How To Wish A Girl A Happy Birthday?


The birthday of your beloved is a great occasion to do something especially pleasant for her. It is worth to come up with a beautiful and bright greeting for the girl, to come up with unusual wishes, to surprise and make her happy. I will suggest some ideas for congratulating a girl in correspondence and tell you about how to congratulate a woman on her birthday.

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How to wish a girl a happy birthday

How to get a man ready

How to congratulate in prose

How to congratulate in verse

How to wish a girl a happy birthday

The most important thing you can give a girl on this day is attention. No matter how you show it, it is the Attention is the basis and essence of your gift.. Besides, who says there has to be only one gift?

Happy Birthday


Start her day with breakfast in bed – this is a very nice and sweet gesture of caring for a girl. Let her relax and deal with as few things as possible: let her not have to deal with meals, plans, organizing a celebration. If that’s what she wants, and she’s not a stranger to it. Offer your help.. It’s easier and more fun to do it together, and it’s also easier to prepare some nice surprises.

A birthday is one of the best days to say something nice and important to a girl. If you don’t tend to talk a lot about your feelings, have a verbal celebration on the day: Tell her how important she is and how much you love her.

A greeting should be sincere and one that suits her. That’s more appreciated than the beauty of the words. A balloonlined “Happy Birthday!” will be more romantic and valuable than a verse copied from the Internet for such an occasion.

To congratulate the girl on her birthday you can also Facebook, the main thing is to do it with all the warmth of your heart that you are capable of. The effort, effort, interest and attention are more important than the glamour of the result. Although it should be taken care of – it’s still a greeting and a gift.

A great idea would be to have a quest to find a gift – in the house or even in the city. You give her a note or send her to some place for a gift, and there she finds a note. The note tells her where to go next. There should be several notes – so you get an adventure. You can accompany them with compliments or small gifts like sweets.

How does a man prepare

Prepare for an important date in advance and think through as much as you can. Look up what compliments girls like best. Chances are, some of the plans will change or fall through anyway, and you’ll still have room for improvisation anyway. But if you want to throw a party for the occasion, find the perfect gift, and wow her with a greeting, do it not a couple of days before X hour.


Making a checklist for preparation:

  • Consider a gift. Order it in advance if you need it. Find out where to buy it, and better buy it a couple of weeks before the event. It’s easier to hide it from a girl than to find out at the last minute that you can’t get it for some reason.
  • Think of a congratulatory message. What do you want to say? In what form? How do you make a girl’s greeting more original than “happy birthday”? You might want to write it on the asphalt. Or put out of candles or balloons. Or make a video. Take care of that.
  • Think through the day itself and the celebration. Will it take place right on the date, or should it be moved to the weekend? How much time can you spend with your girlfriend on the day, whether you celebrate with a friendly party or just the two of you. A great idea would be to plan a trip – escape to the countryside or a nearby city for two. Take a small trip and provide a vivid experience that will be remembered.
  • Take care of the material things. Food, a clean apartment, rental space if needed. Balloons, flowers, preparations for the quest-organize everything so that on the right day all that’s left is to get.
  • Consider backups. just in case something goes wrong – it’s a shame to disappoint a girl on her birthday.

How to congratulate in prose

Not everyone can say beautiful and affectionate words without preparation and immediately give a girl a positive and pleasant birthday greeting – and there’s no harm in that.

balloon on sky

Use one of our formulations 🙂

  • Happy birthday! Be happy always. Stay as beautiful, tender, sunny and joyful as ever. Let life give you no reason to cry, and fate presents only beautiful surprises. I wish this year to consist only of pleasures!
  • Congratulations on your new turn in life! May it surprise you with pleasant news and preserve the most pleasant moments from the past. I wish you that this year will pass as in a fairy tale – and necessarily with a happy ending!
  • Happy Birthday! May your life be full of bright emotions, explosive laughter, momentous meetings and happy moments. Let your relatives and loved ones, who will support you at any moment, always be there – because with them anything becomes better. Happy holiday, my love.
  • Happy birthday! And I wish that your light, tenderness, warmth and affection will continue to accompany you. You are a ray of sunshine. Rejoice in life, because it only gets more beautiful! And this year will prove it to you. I believe that you will achieve all your goals and the new milestone of your life will leave only pleasant impressions.
  • Happy birthday, sweetheart! Let your every day be filled with joy, pleasure and bright emotions. Let the compliments never stop pouring in, and the good mood will never be replaced by a bad one. May friends be faithful, love be passionate, and happiness be real. Happy Holidays, dear!

