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How to choose the right words to better propose to a girl to date? Here are some tips for men, every guy probably asked himself this question. Don’t be lost: there are a lot of ways to make it romantic and unusual so that she will agree. Let us share the most win-win ways.

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How to propose to a girl to date. Tips and rules for men

How does a guy prepare himself?

At what point can you act

The best phrases to suggest dating

How to propose in prose

How to propose in verse

Examples of how to propose a pen pal date

How not to do

How to ask a girl out. Tips for men

In modern times, the cherished words of the beginning of a relationship are said less and less often: the relationship sets itself up, there is a rapprochement, and it is already clear to both of them that they are together. This is neither bad nor good; it is simply a fact that is taken for granted.

Nevertheless, the phrase “let’s be together” has not finally and irrevocably disappeared from life. It is needed when you do not know each other very well but are sure of your intentions, when you see each other too seldom, when there is little clarity in the relationship. Formalities are receding into the background, but not for everyone, and many people are still more comfortable clarifying the status of a relationship to be sure of it.

If you and your girlfriend are in the bonding stage and things are going pretty well as it is, it’s fine to do without a verbal start to the relationship. It’s enough just to wait until the moment when you are close enough to consider each other as partners. It is worth resorting to verbalism in two cases: if you want to add romance or if you are unsure of the relationship and want to define its status more precisely.

It takes courage and self-confidence to take such a step: not verbalizing is much easier and safer. But girls, though often now not expecting an offer to date, do not react negatively to it and enjoy such light old fashion. Especially when it comes to relationships that are already close to romantic. So don’t be frightened and try to treat this moment as an adventure or a game, not as an event on which your fate depends.

Remember the ground rules:

  • Be confident in yourself,
  • Be original,
  • Be romantic.

The proposal itself can be almost anything, but these three components bring you tangibly closer to success. Among them is not the most important – use all three. It is best to act as if you are making a nice gesture for the girl, while it is quite clear to you that a romantic relationship is imminent. This approach combines: both attention, which is pleasing to the girl, and your confidence, which she will take over with a high degree of probability.

How does a guy get ready

It’s often not easy for guys to figure out how to hint to a girl for a serious relationship. There’s a lot to think about, so proper preparation is half the success. It’s important to think through the words themselves, as well as the setting and the moment if you plan to do it in person. Sometimes things happen spontaneously and the moment finds itself, and the right words come up when the situation calls for it. But that’s not always the case, and if you’ve decided not to wait for the right opportunity, then you’ll have to prepare properly.

Tips For Men

First, make sure it’s appropriate now. After how many dates you can ask a girl to date is an important question. Make sure you’ve already gotten close enough, rather than seeing each other for the second time in your life.

  • Don’t procrastinate too long: if you’re already in a pretty obvious relationship with several dates a week and even sex – the moment has passed, and now the proposal will look at least ridiculous. Only if you’re not going to make it a deliberate joke.
  • Take care of the balance and accents: A setting that is too romantic or dynamic can distract a girl from the question of the evening or, conversely, one that is too mundane will look unconvincing.
  • What is special about your proposal: in the beautiful wording, in the pitch, in what’s going on around you in that moment?
  • Think it through: The place, the time, the words, the setting. Look at the best places for a date, choose what you need. And then think about your appearance. It’s important to be neatly dressed and take care of your hygiene beforehand. Don’t dress up like you’re going to the prom, but emphasize the importance of the moment at least with accessories or perfume.

All four options have a chance of winning, but you don’t want to mix everything and more. You can give a touching and titillating speech about your feelings and desires just swinging on a swing in the yard or sitting in a cafe. Or you can sing about it anywhere. Or you can watch something beautiful, be in an incredibly romantic setting, and just take a girl’s hand with the phrase, “I want you to be with me.

Another important point is to prepare for her rejection. Alas, it can happen. If you dare to propose a relationship because you don’t understand who you are to each other, be prepared that the girl might say no. There is no universal disaster in this, you will find another, but live with that thought for a while and don’t dismiss that possibility lest you be caught off guard at a key moment. Try to react to the rejection calmly and not to spoil the relationship and the evening. And now what to do with this girl – think afterwards.

At what point can you act

The ideal time to propose dating is during the period when you’ve gotten close enough, but haven’t quite gotten used to each other yet. Usually the right time is after two to five dates. But if you already see her several times a week, introduce her to your friends, and make plans together, it’s a little late to act.

And vice versa: if you’ve only exchanged a few messages online or only seen her once – don’t rush things. Get to know your girlfriend and let her get to know you better – that way there’s a much better chance of agreement. And the proposal itself will be much more appropriate.

Woman in Red and Black Striped Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Blue Book

The moment itself should ideally be romantic. But you don’t have to wait for an occasion when the romance is concentrated-it’s enough to cut off the inappropriate moments. Don’t do it in public or when the girl is busy. Try not to do it during sex-it doesn’t always end well, either the sex or the romance.

