Happiness And How To Achieve It?

“What is happiness? Chad of mad speech?!
One minute in the way,
Where with the kiss of a greedy encounter,
“Where an inaudible ‘pardon’ melded…” Innokenty Annensky.

Happiness – the state of highest satisfaction with the conditions of one’s existence. This definition refers to a long-term state of happiness.

Lasting, long-term happiness is a state of peace, carefree, confident in oneself and the surrounding world, in the future, in harmony with oneself, one’s environment and the world.

Happiness (Join Adult Dating – MeetKing) can be long-lasting and persistent or sudden, like a bright flash. The attribute of happiness is always a smile.

Both states are characterized by levels of serotonin (“the hormone of happiness and good mood”) and dopamine (this hormone is produced during processes when one is enjoying oneself) in the brain.

A sudden state of happiness is like a bright flash of light from within, a surge of emotions and feelings, and can also be expressed in a state of bliss and quiet joy.

They say a person “glows with happiness:

  • in a state of love and the feeling of wings behind one’s back, when one looks at the world with different eyes, enthusiastic and accepting of it;
  • in consonance and oneness with nature, when the spirit is captured by the contemplation of beauty;
  • the smile of a stranger that bestows the light of hope and love;
  • something new that takes you (Also Read: NEW ACQUAINTANCES SHOULD BRING JOY) out of the everyday and ordinary and opens the door to another world – new knowledge, sensations, a new understanding of oneself and the discovery of one’s possibilities.

A state of happiness can also come as a signal from our senses. An impulse of happiness when you enjoy a favorite face or the colors of autumn… An unusually breathtaking, spicy aroma of a favorite dish or a note of perfume that evokes an image of a loved one… The taste of strawberries… An amazing combination of sounds that makes your heart flutter…

Happiness is very individual. Everyone has his own understanding and criteria of happiness, its scope and subtlety of perception. One person is attuned to happiness and any small event in life will inspire him and promise joy. For example, found a poem that resonates in the soul, which vividly reflects the feelings and conveys the state of the person. The delight of the beauty of the words and the transfer of feelings can also be attributed to a moment of happiness. Carl Gustav Jung in the definition of the 5 components of happiness, called it the ability to enjoy life, simple things, the ability to understand and feel music, poetry, admire works of art, be open to nature and its beauty, enjoy the emotions of communication with animals, hear and create the tale of his life.

Happiness is a personal feeling that arises only “inside. “I carry all mine with me.” “Crossing the ocean, you change the land, but not the soul.” Happiness is in yourself, in your attitude toward the world, toward people, in your vision of life.

There are some universal tips that can help you find your unique happiness.

Try to shape your own day and your own mood in it

The morning shapes your day. Morning is a time of creating and creating your new day. A time to “tune in” to the day. A time to plan for wonderful moments as well as daily activities with a focus on the joy of living the day. Try to fill your morning with good light thoughts, kindness and love, to be in tune with the beauty of the world, to rejoice in your daily routine, and to be grateful for the joy of waking up and the joy of anticipating a new day in your life.

Enjoying what you are doing at the moment

Feel the joy of creation. Even homework can be done with joy and pleasure. Many things we do automatically, not noticing the beauty of the world, people’s smiles, being in the sleep of our thoughts and reflections. Breathing technique will allow you to include awareness. Pay attention to the breath. Breathe in and take in the love of the world, and exhale – send your love to the world. These exercises can be done on the way to work, and the subway, everywhere. This technique helps to come to a state of peace. And that’s the basis for feeling happy moments.

Love your body and give it physical activity – sports, exercise, walking

Physical activity increases the levels of “happy hormones. Your body will thank you in return.

Find the pluses in every life situation

You feel that you have been treated unfairly. Remember, every coin has two sides. You need to accept the situation, understand it, find the pluses it brings and let it go. Continue to face the new day and new events with a smile. The main thing is to learn to change your perspective on any situation in life and find positive meaning in it.

Feel happiness in every day of your life

Look carefully around you and you will see little joys that surround you – the smile of a child, the aroma of morning coffee, beautiful elegant clothes that you have prepared for the exit from the house, your favorite perfume. In the rush of work or daily chores, we stop noticing them, we stop appreciating them. And these little joys of being create a symphony of well-being and happiness.

Think only good thoughts about yourself, praise yourself every day, rejoice in your successes

Concentrate on your virtues, on those feelings that inspire you. Make a list of 10 values (feelings) that are important to you, in order. For example, love, success, freedom, intimacy, strength, peace, challenge, defiance…. Which feeling is the leading one? Why is it important? For example, your leading feeling is peace and your man’s leading feeling is challenge. Do you believe that you will be able to come to the same decisions? That you will have the same friends and goals? What about free time!!! When you know your values, you can advance your position more confidently and stay true to yourself. Study yourself. It is the most interesting knowledge in the world. Happiness as the satisfaction of your own values, which you must first define.

Strive for new achievements

Set goals and go to the top. Believe in your success and be successful. Just don’t set the bar too high and don’t put the goal above everything, above the joy of life.

When communicating with people, focus on their merits

It’s just the opposite of what we’ve been doing all our lives–seeing the flaws and criticizing! Remember, when you point a finger at someone, one finger is pointed at the target and the other three are pointed at you…

Forgive yourself and others

Don’t judge yourself for your mistakes and don’t judge others either. Aggression and negativity directed at yourself or others exacerbates problems and does not brighten your life. Forgiveness itself carries with it an aspect of understanding.

Do you want to be happy?! Make the people around you happy

You want to be loved, give love without expecting anything in return and you will get what you want. It’s easy to become happy – love yourself and accept yourself as you are, love others and let them be you, try to make them happy.

Believe in yourself, your strength, your goals and dreams

Free yourself from dependence on the opinions of others. In order to share happiness with someone, you must become happy yourself.

Get rid of feelings of envy

It is an admission of one’s own inferiority.

Create your own luck

Focus your attention on what you want to get out of life, because what develops is what you give your attention to (energy). Pay attention to the smallest moments of luck, rejoice in them. Strengthen your fortunate state.

Be thankful for all that you have and will have

Send love and gratitude to the world. Start creating your own happiness now!

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