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On A First Date It’s nice to look at a girl who is sparkling with emotion and is in high spirits – and this pleasure is easy to arrange. All you need to do is to please a girl: with words, with an original gift, make a surprise for her, surprise her with a deed. You can make a pleasant surprise without the money! I tell you how to surprise a girl who likes you, to make a romantic gift with your own hands and what to please for free.

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The best ideas: how to surprise any girl

How to impress a girl on a first date

How to surprise a girl in correspondence

What gift will surprise the girl: original ideas

How to surprise a girl without money

How to surprise your girlfriend every day

The best ideas: how to surprise any girl

Girls are both alike and unlike each other. Each of them has expressions of attention that are the most enjoyable – just like guys. But there is also something that everyone loves – by deciding to arrange something of my list, you will definitely not go wrong and please her. And to surprise is enough to add an element of surprise and not to warn her about anything.

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A girl is surprised in all the right ways when she receives an unexpected, but certainly pleasant, sign of attention. If your relationship has already been established, if you’ve already got habits and traditions – the field for creativity is wide.

Here’s a little universal list of things to do to surprise a girl:

  • Do something you’ve refused to do before.
  • Help with something where she doesn’t expect your help.
  • Fulfill a long-standing promise you’ve been forgetting.
  • Save her: solve the problem she’s struggling with and can’t handle on her own. Before she asks for help.
  • Add romance to everyday life: a night out, a great dinner, a trip to the theater, a picnic – anything.
  • Show care without occasion: bring her coffee to work, clean the house yourself, buy or make something for her that makes her life easier. Here, even a hanging shelf or headphones bought to replace a broken one will do – mere little things that make life better.
  • Provide recreation: go bowling with your girlfriends, go to the spa, or just go to the countryside for a weekend getaway.
  • Give an unexpected non-obvious compliment: praise something that the girl is not used to celebrating in herself.



How to impress a girl on a first date

It’s twice as nice to impress a girl when you meet her – you’ll see her reaction 🙂 And a first date is a great excuse. Just pick a good place first that she’s sure to like. Any nice surprise will do, but you have to prepare a little in advance.

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  • Dress unusually and stylishly. Don’t repeat the exalted stylistic tricks of Philip Kirkorov, but dilute the image with interesting accessories or pick up a T-shirt with a provocative inscription. Preferably not about politics and in English, and not from the gimmick store.
  • Change the program on the fly: Tell them you wanted to take them to a cafe, but you have a better idea. Think about the idea in advance, and make it really interesting.
  • Ask a friend to hand you a bouquet of flowers when the girl turns away. Hand the bouquet with a harmless smile and the phrase “I almost forgot,” as if it were meant to be.
  • Take the girl to a picturesque place that few people know about. Don’t let it be a vacant lot or an abandoned construction site: she’ll be surprised that you’re acting like a maniac, but that’s not the surprise we’re looking for.
  • If you go to a cafe, arrange to be served something from an exclusive menu. You can also pretend to make up a dish on the go – she will be pleasantly surprised at how you are treated in the establishment.

How to surprise a girl in correspondence

Surprising a girl pleasantly in Facebook messages or on a dating site may seem like a daunting task, but in fact it is not.

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There’s less room for maneuvering than with a face-to-face meeting, but there are solutions here, too:

  • Buy an ad that she will see in the feed or under a block of sections of the site – let this ad have her photo and a few nice words from you.
  • Record an audio message with a song, poem or just nice words about her and how you feel. Voices help you perceive your conversation partner better, and being able to let her listen to your voice in romantic matters is a definite plus.
  • Send a poem or card you’ve made yourself. The very fact that you thought of her and spent time and effort to please her is important.
  • Leave comments on her notes and photos – with compliments, poems, and other expressions of affection.
  • Through personal messages, set up a quest or game of charades, the solution to which will be an invitation to a date.

I’ll show you five examples of messages that will surprise a girl:

  • Intrigue a mystery: “There’s a thing I don’t tell anyone, but I’m willing to share it with you. Do you want to know a big secret? Just promise not to tell anyone.”
  • Start communicating in another language, if she speaks it too: “You were just perfect tonight. I fell in love with your bright eyes and charming smile.”
  • Apply “clairvoyance.” Find out some small detail about her and her life beforehand, and show what you know. Let’s say she didn’t say she had a cat, and you ask, “How’s Rex doing? Still as fluffy as ever?”
  • Show others: Send pictures you don’t have anywhere else where you do something out of the ordinary. Pulling weights if you mostly don’t go to the gym, bungee jumping if you seem quiet, sitting in a serious meeting if you have a reputation for carefree partying. In a message to them, write, “Thought you got to know me well already? You still have a lot of surprises waiting for you :)”
  • Show off your intellect. When you get a chance, say something that not everyone knows. For example, when discussing dogs, say, “Did you know that the Yorkshire terriers you love are more aggressive than pit bulls?”

