50 Beautiful Comments You Can Use On a Photo of Girl or Your Girlfriend


Even if you’ve kicked the bad habit of starting correspondence with “hi, how are you?” and are deft at stringing up oppeners in private, take every opportunity to take a girl down with charm, intelligence, and pooh-poohing charisma. Commenting on photos is one way to pump up your brain muscles and personal pickup skills. The right comment can get you closer to your goal faster than the most virtuoso correspondence. So…

A timeless classic: complimentary commentary

“I will praise my enemies and they will become my friends, I will praise my friends and they will become my brothers,” said Og Mandino, American writer and sales guru. It’s a fact that people like to be praised, and a compliment speaker always evokes pleasant emotions. Such is human nature.

It’s human nature, and girls these days are picky. Unless you’re Javier Bardem or someone like him, don’t even try to leave your mark on her photo history with the ordinary “sexy,” “pretty,” “pretty,” “cute,” “charming,” “cosmos,” and “wow. Commenting on pictures of beautiful girls on dating sites is approached with the diligence of a candidate preparing a dissertation. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary, though. Just take a few minutes and put your brain to work. And, yes, study your competitors’ comments, first, so you don’t repeat yourself and second, stand out from the crowd.

The content of the commentary largely determines the plot of the photo. Don’t be ecstatic about her slender legs when the photo is a portrait or waist-length profile. Find the real strengths, or better yet, the inconspicuous nuances worthy of praise. Or read how to compliment a girl on her beauty.

An elegant wrist, an attractive ankle, an unusual manicure, or good taste in dress choices can be the subject of fierce admiration. Can not find the nuance in the picture, write a compliment, as they say, the whole. In order not to come out trite, use “strong” words: “You look very sexy”, “What a bold look”, “Sincere and deep girl”.

Beautiful Comments

As for copy-pastes – clumsy but honestly crafted commentary always wins out over albeit beautiful but hackneyed templates. Still, I’ll venture to suggest a couple of nifty billets, not for the sake of copy-paste, but for inspiration.

  • “I should call the police. You stole my heart.”
  • “Excuse me, what modeling agency do you represent?”
  • “Looking at you, I am convinced that nature is the best artist and sculptor.”
  • “In this artificial world it is so pleasant to discover naturalness.”
  • “There are things you can look at forever-fire, water, and your smile.”
  • “You seem fragile and defenseless, but you’re a strong woman at heart. Am I right?”
  • “It’s a good thing I wasn’t born in the Middle Ages – they would have burned you at the stake for being beautiful.”

Compliment is an art that combines sincerity, observation, and intelligence. The ability to pay a compliment marks out an intelligent and well-mannered man. And, they say, this type of man is coming back into fashion. However, the “growling Neanderthal” trend is not out of it yet, so…

An alternative approach: merciless provocation

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of the “savage” strategy. Especially if the girl is a real piece of work, which cannot be penetrated by a beautiful word about real or imaginary merits. With “impenetrable” well work the tactic of outrageous behavior – at least more effective than romantic moonlight serenades. She who flaps her curled eyelashes, sips pina coladas, and looks at a thousand posts with black and white pictures and profound quotes can be persuaded by ruthless non-conformism. Here are examples.

  • “They say it’s not the boobs that paint the girl… Oh no, the boobs, that’s right.”
  • “Why so tense? I know a good way to relax.”
  • “You can do without content with such gorgeous forms.”
  • “The perfect combination of flawless looks and lecherous nature.”
  • “The waist is certainly horny, but the breasts are definitely fake. Or is it just me?”
  • “You speak English and Italian, but how about French?”
  • “Hottie, I’ll bet you a hundred bucks I invite you to sleep over and you refuse.”


So she’s sitting there all cool, reading snotty breaths, building up her self-esteem, and here you are. Bringing her down to earth. You put her in a lap position. And instead of a nightingale trill “for a girl like this you can move mountains” give a weighty slap on her appetizing ass. The modern woman needs a brutal man, not a hipster. However, it doesn’t work with everyone. There are subtle and spiritualized natures, who do not even think about the lap-lock position, but read the classics.

From the mouths of great men: When your head’s a wreck…

Sometimes it’s quiet in the head, but you have to pick a girl up if you don’t want to steal her away. Nothing better than a succinct quote, where beautiful words laden with deep philosophical meaning, for online seduction has not yet been invented. Drop some of this in the comments to the picture (or find something else).

  • “Genius of pure beauty” (Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin).
  • “Strength conquers strength, beauty conquers all”(Lope de Vega).
  • “A beautiful woman can have no faults.” (Friedrich Schiller).
  • “A beautiful face is a silent recommendation” (Francis Bacon).
  • “Such is her custom: beauty is always right” (Babur Zahir ad-Din Muhammad).

Thus, there are at least three ways to go about writing comments on photos – to compliment politely, to tease licentiously, or to use the help of the classics. Choose a springboard to practice on the dating sites ranking page – and perfect your epistolary style, with which you can significantly downplay your financial investment in shooting a girl. A good word doesn’t cost anything, but it’s expensive. Good luck!

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