100 Short Statuses About Love For A Guy With Meaning


Girls often want to post statuses in contact for love for a guy. It can be a funny status about life and love, a status about love to tears for a guy or even a status about broken love. It’s a way to express your feelings to him and dare to bring them out in public. Sharing a selection of different quotes and original statuses for all occasions.

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The best boyfriend love statuses

Beautiful and romantic love statuses with meaning

Statuses in contact about love

Stats about summer and love

Stats about spring and love

Funny and funny statuses about love and guys

Quotes about love with meaning

Broken Love Quotes

Sad Statuses About Love

The best love for a guy statuses

In this paragraph – the most popular, versatile and cool statuses for a girl in love.

  • Height, eye color, and looks don’t decide anything in the end. A smile, a laugh, and a slight shiver when you hold your man’s hand is decisive.
  • Love is not shouting your feelings to the whole world, but thinking all the time about the one and only person.
  • They say love makes everything around you beautiful. But when you love, you see nothing more beautiful than your love.
  • The greatest happiness can only be found in the eyes of the person you love.
  • There is no music sweeter than the sound of a beloved’s voice.
  • Some are worthy of my smile. Some are worthy of my friendship. But you are the only one worthy of my love.
  • Love is not about the perfect person. It’s about someone whose imperfections in an incredible way only make him better.

Beautiful and romantic love statuses with meaning

Quotes about love for a guy in a status are an additional marker of your feelings for him. Try to show him your love by writing some of these phrases in your status.

  • And I wish I could find a higher roof, quieter nights, sweeter words, and you by my side more often…
  • Love is not to be enthralled by the smell of flowers given to you. It’s hearing about 95 gasoline and not wanting to interrupt.
  • Love is cooler than a plastic surgeon – it rejuvenates, refreshes and changes without a scalpel – with one touch of the heart.
  • I love his scent, I love to hear him breathe, I love to watch his gaze, I love just having him around…
  • Love is the strongest of addictions: it affects the heart, the brain, the body, and the soul.
  • Love cannot be sought and found. It will come at the most inopportune moment, it will not ask for consent, and it will turn your life upside down.
  • To reason about love is to lose one’s mind.

Stats in contact about love

Love For A Guy


Compliments to a man can be said in person, or you can write a status about your love for him. Statuses for FB about love for a man are short phrases that will fit under your profile name. Surely you can say your feelings beautifully yourself, but if not, here are some phrases that can fit as a love status for a guy in Facebook.

  • It’s easy to die for love. It’s hard to find love worth dying for.
  • Love is a disease that only two people can transmit. And no one else has a chance to catch it.
  • Love does not recognize pride. Pride destroys love.
  • Love is the best feeling a person can have.
  • Love is the key to the lock that guards happiness.
  • Don’t chase love, you won’t make it. Don’t run from love, you can’t escape.
  • If your happiness depends on another person’s happiness, that’s love.

Summer and Love Stats


Summer is a wonderful time for love. And if your relationship began during this period, or if it was the summer when the height of feelings happened, post some of this.

  • The best summer of your life, when all the nights and all the rooftops of this city are yours alone.
  • Summer love is the hottest, easiest, and most selfless.
  • Every spark of summer fires is the love of two people. And ours is the brightest.
  • Getting soaked together in the summer rain, to the point of shivering, to the point of tinkling laughter, is the best way to fall in love.
  • Summer love has no boundaries.
  • Hiking in the mountains, walking in the woods, having fun on the beach – summer was created for people to fall in love with each other at first sight, with the first laugh, with the first smile.
  • Summer love may be short-lived. But it will definitely be the brightest!
  • Summer lovers are the masters of the world. Nights and days, rain and heat, city and nature – everything at this time exists only for them.

