Impress Her Siblings


Impress Her Siblings

How to impress her siblings? So you’ve been dating your girl for a while and you think you may have won her over. You may have even charmed some of her friends and made a good impression at her office Christmas party. But don’t think you’re out of the woods right now. Be careful not to get too comfortable just because you’ve made progress with their social circle. There’s a much more important clique to crack: her family.

Your first foray into family life will most likely be a meeting with her siblings rather than her parents. Whatever you do, don’t discount siblings’ opinions in the dating world. While mom and dad Are It is important to win over. Siblings are often close in age and personality and can be more difficult to fool. Not only is it difficult to impress them, it is also important: your brothers and sisters are likely to play a role in any eventual parental approval process, talking you out or out at will.

The basics apply when you meet someone you want to impress. It’s best to do your research before diving in. Ask your friend for details about basic family dynamics, her sense of humor, her occupations and hobbies. Since your ignorance of marine biology or professional bowling is understandable, do a little research if something is foreign to you. Not only will it impress your friend that you’re so interested in something, but it will also make your first conversation flow more smoothly if you don’t have to ask silly questions about her sister’s job or her brother’s hobby.

Your plan of action for this first meeting still needs to be fine-tuned depending on whether you’re meeting her brother or sister – each has different things that will impress or annoy her. Read on for some tips on how to achieve that first meet and greet.


Win over her sister

Charm her

You’ve managed to get a girlfriend, so one would assume you know a little bit about charming the ladies, and those skills will come in handy when you meet your girlfriend’s sister. The key is to combine that winning charm with your best interviewing style to make sure you don’t flirt and look like you’re attacking your girlfriend’s sister. Keep your comments and conversations light yet flattering.

Of course, you won’t be able to avoid first date type topics like her job or recent vacation, but you do need to avoid typical date type responses. Put aside your carefully practiced responses and try to act like you’re talking to someone at the office instead. Remember, you are not trying to impress her as a woman, you just want to impress her as a person. Keep asking questions and make sure to include both your girlfriend and her sister at all times to avoid the possibility of flirting accusations.


Dig a little

One of the best things about meeting her family – really one of the few good things – is the opportunity to dig for dirt on your girl. Sisters have all the gossip about formative years and possibly current states of mind. Just ask questions about your friend and how she grew up, and let sis determine the kinds of stories that are appropriate to share. She’ll be impressed that you want to know more about her collective childhood, and she’ll relax and share familiar stories.

Make sure you dress well and get ready to reveal secrets when you meet her siblings.

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