What Should I Change About My Appearance and Character?


Or appearance and character for a man is important? The search for the male ideal is like an attempt to ask the magic mirror what he is – the man of dreams. And it’s both sexes who look in there with a question. So if you think that women have a generally accepted standard about men – it’s time to give up these illusions. Once upon a time that was the case. But the twentieth century has changed everything here, too. Both men and women are confused: ideals no longer exist. But do not despair. We will tell you what kind of character guys modern girls like, what types of guys girls choose and what girls appreciate guys for now.

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Woman’s favorite: what is he like?

What do guys look like that everyone likes

Attractive guy types

The qualities of guys that girls like

What kind of guys girls fall in love with immediately

What kind of guys girls don’t like

Woman’s favorite man appearance: what is he like?

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Let us remember that humans are somewhat wiser mammals. We still have animal roots and instincts in us, which means that our inner mechanisms must remember that partners are chosen according to certain traits. This feature has indeed not disappeared, but the development of society, culture, and civilization as a whole has made it much more difficult. Now it is not enough to choose the strongest, the largest, or the best hunter. And the purpose of the choice is often different from the birth of offspring.

This leads to a situation where different women request different things from men. And each man also determines for himself what he is ready to ask for and what he needs from a girl. This is how the types of men that girls like emerge. We gather a few qualities that often occur together into one picture, in order to simplify and “tidy up” a rather chaotic situation.

The same problem forces us to turn to timeless values and rethink them: which have ceased to be important, which have been transformed, and which have not lost their relevance in their original form.

Girls really like alpha males. And among the qualities that girls like in guys, we can outline three whales, three main directions, which are crushed into smaller and more private manifestations and character traits. It’s about communication and social skills, appearance, and responsibility. These are three maximally general concepts that are subdivided into many subcategories, combined in different combinations. We’ll talk more about all the “whales” below and explain what they are.

What do guys look like that everyone likes



The main answer to this question can be summed up in just one word – groomed. Preferred appearance depends directly on the standard, and since that has collapsed, and there are no uniform laws for appearance. In the sixteenth century, to please girls, one had to powder and wear a wig. In the nineteenth, you had to wear a hussar uniform and put a pouch in your groin to emphasize the impressive size of your genitals with tight tights. Fortunately, none of that is left now. But to think that girls only like business men in suits is about as absurd as powdering your face and hair every morning in the hope of winning more favor with the fairer sex.

Style is devoid of stigma. Fashion is fickle and diverse-not just for women, but for men as well. We live in a wonderful time when men can afford any length of hair, or no hair at all, without becoming an outcast.

Dress however you like. Wear business suits if you like them. Wear sweaters, T-shirts, and jeans if you feel more comfortable in them. Dress like hipsters or like rockers – the style of clothing is finally a matter solely of your taste. Grow shoulder-length hair and a beard or shave both, and society still won’t stigmatize you. Even at the beginning of the previous century, people wouldn’t have believed that was possible.

There is only one requirement left: To look well-groomed and neat. Look after your hygiene, the condition of your skin, hair, teeth, nails, beard, if you have one. Wash your clothes on time and change your old clothes for new ones. If you know how to combine it beautifully and unusually – you are on a horse and have all chances to be liked.

If your task is to catch as much of the “CA” as possible, then dress in casual, diluting it with unusual elements from other styles, wear a man’s haircut of medium length, shave or grow a small neat beard.

Attractive guy types

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Let’s start with an easy one: there are different girls and different men. Because of this, it does not work that all girls are suited to guys of a strictly defined character. Likewise, it doesn’t work the other way around either.

You can register on the dating site Mamba and see for yourself that different girls are looking for different men, and no one is asking for an ideal for themselves.

You shouldn’t try to be both a careerist, a master of comfort and cleanliness, and a cheerful adventurer who is not attached to anything and denies worldly values in the name of freedom. You are very likely to deceive yourself, or to achieve nothing, trying to succeed at the same time in too many different areas. In addition, relationships with girls are more likely to be complicated than simplified by such a combo.

Don’t think about what kind of guy you have to be to get a girl to like you. Refer to one of the types.. Choose what is closest to you and develop in that direction.

  1. Defender. Initiative and decisive, he takes all the responsibility, makes all the choices and rules the relationship. He’s the kind of man a girl feels comfortable relaxing next to and not thinking about anything. Thinks and speaks in verbs, Takes care of all the problems that can be solved with money, a call to the right person, or his own hands. He controls his chosen one, and she is not embarrassed by the fact that she has to ask permission for almost everything. This type is suitable if you are quite cold, rational and not too empathic person. You don’t like hearing about other people’s misery or empathy, you don’t understand why people whine about a bunch of things that are either solved by simple conversation or not worthy of attention. And this lack of empathy is forgiven for being able to take care of vital areas.
  2. Dear Friend. Also proactive, but in many ways the opposite of defensive. It is, on the contrary, a very sensitive and empathic person who tends not to allow any discomfort and will always understand. Usually such people are not enough to financially provide for the family and solve serious problems, but their trump card is the ability to provide the kind of soulfulness and sensitivity that strong girls often need.
  3. Romantic. Just what you need if you don’t want a long relationship and love yourself as much as women. They’re pretty quick to recognize them: Beautiful courtship, minimal commitment.. A romantic is capable of providing a fairy tale. Even if only for a couple of months. Almost any girl sometimes needs a fairy tale, not a lifelong companion, so such men don’t get bored.