“Springtime and Love

man and woman kissing beside bay


A lot of couples form in the spring — and stay together more than those who got together in the summer. If your relationship has just begun, or if you’ve both felt the passion with the arrival of spring, express it. Get a man interested in you. Here are some beautiful statuses about love for girls:

  • In spring, all of nature awakens. Snow melts, leaves appear, the sun gets warmer, flowers bloom. And with them our hearts thaw, blossom, and awaken to love.
  • How not to fall in love when there is such bright sunshine, such ringing drops, and such beautiful eyes of yours?
  • The smell of spring is intoxicating. When you throw off your warm clothes and rejoice in the first sunshine and the first greenery, love itself is in the air – and to not follow it is to be a fool.
  • It’s not just cats that are drawn to love in the spring. It’s just that only cats make it known so loudly!
  • Isn’t it a wonderful way to wake up from winter – to see the first spring sunshine and fall in love with someone at once…
  • Spring love is a great cure for vitamin deficiency: your eyes light up, your cheeks turn rosy, and you get more energy!
  • Falling in love in spring is not a whim or a coincidence. It is a necessity, something that makes you feel alive after a long, cold winter.
  • Every heart wants Spring… A cozy and tender sunset… A silence alone but shared with someone else… Loving eyes now, not ever… Every heart wants Warmth… No matter what age or season… No matter how cold Life is… Where there is Love, there is Warm weather

Funny and funny statuses about love and guys

Sometimes it pays to tease your young man in public. Do it in a kind way by making a joke about your relationship. Set a funny status about love for a man.

  • We’re like Leon and Matilda: I’m small and a little mean, and he’s big and strong. And he’s always around because he loves me.
  • You’re very lucky to have me, and I’m lucky to have you, too. But you’re luckier with me.
  • It’s so easy to fall asleep and wake up happy. Turns out you just have to be there for me, and happiness doesn’t go away either.
  • Fighting? – Yes! Pissing each other off? – Yes! But we can’t do without each other.
  • I’ll give myself with love in good hands. That there would be no pain and no boredom. That the soul would be filled with happiness forever. And all this would last always, infinitely!
  • Real love is when he’s mad at you, but he says, “I love you and I won’t give you up!”


Quotes about love with meaning

Sometimes you don’t have to write long letters to tell how you feel. Don’t believe it? We’ll prove it: here are some short love statuses with meaning.

  • To love is not to swear eternal fidelity, but to quietly make a person happier every day.
  • When you love, you don’t give your whole world to the person, and you don’t demand it of them. No sacrifice: you just create a new world together, hand in hand.
  • Love is not about beautiful breasts and an athletic torso. It’s about the fact that even her pasta is the best and he makes the best tea.
  • We don’t know what’s more valuable in love: the person himself or the person we become around him.
  • The best cure for any ailment is a handful of caresses from a loved one, a pinch of warm words, and a heaping helping of care.
  • Love isn’t about rolling mountains and crossing oceans. It’s simply never hurting another.
  • When you love one person, you pass by hundreds of others so that you don’t even notice them.

“Love Breakdown

If you feel bad about a fight or breakup, it’s better to update your status rather than writing miles of messages to your young man. Keep your dignity, but don’t be ashamed of your feelings.

  • Lies and deceit are the fissure through which, like water, love flows away.
  • Asking for forgiveness has an expiration date. It is as necessary as air at one moment, but as useful as a dead man at another.
  • It’s important to realize in time that you care about someone, no matter what. Otherwise someone else will realize it before you do.
  • The ones who love the most are those who take things too personally.
  • When they love, they forgive, but when they forgive too long, they stop loving.
  • Killing love is easy. It’s hard to kill the memory of it.
  • Sometimes loss is the only way to understand how much you love someone. How much you need them. How much you appreciate them. How you don’t want to be without them. But that’s when it’s too late to understand.

Sad love stories.

Love isn’t always the fairy tale we’d like it to be. As a bonus, here are a few sad love statuses.

  • No one cries when they stop loving someone. But everyone cries when they stop loving them.
  • You fall in love and think there will be more happiness in your life now. But a little later you notice that all that has been added is another addiction.
  • Lovers are forgiven everything. But they don’t always stay loved after that.
  • No bouquets, no gifts, and no words can take away the pain that only the closest person can cause. That is why love is not about gifts and vows. Love is about respect and care.
  • When you get a rose, you don’t throw it away because of the thorns on the stem. You don’t throw a man away because of his faults.
  • As long as the heart loves, the mind will always find reasons to justify it. But as soon as the heart ceases to love, all reason ceases to matter.
  • True love is not that which will survive a long separation, but that which will endure a long intimacy.

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