There are plenty of appropriate moments. Almost any of them can be acted upon. The main thing is to eliminate the obviously inappropriate moments. Identify them by empathy: imagine whether you would like to receive such an offer in a particular situation, whether it would be appropriate, whether you would be comfortable responding to it.

The best phrases to suggest dating

Ideally, the wording should be born on its own and appropriate to the situation: beautiful and original words or something simple but touching. There are no perfect pre-prepared phrases, they come along with the right moment. But if you’re not a master of graceful, heart-melting expressions, check out our selection of poetry and prose.

  • Remember, the most important thing in a sentence is sincerity. Speak from your heart, don’t be shy about expressing your emotions, don’t be afraid to bare your feelings. The girl will appreciate it. If the proposal you receive is also original and made just for her, it will be an additional sign of attention that will surely touch her and become an additional reason to agree.
  • Do it the way you feel. The proposal won’t just be about her, even if you bombard her with compliments, but about you-because you’ll compose it or choose it. And not being shy about showing yourself in something like this is great and valuable. Not just for the girl, but for your personal experience.

How to propose in prose

You can propose in prose to a girl to date.

Top 5 Turn-Ons For Men - Learn What Makes a Man Laugh and Love

These phrases are handy to use to sweetly write to a girl “Let’s date.”

  • We got so close that I can’t imagine my life without you anymore. Let’s go out?
  • I’ve never had to be so confused and worried before, worrying about things that seemed silly. But I like that I can be like that with you. Will you be my girlfriend?
  • Our meetings and communication are one of the greatest joys in my life, some of the most enjoyable moments. I wish there was more of it. Let’s be together?
  • I feel like a different person around you. I feel like something special is going on, and I want to go further. Will you be my girlfriend?
  • I’m amazed at how strong and gentle and funny you are at the same time. It’s old-fashioned, but I want to ask you out. Will you do it?
  • I have more than a friendly crush on you. Let’s go out?
  • You’re even more wonderful than I imagined. I want to spend more time with you. Will you be my girlfriend?
  • I feel like I feel more than just friendship for you. Will you be my girlfriend?
  • Things are getting better with you, and I want more of you in my life. Can we be together?
  • I feel like we’re a lot alike. Let’s become more than just friends?

How to suggest in verse.

Red Heart Shape In A White Surface

How the thread goes by the needle,
As the waves rush after the steamer,
So I wish I could be with you,
And be always, not in passing.

A sakura petal flies.
Catching up with another,
To continue the journey together.

Love will spill out in a bright starburst,
Be with me, my treasure!
Air is not air, water is not water,
To breathe only beside you always

Here I thought it would be glorious,
You should be offered a date!
Even though we’ve only known each other for a short time,
I want more than friendship.

I dare not sing serenades
I’m under your windows, but still,
You must take my word for it,
That otherwise, I’m good at everything.

I’m not much of a talker with excitement,
Today I dare to tell you.
Accept the offer as soon as possible
My girl to be my girl.

Examples of how to propose a pen pal date

Sex Dating Online: The Emotional Burden

More and more often, proposals to start a relationship are moving online, as is the predominant part of communication. Many are wondering how to nicely write a girl “let’s date,” but there are no secrets here. It’s enough just to write a nice compliment and wait for a reaction.

There are many advantages: the girl will read the message and respond to it at a convenient time, you can avoid the excitement that will arise during a personal conversation, and the beautiful moment will remain in the history of correspondence. Let’s suggest some phrases to propose dating in facebook and other messengers.

  1. – Thanks for a great evening!
    – Thank you!
    – I haven’t been this happy in a long time, and every time we meet is a big reason for me to be happy. Will you be my girlfriend?
  2. – I didn’t realize we had so much in common.
    – Yeah, I’m pleasantly surprised too 🙂
    – You are insanely interesting to talk to and just nice to be around. I want to be close to you. Let’s go out?
  3. – We’ve just gone home, and I’m already looking forward to our next meeting. Haven’t seen that in a while 🙂
    – I’d love to see you again, too 🙂
    – I like you so much, I would see you more than once. I even worry when I write, but I want to spend more time with you, and with each meeting and correspondence this desire only grows stronger. Let’s be together?

How not to do

There are a few prohibitions that will help you not to stumble on the path of establishing a relationship and bring the matter to the desired result.

These prohibitions are not at all difficult to keep in mind, and in doing so they will increase your chances of success:

  1. Don’t offer to date before the fifth date and after the seventh date.
  2. Don’t think about how to persuade a girl. You don’t have to persuade, you have to offer correctly.
  3. Don’t push and accept rejection if you get it.
  4. Don’t do it as a trifle: in the wrong moment, in the wrong setting.
  5. Don’t propose at a time when the girl is busy.
  6. Don’t do it without preparation unless you expect spontaneity. Don’t forget the look, the wording, and the setting.

You know the right way to propose to a girl to date and what not to do. Now feel free to choose the best dating site and start winning hearts!

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