If You Love Yourself, Forgive Me…

For many, this thought may seem so incomprehensible that it will cause indignation and contradictory emotions… To forgive does not mean to accept and excuse one’s mistreatment, injustice, ruthlessness and indifference, cruelty, aggression in words and actions, empty promises, thereby recognizing these actions as legitimate and permissible toward oneself, questioning one’s human dignity, one’s understanding of justice and humanity, one’s attitude toward oneself as a person. To forgive is to take your energy out of this difficult situation, the experience of a relationship of misunderstanding, violence, and aggression toward you. (Join Adult Dating – MeetKing) CLEAR your soul and body of negative emotions and tension. REMOVE the past. The past that poisons life in the present and affects the future.

Forgiveness is a very difficult thing

Many feel as if they have been shot in the heart, abandoned, cheated, used… How can one even imagine forgiveness, under such circumstances… It doesn’t fit the concept of reason…. It just seems impossible. However, it is the only way to regain your former state of mind and spirit, a state of inner peace and harmony.

Someone has (Also Read: HAPPINESS AND OUR WAY TO IT) done you wrong, betrayed you, deceived you, spit into your soul… That, in itself, is terrible. It’s just that it WAS. Don’t let the wounds of the past shape your life TODAY and NOW, and destroy your FUTURE.

You may have thoughts:

  • “If I forgive him now, then I’m just weak and he has the right to do whatever he wants…”
  • “All right, I’ll forgive him, but only if he apologizes a hundred times. But I’ll never forget this situation.”
  • “I want revenge…”
  • “No matter what I do, I can never be happy again…”

We need to make a decision about forgiveness

If you don’t, you’ll be alone with your pain for a long time. How important is it for you to constantly relive the past, to refresh and savor feelings of resentment, revenge, guilt? The person who hurt you has already forgotten, or is simply indifferent to what happened. He just doesn’t remember. What does that do for you? Does resentment, anger, and bitterness help you move forward toward your desires and dreams? THIS (resentment, anger, guilt, doubt, and self-injury) BLOCKS THIS AND THE FUTURE. You need to say goodbye to these feelings.

Free yourself from those feelings that you have lived in for so long and now continue to live in. If you love yourself, don’t let those feelings devour you. Tell yourself bluntly, “I know that all these negative thoughts are hurting me, preventing me from moving on. I love myself and I want to move on and enjoy life.”

Forgiveness is a rejection of hurt, unkind feelings, a rejection of revenge or demands for payback and compensation for the suffering you have brought. The importance of forgiveness is that forgiveness makes us happier and healthier. Hidden resentment leads to great, undercurrents of long-term stress, the consequence of which can be real illness in the body.

Forgiveness is giving up the role of the victim

Resentment can also arise in us when our expectations don’t match reality (don’t come true). If you are offended, that is, if your expectations are deceived and you hold a grudge for a long time, you are stuck in an unfinished situation. You give to the black “hole” of resentment, some of your life energy, which you need for health, well-being. If you think that by holding a grudge, you are punishing the one who offended you, you are wrong. By holding a grudge, you punish only yourself, your body and soul. You focus your gaze on the experience, feeling sorry for yourself, and wallowing in the role of victim… And what are the dangers of this role? If you’ve been holding a grudge for a long time, you’ve been playing the role of victim. A victim on his or her way of life always attracts “executioners” – people who will mock, mock, hurt… By voluntarily becoming a victim, you yourself are blocking the flow of new life energy, joy and happiness. Forgiveness is giving up the role of victim. By forgiving, you open your arms to life and remove the splinter of resentment from your own wound.

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