Understand what your basic trait is, what you vitally need to manifest, what you can’t do without. What is it about relationships: the desire for adventure, the priority of family and a strong bond for years to come, the ability to combine love and career, or the desire to be with an exceptional and strong woman? The direction in which you want to go, and the kind of woman you are most likely to be, depends on this.

The qualities of guys that girls like

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We’ve already called generally what qualities guys like in a girl: social skills, neat appearance, and responsibility.

Here is a more detailed list of what women like in men.

  • Independence. Being able to solve your own problems rather than laying them on a girl is something that is unequivocally appreciated by all.
  • Responsibility. It’s about having a shoulder to lean on in time and not backing down in conflicts by making someone else look like the culprit. Taking responsibility means accepting the need to deal with the consequences when something happens and voluntarily agreeing to be invested in the process.
  • Charisma. The primal flame that attracts girls. Charisma tends to confident people, it shows this confidence and determination. Charismatic men attract attention because they feel strong.
  • Politeness. As well as attentiveness, directness, and other communication skills necessary to maintain contact comfortably.
  • Sense of humor. Without it, things get boring pretty quickly. A man who can laugh and laugh is much more forgiving.
  • Passion. To the business of life, to a hobby, to a woman. The ability to energize and burn with something makes you much more attractive in the eyes of others and helps you develop.
  • The ability to surprise and make pleasant surprises. Like a sense of humor, it helps not to get bored and to dispose of girls.
  • Intelligence. By the third date, it will become important: you need to have a broad outlook, understand your field, and be able to support a wide variety of conversations.
  • A desire for self-development. In the age of the Internet, it’s even somewhat embarrassing not to have one: all the information that exists on the planet is in our pockets, and the structure of society and life constantly requires us to develop new skills.
  • Gallantry. At least a minimal knowledge of the rules of etiquette, pleasant little things: give way, help put on your coat, give you a hand, give you a ride or see you off, don’t come empty-handed.
  • Generosity. Willingness to pay for a girl, to pamper her with gifts, not to ask her to split in half the amount she spends on cakes for tea.

Which guys girls fall in love with right away?


There is no answer to this question, as there are many others. You can tell what character traits girls like and what attracts them in men. But no girl is going to paint a portrait of a guy that any girl will like from the first second. You can register on a dating site, write about yourself and find a girl who likes you and likes you.

All you can do is take advantage of the advice given above and still agree to wait a little while. Any man needs time to get to know you. To get a feel for what it’s like to be around you. You can pump up all the qualities of a real alpha male, and she will leave you because she is afraid of not conforming to such a standard. Or for some other reason, there is no one hundred percent guarantee of success. And even more so when it comes to “at once.” Think about it: have you ever fallen in love with a girl right away so that those feelings lead to a serious relationship? I don’t think so. You feel sympathy, sometimes acute, for the person you meet. But as you get to know him better, you get to know him better, and you correct your opinion one way or another.

People are not mechanical devices. There are no universal grooves, bolts, and nuts that you can cut from a template and know no grief. And the process of dating is not a quick activity with a nonlinear plot. Do not try to fall in love immediately, do not ask yourself the question “what do girls like most in a guy? There is simply no right answer. All you can do is become the best version of yourself and find someone who appreciates the result.

What kind of guys don’t like girls


With the way a guy should be to get a girl to like him, we’ve got it all figured out. But how do you walk through this minefield without making mistakes? There are definitely traits that repel girls. We can not list them all, because the same qualities attract some girls and annoy others. But there is a list of things and things guys do that girls definitely do not like. That’s what we’re sharing:

  • Rude. Not charismatic, not brash, but rude.
  • Inattentive. Not showing interest in a girl and not noticing her feelings and reactions.
  • Narcissists. Why do such people need her when they already have someone to pay the most attention to?
  • Sloppy. They are unpleasant to come home to, unpleasant to go out in public with.
  • Unsupportive. Those that, along with the relationship, promise a dozen new problems that the girl will have to solve.
  • Irresponsible. Those who don’t keep their word and are unable to admit their own mistakes. A girl is unlikely to want to be responsible for the consequences of your decisions.
  • Stupid. It’s frustrating to find that there’s nothing to talk to a person about. Especially when stupidity becomes the cause of mistakes.
  • Vain. She probably doesn’t imagine life as a race in which to take the upper hand. And she is not prepared for the fact that she will have to cater to such interests of her young man.
  • Sneaky. Here you don’t even have to explain – these are definitely not the kind of men that girls love and adore.
  • The ones who don’t see boundaries. If she doesn’t want something and you insist, push, or just ignore that fact, it gets dangerous again.
  • Uncooperative. When two mature personalities decide to become close, obstacles inevitably await them and the need to sacrifice something for the sake of the relationship or, conversely, to try and accept something new. Nothing will work with a stubborn person who is incapable of this.

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