What gift will surprise a girl: original ideas

A meaningful and valuable gift doesn’t always mean expensive. You don’t have to run to a jewelry store and look for the cutest ring that isn’t cheap. You don’t have to order a bouquet of 101 roses or take out a loan for the latest iPhone. These gifts are so typical that not every girl will be truly happy with them. This kind of gift is given all around, and it says less and less about real feelings, about time spent and attention shown to the girl.



A ticket to your favorite band’s concert risks making a bigger impression than the biggest teddy bear in your town. I explain how to give a gift that she will appreciate and remember for a long time.

Here are examples of such gifts:

  • Something she’s been dreaming of for a long time. The girl is probably talking about something she’s wanted for a long time and can’t buy, and that’s your trump card.
  • Something related to her hobby. Is she a gamer? Buy a game from Steam that she’s sure to like (you can find it on the list). Is she a dancer? Give her clothes or shoes for training or a ticket to a master class by a skilled trainer. Loves the theater? Find out when there’s a really cool production and get tickets to it. Passionate about photography? Pay for a master class or something of a technique.
  • Something related to your couple. With one of their affectionate nicknames, favorite places, or adventures they’ve had together.
  • Something she needs and isn’t good at. From household tools to appliances.
  • Going to the spa together. Trust me: you’ll both enjoy it.
  • A day off from everyday life: Clean the apartment and take care of the food.
  • A night out with your girlfriends: send them out to have fun when she’s not expecting it, but the evening is not busy.
  • A ticket to a concert of your favorite performer.
  • Planned weekend trip.
  • Ordered a bouquet to work with a nice note. This, by the way, is a great way to entertain a girl from a distance and remind her of your feelings.

How to surprise a girl without money

You don’t have to be rich to show attention, affection, and a desire to please. An occasion for joy can cost you nothing if you approach the question intelligently.

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  • Give her a massage. Everyone loves a massage!
  • Set up a home spa: fill a tub with foam and rose petals, decorate everything with candles, put on relaxing music. Groom her, massage her legs or neck.
  • Write a checkbook of wishes for the year and hand it to her. She can tear off the checks with the desired wishes when she needs them.
  • Make a cute gift with your own hands, from a card to a metal keychain or stuffed toy – anything your abilities can do.
  • Get the house perfectly clean and cook dinner – a gift like this will never lose its value.
  • Bring her breakfast in bed.
  • Confess your love.
  • Take a walk in the woods or park with a thermos or have a picnic.
  • Teach her something.
  • Help her solve a problem she can’t handle and where she doesn’t expect your help.

How to pleasantly surprise the girl you love every day

When a relationship is already established, they often lack emotion, excitement. It’s easy to slip into a boring routine, and you have to make an effort not to let that happen. For regular surprises, you need to follow the girl’s life, know her hobbies, desires, and problems. Say affectionate words and how beautiful she is more often. Surprises will remain surprises only when they relate to actual, current events.


Nevertheless, here are a few options to get you started:

  • Go to an amusement park. It’s always emotional and adrenaline-pumping, and it’ll cheer you up.
  • Change something in the house: update the décor or furniture without agreeing in advance. But consider the girl’s taste or get help from her friends.
  • Bake a cake. If you’re not a pastry chef, she obviously doesn’t expect it and will be amazed.
  • Get a pet – even a hamster or a dog, if resources and schedule allow. It’s a great way to liven up a relationship and bring new emotions into it.
  • Put up stickers with nice words for her, changing them every few days.
  • Put small gifts and notes in her things so she finds them when she’s not expecting them.
  • Organize a surprise party with all your friends. You don’t need an occasion for one, by the way.
  • Come to meet her sometimes from work or from school – not every day so that it remains a surprise, but once in a while.
  • Make quests to find gifts around the house: you’ll need a chain of notes in different places, the last of which will lead to a gift.
  • Arrange themed days: watch appropriate movies, have conversations that resonate with the theme and image of the day, and dress up if you wish.
  • Keep going on dates, even if you live together.
  • Have a blind date and a secret date.
  • Fulfill her fantasies.


I hope you’ve figured out what to do to surprise your chosen one. Now that you’re all set, go out to please her and remember that the best surprise or gift is the one in which you show the girl maximum attention! Don’t be partial with surprises so they don’t get bored: ideally you should arrange them once every couple of weeks. But every couple has their own rules, so go by the girl and your mood more than any article on the internet.

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