Top 50 Examples of How to Compliment a Girl on Her Beauty


Do girls love with their ears? Check it out by giving an exquisite compliment. Pleasant words can make any relationship better, and gifting the most beautiful compliments to the girl you love is especially important. We tell you how to tell a girl that she’s beautiful, how to express admiration with her eyes and figure, and how to do it unusually.

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A list of the best compliments to a girl about her beauty

How to pay a compliment correctly

How to pay a compliment about a stranger’s appearance to a girl you don’t know

Compliments for the girl you love

Examples of compliments in prose

Examples of compliments in verse

Compliment about beauty in correspondence

List of the best compliments to a girl about her beauty

What to praise a girl for? For something that catches your eye, is memorable, seems especially striking, likes it. Of course, there are certain standards, but going beyond them is always welcome. If you praise not the color of your eyes, but the dimples on your cheeks that appear when you smile, you will not cease to be a gentleman.

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A compliment is a great way to start conversations and strike up a conversation. If you don’t know the girl’s character well or are just starting a conversation, compliment her appearance and you won’t miss a beat. The main rule is to be sincere.

You can make a standard compliment by praising a striking trait in a girl’s appearance, or you can go in less obvious ways: You can praise things that are not usually conspicuous and even things about which the girl may have complexes.

Let’s explain with an example: everyone praises eyes, skin, figure, and hair, while hands, feet, nose, teeth, and posture are usually not paid attention. Another original option is to give a “negative” compliment. To do this, point out something good about the girl, cite a questionable association, and end with praise, saying that you like it.

Here are two examples:

– What beautiful long nails. Most likely, they’re all done up, aren’t they?
– Yeah, they are.
– It still looks great.

– What an interesting pattern on your dress. I have a tablecloth at home with the exact same pattern. I like it very much.

This last option is great for bitchy girls who are used to blowing off numerous men who try to hit on them. This approach will confuse the girl, discourage her, and as a result, you’ll be able to strike up a conversation. You will appear to her as an unusual man and interest her.

woman in red panty lying on bed

For simple girls, it is better to use more standard compliments about appearance, gentle and pleasant words. Just point out that she looks good:

  • It’s just amazing how great you always look.
  • When you laugh, you’re the most beautiful creature in the universe.
  • Da Vinci thought he had painted the female ideal, but he was wrong, simply because he didn’t meet you.
  • You have amazing eyes– it’s impossible to look away. I could look at them forever.
  • I think I need reference points – I’m lost in your bottomless eyes.
  • You have such eyes that one look makes me forget what I wanted to say or do, and I can only marvel at their beauty.
  • There is no word in any human language that conveys well enough how beautiful you are.
  • Perfectionists must look at you to be soothed and inspired.
  • You are the epitome of perfection in this chaotic world.
  • When I look at you, I have a hard time accepting the fact that Eve was once considered the standard of feminine beauty.
  • You smiled so beautifully that I forgot where I was going.

How to pay a compliment properly.

A compliment should be sincere or look like one – praise what’s really remarkable about the girl. Make sure the wording doesn’t overshadow all adjectives about beauty with negative connotations:

  • “You’re wearing a pretty dress today”-other days it wasn’t pretty.
  • “This hairstyle suits you better than the previous one, cut your hair just like that” – the girl would hate to be instructed.
  • “I see you wanted to look more erotic” – the girl might have wanted to before. Don’t show that her efforts were in vain before that day.
  • “That skirt slims you” – a hint of being overweight.

row of four men sitting on mountain trail

If you want to put together a description of beauty in your own words, but are afraid of miscalculating an epithet and accidentally offending a girl with it, use this list of common praise words about different female traits that are definitely safe to say:

  • Eyes: piercing, deep, exciting, bottomless, like mountain lakes, the color of honey, mysterious, radiant
  • The gaze: hypnotic, mystical, mysterious, enchanting, pure, open, intoxicating, light, gentle, mesmerizing
  • Smile: radiant, infectious, Hollywood, radiant
  • Laughter: resonant, infectious, incendiary
  • Figure: Chiseled, fragile, slender, statuesque, appetizing, sexy
  • Gait: light, graceful, flying, smooth, soft
  • Leather: Flawless, clean, soft, tender, velvety

How to Compliment a Stranger’s Appearance

Complimenting a girl you don’t know is easier because you’re seeing her for the first time. The look itself will catch the characteristic trait that you want to praise. Next – a matter of technique: to think up how to make a compliment cool and unusual, rather than boring or clichéd. A compliment from an unfamiliar guy will attract the attention of a girl in any case, but you need to make it non-standard, so that the girl wanted to continue the conversation, and with it the acquaintance.

man kissing woman forehead

Often young men compliment strangers in such a way that the only reaction to which might be a facepalm. For example, it would not be a good idea to say to a girl with colored hair and clothes to match, “Young lady, where did it rain purple on you?” So before you tell a stranger you like what you have in mind, try it on yourself. Read the article, in which I collected the most affectionate words that make girls melt.

