How to Make a Girl Think About You Constantly: 10 Tips for Men


How to Make a Girl Think About You? At the moment when the spark of sympathy is just ignited between people, one wants to predatorily occupy the thoughts of the one with whom we fall in love. You want a girl to think about you all the time, at least in the background, and to imagine you more often and think about the sympathy and the relationship. I’ll tell you if it’s possible to make a woman think about a man and how to make a girl reach for you.

But first, a little disclaimer. Trying to get a girl’s full attention is a little violence. One that she even agrees to in principle, but violence. It’s not like you’re asking for someone to settle firmly in your thoughts, either. And to “attack” a person in this way for a long time is dangerous both for him and for the relationship, so treat the article below with caution and the girl with care. To get a girl’s constant mental attention, you’ll need to provide her with stress. Don’t go overboard and only do that at the very beginning of the relationship, when they haven’t really established themselves yet. When they are established, neither you nor she will need to think about each other all day long. The methods described below, applied on a permanent basis, will lead to the girl leaving because of stress, not to perpetual attention.

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How to get a girl to think about you all the time

What women need all the time

How to make a girl think of you

How to make a girl miss you from a distance

How to make a girl think about you all the time?

Let’s take the easy way out: Who do you think about all the time? What has the person done that has settled firmly in your thoughts? What exactly are you thinking: are you looking for motivation for his actions, imagining different scenes of communication, making plans?


The answer is as simple as the question: you were stirred up. Something you didn’t expect, something you hadn’t prepared for. Something poignant and surprising that sticks in your memory and keeps you awake. After that, all you have to do is go over and over in your head, trying to figure out how, why, and why the person did what he did to you. And to think about how to be with him next, and how to neatly figure out what’s going on.

Now a little disclaimer: When you’ve been roused, the event will occupy your thoughts for a few days at most, until the impressions overlap with fresh ones. The event itself is like an electric shock: very invigorating and energizing if you do it once or twice, and exhausting if you do it all the time. That’s why ways to get a woman to think only about you are applied on a point-by-point basis and intermittently. Or only at the beginning of a relationship.

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Thinking about one person all the time is not comfortable, not natural, sometimes not even very pleasant. It’s a high point of stress that you’re going to cause, and care will have to be taken to make that stress go away as well. That’s why Trying to get a woman to run for you is a game of va-banking and a big risk. You have to be very sensitive to what’s going on with a woman and when to stop pushing and let the tension subside.

For beginners, this strategy often leads to a negative result: at some point the woman gets tired of running and leaves. Getting her back after that and starting over is quite difficult, because you’ve riddled her nerves before she decides to cut the relationship short.

It might seem like a sine wave dynamic is appropriate here: add stress, take it away, add it again, take it away again. But this kind of wave dynamic is appropriate for relationships for very few people. It creates a suspended state that becomes permanent for a woman because of the shifts in your moods and behavior. Most girls want more peace of mind in a relationship. That’s why it’s not worth getting her maximum attention all the time.


So, to get a girl to think about you all the time, You need to cheer her up, cause a flash of her emotions, get her interested. This can be both positive and negative emotions – the latter will attract attention no worse. The only question is in the criteria of acceptability of the girl: if you violate them, you will lose her. I will tell you exactly how to cause an emotional outburst, I will tell you further. But first – one more point about girls and caring, which plays one of the key roles in this operation.

What women need all the time

This question could be answered for hours and tens of pages. Let us focus on a few points that are important in the context of the topic raised:

  • Attention
  • Affirmation of feelings
  • Serenity
  • New Impressions

Attention is your interest in a woman. It’s a demonstration that not only does she think about you and mean you, but you do the same to her. Demonstrating it is not difficult. It can be anything:

  • A bouquet of flowers, buying her favorite candy, fulfilling a wish she once spoke of, complying with her requests, considering her interests.
  • Even just remembering that you were going to go shopping with her this weekend and adjusting your plans with that in mind is attention, too.
  • Remembering that she loves animals and taking her to the contact zoo is attention.
  • Remembering that she is allergic to citrus fruits and carrying honey and pills rather than oranges when she is sick is attention.

It’s not that important what exactly you do. The important thing is that it will be a gesture addressed specifically to her, with her needs and peculiarities in mind.

How to make a girl think about you


Affirmation of feelings is proof of her importance.

American psychologist Gary Chapman wrote that love has five languages: words, deeds (or help), gifts, time, and tactile contact.

He was right in his assumption and has helped many couples’ relationships by figuring out how and through what each particular man and woman perceive love. Learn this about your lady of choice.

What she values more: Compliments and endearments, help with things she can’t handle herself, bouquets and jewelry, taking evening walks together, or hugs and other touches?

Find out what you value more. Sharing this information is sure to take the relationship to the next level, your feelings will constantly be validated through a form that you are comfortable with.

