem:

And I love you… and, you know,
I’ll be there for you, let me
Just to be with you, you know…
You’re part of my… my soul.
There’s only one place in my heart…
There’s only room for you
My love, you know…
I love… I love you so much.

I’ll tell you a secret,
I’ll tell you a secret, believe it or not.
You’re the only one I live with,
I’m the happiest I’ve ever been
Cause you, my darling
You’ve changed my life
And you’re the only one I love
You’re the only one I love!

I love you, my darling,
♪ You’re the one I want ♪
You’re very dear to my heart,
And you’re tender at heart.
Without you there are days and nights
As if the years were long
May fate prophesy me
To be with you forever

Mistakes to avoid if you love her

In recognition, it is important to plan and implement everything correctly. So lastly, here’s another checklist. 

What not to do:

  • Don’t demand instant reactions.
  • Do not act spontaneously if you are unsure of your talent for improvisation.
  • Do not demand an immediate response.
  • Do not confess if you are not sure how you feel.
  • Don’t pander or try to manipulate.
  • Don’t confess for the sake of something: sex, money, or an experience.
  • Don’t talk about feelings for the first time when you are in a fight.
  • Don’t declare your love too early, when you haven’t had time to get to know each other properly and when she is not yet accustomed to you.

If you take my advice, I’m sure that your girlfriend will definitely like the confession. And if you don’t have a girlfriend, that’s okay! Go to the rating of the best dating sites and look for a lady you can confess your love to.

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