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You often want to do something nice for your sweetheart, but what will she appreciate? Make Your Girlfriend Feel Good. Is there something that pleases all girls? What nice things can a man do for his wife or girlfriend? We tell you how to make nice to your beloved girl.

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The best ways to make a girl feel good

How to find out about her preferences

What to do to make a girl feel good

The best ways to make your girlfriend feel good

Have you decided on a feat, but don’t know how to properly make your partner very pleasant and what will win her over? Don’t worry. Billions of men before you have done it, you can do it too.

Make Your Girlfriend Feel Good


  1. Don’t be shy.: the girl is a person like you, which means that most of the things you like (outside of hobbies and interests) will probably like her too. Besides, the attention is already nice. You don’t have to be the most romantic guy in the universe to be able to show it. In addition, there is little chance to miss: even if you present something that is not on your girlfriend’s list of favorite things, she will not be upset. For example, you give her a bouquet and she doesn’t like cut flowers. She will still be pleased because she will appreciate the gesture itself.
  2. The second way to figure out what’s nice to do for a girl – Remember her interests, hobbies, and needs. Does she get very tired at work? Give her a certificate to the spa, order dinner at home or take her to a restaurant, provide a vacation. You can even plan a trip for the next weekend. Love the thrill of the experience? Take her to a horror quest, a rope park, or an amusement park. Contact animal exhibits, tours of rooftops or abandoned buildings, and slightly extreme activities like speed karting are also suitable.
  3. The third way. – Solve some problem that is interfering with her life. This problem could be anything from a twisted doorknob to a conflict with someone. You have the power to fix both. Do it and save the girl from an annoying reality – she will definitely appreciate such a gesture. In the end, you can propose to her, but that’s for the bravest.
    Take heed: she’s probably talking about things that aren’t working out for her. Choose something from this list (it’s likely to be quite large) and destroy the cause for concern. You will feel like a knight, and she will see you as one.
  4. Another good option. – Make something nice for a woman with her own hands to remember. It can be anything from a drawing to a piece of wood, or even a simple bracelet. She’ll know that you were thinking of her when you made it, and that no one else has something like that – and that’s very valuable.

How to find out about her preferences

If a guy makes a woman feel good, he tends to show that he cares about her. If he’s figuring out how to do it, he’s showing the same thing.

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  1. The easiest way to find out what you can do to make your loved one as pleasant as possible is to ask. The main thing is to ask the right questions. You can go straight to the point: “What nice things can I do for you?” You can also ask in more roundabout ways: “If you could make one wish come true right now, what kind of wish would it be?” Pleasing a girl can easily be done without being vulgar. “I want to make you happier. Can you help me figure out what would make you happiest right now?”
  2. Actually, you don’t have to ask at all. You can listen carefully to the girl. – she will somehow or other talk about the things she likes, is interested in, what she wants. But it’s important not to be too late to make her wish come true – maybe she’s already figured out how to arrange everything herself.
  3. Another way is to ask her friends and girlfriends. Preferably those with whom she has been in contact for a long time and who know her well. This is a great option if your plan is to surprise her and do something she’s not expecting. A best friend is ideal. Don’t be afraid to put yourself in a stupid position asking her a question like that will probably make her smile and be glad she got such an attentive young man. Just in case, ask to keep the conversation a secret when you know everything you want to know. This way the girl will be less tempted to tell your girlfriend everything.
  4. You can talk to others close to you, too. – Your parents or siblings. You can look at social networking profiles and find inspiration there. Most importantly, don’t approach her exes with such a question. It’s very likely to end badly. And don’t look into her diary if she keeps one. At a minimum, it’s unethical, and at a maximum, you might find out something you shouldn’t know. And you’ll have to live with that information later.

What to do to make a girl feel good

To begin with, let’s suggest a few universal ways to give pleasure that will suit any girl. The easiest way is to make your girlfriend feel good. How – find out from this list.