Calm is confidence in your partner and the relationship. It is her knowing that you are faithful and not going anywhere, that there are no secrets between you, that you trust her and that she can trust you. This knowledge is based on your behavior and position in the relationship.

New experiences are experiences you have together. It can range from an innocent trip to an amusement park or lunch with someone’s parents to traveling, moving, and other drastic changes. Without such experiences, relationships run the risk of crashing on the merciless rocks of everyday life and boredom.

How to make a girl think of you

woman sitting outdoor during daytime

Now that you’ve been warned, it’s time to discuss the main thing: practical methods of getting her maximum attention. Let’s start with the positive ones and tell you how to make a girl appreciate and respect.

  • Be her hero. Provide the thrill of being around you so she feels safe and secure. Ride a roller coaster together, bungee jump, take her for a ride on a motorcycle or go-karting if you don’t have a license. Your job is to provide an adrenaline rush and care that will stick in her memory. With this combo, the overall situation will remain an exhilarating but positive experience. She will want to repeat it again, and it will be great and safe.
  • Act unexpectedly. Make surprises, come up with non-trivial joint entertainment, pleasantly surprise, whatever it involves. You can present experiences as gifts – a certificate for a tour of the rooftops, volunteering at an animal shelter, tickets to concerts by your favorite performers. Unexpected trips, romantic surprises and other cute little things. You don’t need a holiday reason for them.


Talk about the negative emotions that will be on your mind:

  • Put some fog and mystery on it. Don’t give the girl too much information about yourself and what’s going on. Talk, but don’t talk too much. Deliberately avoid answering some questions by making a joke or saying you don’t want to talk about it. Because of the lack of information, it will be something to think about, and there will be interest in you: you want to unravel and become a person trustworthy enough to get answers. Don’t overdo it, and don’t remain so mysterious that she’ll take it for indifference and won’t want to continue communicating.
  • To provoke jealousy. If you’ve just started chatting and she’s already interested, but hasn’t yet decided on the things you want, show that there are other applicants. You don’t have to cheat, just flirt a little on the side or show that there are other girls around who are interested and chatting with you. Her hunter instinct might kick in and she’ll want to hold on to you.
  • Manage her emotions. Manipulation is inevitable in any case: when you want to be liked, you strive to be better than you really are and to impress. Show more or less interest now and then. Pull away if she approaches confidently, and then shorten the distance yourself. Be reliable and caring, then impulsive and unpredictable, causing her different emotions and controlling the composition of this complex cocktail. Be silent for a few days to get her to write first. Constantly provoke her to different but strong emotions: this will help make the girl afraid of losing you.

How to make a girl miss you from a distance

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is not easy – without face-to-face meetings, a decent amount of passion is often lost. It becomes harder to provide new experiences, and old ones wear out and fade over time.


If you’ve used our dating rankings and found a girl but haven’t met her yet, you need to find out if she really thinks about you and will miss you. Here’s how to make a long-distance girl miss you:

  1. Don’t talk on the phone too long or too often. Calling several times a day will bore you, unless you’ve been in a relationship for several years. Be able to express feelings and tell news, but don’t drag out conversations for long hours and don’t call more than once or twice a day. Make sure that the girl misses talking on the phone a little bit. So that there is no acute discomfort, but that she wants a little more.
  2. Play up the correspondence. It’s nice and spicy fun – flirt, exchange photos, write what you’d like to do with each other. This will help keep the passion alive and add a new spark of interest to the communication. It’ll also give you something to fantasize about when you’re not communicating.
  3. Be unpredictable. She’s not around and doesn’t know your plans – take advantage of that. Buy tickets to your city for her, send flowers to her home address, come as a surprise. Create pleasant surprises – they make a vivid impression, cause joy and make you better in her eyes. Ideally, there should be an equal amount of spontaneity and caring in such acts. They are meant to show attention and undying interest despite the distance.
  4. Be more sentimental and romantic. Show her the picturesque places in the city you’re in. Write that you’d like to walk its streets together at least today, and ideally every evening. Compliment her, ask for her picture, tell her this city would be much better with her.
  5. Let her know that distance doesn’t make her less important. Stay in touch, talk about what’s going on, ask about her news. Buy her something as a gift and show it to her. Don’t let a trip or separation get in the way of your communication. Look out for a few places you’d like to be together, take pictures and show her. It will be especially nice and thoughtful of you to agree to come here together, choose a time and plan that trip.


Playing with feeling is dangerous, and Trying to control a woman’s attention is a great risk. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad tool to drum up interest at the beginning of a relationship, and it can go a long way if you do it right. You may not succeed the first time, so practice on girls who don’t mean too much to you. You can register on the dating site MeetKing in order to understand the actions and reactions of girls, develop a tried and true strategy of behavior. And only then apply it to the girl you’ve chosen to reduce the risks.

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