Here are some examples of successful compliments to strangers:

  • “Young lady, you have a very regal posture. If we were in the 19th century, I would have suspected you of being an aristocrat. Such a compliment would be unusual, nothing offensive, and you would appear to be an interesting person.
  • “Young lady, it’s completely against the law to wear a smile like that in public. I got off course and now I don’t remember where I was going.” Even a mild rebuke doesn’t make this compliment any worse, because there’s more praise than grumbling in it.
  • “Your appearance has overshadowed the significance of my business today – astonishing! I really thought all the important things were over until I saw you.” A girl’s hint that she is exceptional is taken positively in the vast majority of cases.
  • “What on earth are you doing in our city, girl? No Spaniard would look as harmonious in Spain as you do. Emphasize not the obvious, but a specific trait. And do it brightly.
  • “I couldn’t help but say that your lipstick is a wonderful color. It looks like a ripe plum. It suits you very well, it brings out the color of your eyes perfectly.” Feel free to give a long compliment, add details, be specific, make associations.

Compliments for the girl you love

You can be more frank with the girl you love, don’t be shy to say something quite personal and add feelings to the compliment.

Woman in White Sleeveless Top Standing Near People

  • Use more emotional words than “like.” say what in it drives you crazy, makes your heart freeze.
  • Increase the level of intimacy. – these are the kind of words a girl will remember and appreciate more than “your hair is very soft.”

Here are five examples:

  • “Your beauty is mesmerizing, and I never cease to wonder how such an attractive appearance combines with an equally beautiful soul.” Such a compliment will kill two birds with one stone and be doubly pleasing to the girl.
  • “When you look at me, I feel that magic exists. I have nothing else to explain why my heart starts beating faster and all thoughts disappear from my head.” Describe deep feelings, alternating them with detailed feelings.
  • “Your eyes are like the two most beautiful mountain lakes I’ve ever seen. No place on the entire planet compares to how beautiful you are.” Be generous with metaphors and feel free to exaggerate-it’s appropriate here.
  • “You’re the girl of my dreams. Thanks to you, my life is brighter than ever and full of the sweetest emotions.” Talk about how a girl’s mere presence affects your life.
  • “I want to tell you of your beauty, but I cannot find words precise enough to describe it. And no poet can.” It’s a great option if you don’t know what to say, but you’d like to pay a compliment.

Examples of compliments in prose

Writers throughout history have invented thousands of ways to express admiration for women’s beauty and it’s a sin not to take advantage of it. Quote, inspire, combine – world culture is full of terrific expressions about the appearance of women.

Woman Wearing Teal Bikini Standing Near Shore

  • Your face is as beautiful as the harmony of the universe itself. But you managed to make it even better here, too: with scarlet lipstick you are simply unique.
  • I never thought someone’s charms could bring so much joy. I always thought it was the worst thing that could happen to a man, but I’m perfectly happy. Your theft of my heart is the best possible theft.
  • You can replace anything in this world. But not you, not your gaze, not your laughter, not your very presence. You make me tremble and feel life as fully and acutely as no one and nothing could before you.
  • I’ve never felt more sorry for the blind men than when I realized they’d never see you.
  • Hollywood is lucky you haven’t gotten to it yet. Otherwise all the actresses who are considered beautiful there would be out of work.

Examples of compliments in verse

Telling a girl about her beauty in a poem is a romantic move. Even if you can’t compose a poem yourself, there’s sure to be one online that’s perfect for showing how excited you are about a girl’s appearance.

Woman Lying on Bed

I don’t think the stars are necessary,
The moon and the sun are all secondary,
For you shine brightest for me,
So excellent, easy and unforgettable!

Your beauty is inestimable,
Your look is filled with positivity.
You inspire feats,
And you fill life with a smile!

I admire the look in your eyes
Your marvelous beauty
So flawless, and beautiful
And in a word, unearthly!

Your features are graceful, exquisite,
The eyes are beautiful and modest!
The facial features are unsurpassed,
Fascinatingly lovely!

You are just a goddess!
What’s the use of words,
Insanely beautiful.
And very gentle!

A compliment on beauty in correspondence

You don’t have to wait for a face-to-face meeting to say you admire a girl. You’re probably chatting online or exchanging texts – compliments will be appropriate there as well. Say how beautiful the girl is in a VK message or allow yourself to flirt competently.

Woman in Pink Button Up Shirt Holding Smartphone

For example, you can use the following phrases in the dialog:

– How are you doing today?
– Very tired.
– Dazzling everyone with your radiant beauty? I saw your new picture and couldn’t get over it for half an hour. So you’re not the only one having a hard time 🙂
– Oh, come on! 🙂

– I already said it today, but I want to say it over and over again: you’re incredibly beautiful. When you walked into the coffee shop, I thought I was doomed to look for my jaw for a long time yet. It dropped solemnly as soon as I saw you.
– Huh, thank you! It would be a shame to leave you without teeth)

– What’s the highlight of what happened to you today?
– I don’t know, nothing much happened. I was happy about the dog of the woman I was standing at the bus stop with. Very affectionate and cute puppy.
– I think his affection and sweetness don’t compare to yours. I’ve never met a girl so charming. I can’t stop thinking about you.
– Oh, wow 🙂 I didn’t realize I was that special. Very nice words, thank you!

The advantage of compliments in correspondence is that you can throw them in at almost any moment – you don’t have to wait for a good one to come along, or look for what you particularly like about a girl today. Online communication isn’t as intimate and emotional as face-to-face, so sprinkling compliments on your correspondence is definitely a good idea. Go to the best dating sites rankings and check out complimenting tactics.

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