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  1. Give her a day-without-bothering. If she’s tired at work, spend the day with her, caring and protecting her so that she doesn’t have to think about anything-just enjoy herself. It’s unlikely to be very difficult, but modern girls who have to work on a par with men will definitely appreciate that. If you really want to win her over and you’ve been dating for a while – help with the cleaning and cooking. It will be more fun together.
  2. Set up the perfect date. Preferably – with no warning of anything. Provide a delicious dinner, candles, nice music. Help her relax.
  3. Give her a massage. It’s a treat that everyone enjoys. You don’t have to be a professional masseur to do it, just warm up your back with your hands and knead the main muscles a little. Before the massage, light an aroma stick with a pleasant unobtrusive scent, turn on the instrumental background music. Use oil to make it even more pleasant. Such practice is not a bad turn-on, so it may not even be limited to a massage 😉
  4. Have a surprise holiday. Gather her friends, mutual friends, perhaps someone of her own whom she likes. Get together at someone’s house or rent a space. Think of a program, take care of music, food, and drinks. This may be related to an event and may just be an excuse to please her. Read about what else is nice to do to a girl in the article how to surprise a girl. She will appreciate both the effort put into the organization and the result, if you do everything correctly and well thought out.
  5. Read her favorite book. Even if you’re not too fond of the genre. First of all, it will be great to discuss it later, and secondly, it will let the girl know how interested you are in her. You want to share her interests and understand her sympathies, and that’s a good sign and a promising gesture.
  6. Walk her home from work. Not every day, but at least once or twice a week. This way you show your care and concern. Of course, she is able to get home on her own, but surely she will be glad to see you after a hard day’s work. And the joint way in any case will be more pleasant than an independent one.
  7. Teach her something. Show her what you’re good at, she’s probably interested in some of the things you know how to do. It will be a rewarding and sweet experience, full of caring for her. Activities can range from making your signature pasta or hammering nails to shooting or riding an ATV. Maybe she’s interested in some kind of professional skill: You’re a designer and she wants to learn Photoshop. It will take time to learn, your attention and patience – she will appreciate it. Nice gifts and niceties made for the girl with her own hands will also do well.
  8. Arrange a photo shoot together. Most girls love to be photographed, but guys, on the contrary, often avoid it. So if you can find a good photographer and a nice studio, she’ll obviously respond enthusiastically. Surely everything will be heartwarming and fun, and as a bonus you will have beautiful photos to hang on the wall to admire from time to time.
  9. Breakfast in bed. Pretty classic, but a gesture that hasn’t lost its relevance. It’s nice to wake up and almost immediately get pancakes with orange juice and coffee right in bed. Besides, people are not prone to feats in the morning, and the need to prepare breakfasts traditionally falls on the girl. It will be nice to take a break from that and appreciate your efforts.
  10. Adventure. Unforgettable emotions, adrenaline and impressions for years to come is always great. And that’s something you shouldn’t skimp on. Besides, if a girl has an adrenaline rush next to you, and she feels your reliability – it’s a great way to strengthen your relationship. Girls are happy to know that there is a protector next to them, with which everything becomes safe and comfortable. Anything from an amusement park to a hike in the mountains can work as an adventure.

These are the most versatile options, but not all are available. Here are more examples:

  • Give her a hug by coming up behind her.
  • Run it through her hair.
  • Whisper something gentle in her ear in public.
  • Buy tickets to a show she’ll love.
  • Give her a box of chocolates with a nice little gift inside.
  • Bake a dessert.
  • Write a love letter.
  • Hang love notes everywhere.
  • Sing her some romantic song.
  • Be there for her in her unpleasant moments.
  • Trust her with one of your secrets.
  • Kiss her hand.
  • Have a romantic dinner.
  • Ask her how you can make her happier.
  • Make a playlist of your love songs.
  • Give compliments.
  • Leave cute messages of love on the foods in the refrigerator: bananas and eggs are great.
  • Bring her her favorite foods.
  • Have a gastronomic evening and take her out to taste wines, cheeses, or other foods.
  • Make a gift basket of little things she likes.
  • Fight off attacks of boredom arising from routine and everyday life.
  • Be mindful of important dates.

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  • Do silly things together from time to time. Goof around.
  • Be gallant.
  • Motivate her.
  • Surprise her.
  • Create a photo album of memories of adventures and glory days together.
  • Show care.
  • Be a knight and protector toward her.
  • Suddenly kiss her if you can’t take your eyes off her face and admire the way she looks.
  • Don’t bother her when she’s busy.
  • Listen to her.
  • Write sweet and romantic texts.
  • Help her around the house.
  • Have an unforgettable night.
  • Have fun with her.
  • Surprise her during office hours.
  • Invite me to a slow dance like you’re in your senior year.
  • Touch her arm or shoulder when you talk to her.
  • Have a shopping spree together.
  • Organize a vacation.

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  • Take an interest in her well-being.
  • Introduce her to her parents.
  • Let me fall asleep in your arms.
  • Give flowers: bouquets and in pots.
  • Give up a bad habit that annoys her.
  • Dedicate a poem to her.
  • Send her to the spa.
  • Stay with her instead of going out with friends.
  • Make a video about your relationship.

And a couple more tips on what’s nice to do to a long-distance girl. At this point, her main need is your company. Dating site girls They like surprises, too. So the best gift and sign of attention would be a surprise visit or tickets bought for her to your city. But if that’s not possible, use one of these options:

  • Order flowers to her home. Ask her to add a sweet message to the bouquet that you will compose yourself and that only the two of you will understand.
  • Hide the gift. for her so that she will have to search for it according to your instructions.
  • Take a picture of the city where you are, and share the places you’d like to visit again, but with her.
  • Make arrangements for your next trip where you will be together. You can even go to the places on the previous item on this list.

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