photo of body of water


  • A few years ago this day was a momentous one – because you were born into the world. Since then there is one more beautiful flower – one of the most beautiful in the world! Blossom, rejoice yourself and bring smiles to those around you. You’re a wonderful girl, and I’m insanely happy to have met you. Happy birthday, and may this year be the best!
  • Happy birthday to you! Let the world turn to you the best side, let all plans succeed and dreams come true, I wish you interesting and loyal friends, let life be full of events and adventures, but only good and good ones. Love, joy, happiness! Happy Holidays once again.
  • Happy Birthday! May this year bring as much joy, positivity and happy moments into your life as you have brought into my life. I wish you to achieve all your goals and always be in a good mood. Be happy, my dear.
  • One of the best days of the year has arrived, for it is your birthday! May the other days be just as happy and bring the same amount of joy. I am sure that this year will not let you down, and all your wishes will come true at the snap of your fingers, the sun will always shine in your soul and nothing will be able to upset you. And I will take care of a reliable shoulder, which you can always lean on, and love until you can’t remember anything 😉
  • Happy birthday, darling! Shine brighter than the sun, laugh louder than birdsong, enjoy life and every day. I am sure that this year you will have only the brightest impressions, the most soulful meetings, the most positive emotions and the most joyful events! Stay as wonderful, gentle, funny, beautiful and kind as ever. Happy Holidays!

How to congratulate in verse

Poems are a great way to present interesting birthday wishes to a girl in correspondence. Send a text message with one of this list, such a birthday greeting to a girl will be original.


Happy Birthday
And I wish you all the best,
What you need,
For you to be loved.
That you’ll be good,
That your soul may be full
Light, joy, goodness,
That your home may be comfortable.
That you will be admired,
That your dreams may come true.

Happy birthday, dear.
May spring sing in your soul.
From edge to edge
Life shall be full of happiness.

♪ Understanding, compliments ♪
And no occasion for flowers,
Dazzling moments,
Sincere and kind words.

♪ That they’ll come true without a trace ♪
Hurry up and make your dreams come true,
Warmth, kindness, prosperity,
Laughter, joy, love!

With the dawn’s tender, with the awakening
♪ On my birthday I’m in a hurry ♪
I will open myself to you in greeting,
And indecision I stifle.
My love will keep you warm,
And happiness all at your feet,
The soul in silence aches,
And I rave in thy name.

Let happiness be a downpour and an avalanche,
A whirlpool, a whirlpool, a river.
What is happiness? – To be loved.
So be loved like no other!
Happy Birthday!

You sing and the stars melt,
Like kisses on your lips,
Look, the heavens are playing
In your divine eyes.
You walk and all your movements,
All your actions and all your traits.
So full of feeling and expression,
So full of wondrous simplicity!
Fate has handed you over to me, dear one,
And I know not a better gift!

How to find a gift that suits your tastes.

A gift is one of the most important ways to show a girl your feelings. Especially on her birthday. It is very important to choose it correctly and to present it in the right way. A good, well thought-out gift can melt a girl’s heart no worse than a heartfelt birthday greeting to your beloved.

person holding present box


To choose one, show attention beforehand or remember what your girl loves, what she dreams about. The best gifts are things a person is unlikely to ever buy for himself or herself but will be glad to receive.

  • If your chosen one is a hard worker, give her a certificate to a spa or arrange a weekend trip so she can relax.
  • Give her a few lessons in motorcycling if she likes extreme and vivid experiences.
  • Buy a graphic novel if she’s a comic book fan. Send her to art school if that’s what she’s wanted for a long time.
  • Every girl is into something, has a weakness for something. And you can always use that in your search for a gift idea.

Unique gifts are highly appreciated – it can be a nice souvenir from a foreign land where there are so few people that there are almost no souvenirs. It can be something rare and valuable. It can be something of design or authorship – with pretension and taste.

Another example of a good unique gift is something you can make with your own hands. You put your soul into this product, and she will definitely appreciate such a move. And if it will also be somehow related to your common experiences, carry a certain sense – the surprise will not be of any price. As such a gift is suitable as a product or jewelry that you can make, and the result of intellectual work – a beautiful poem or song, something composed in her honor. Girls who are crazy about romance are especially fond of such gifts.

Make a girl nice without a gift if you don’t know at all what to give a girl and can’t think of anything you can do for her. Or Give the gift of universal value. A phone or other device, a purse, or jewelry are great gifts if you’ve been together only recently and haven’t had time to get to know the girl yet. But in that case It is not the worst option to ask her or her friends what she would like to get.


Now that you are armed with good birthday greetings for the woman you love, this date will be an occasion for you to rejoice rather than to worry. Act with confidence, be original and don’t forget that the best thing you can present on this day is attention.

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