10 Songs About Missing Someone You Love

What is it about music that seems to express our feelings so well, sometimes even ones we didn’t know we had? If you’re in a long distance relationship, you probably know the feeling of missing someone all too well. Read our advice on this here and here. LDRs aren’t easy, but they’re not a relationship! Maybe that’s why there are so many songs about missing that special someone! Thousands of songs about missing a certain person exist, and some musicians make their entire careers on this topic! If you miss someone, you may even be encouraged to write about it. More in this post.

You may find that a particular song about missing someone doesn’t always remind you of your husband. Or a sad song about missing him might be perfect right after a breakup. At other times, more general songs about missing someone might remind you of an old friend or even a deceased family member. That’s the beauty of the songs on this list. They can mean whatever you need them to mean in the moment!

This list could lead to a good mix tape / CD than which you can send a gift to your long-distance lover.

1. Everything but the girl – Missing

This classic 90s anthem uses the classic line ‘I miss you like the deserts miss the rain.’ And while the lyrics describe a breakup and the singer is reminded of her ex whenever she sees certain things, you probably feel the same way when you’re separated from your man. Maybe it’s his favorite restaurant, a movie you saw together, or even a song you both loved. You see it, you think of him, and your heart feels like you miss him.

2. Selena Gomez – A year without rain

In this recent song, young Selena Gomez expresses how hard it is to be without the one she is in love with. She compares just a single day without him to a whole year without rain. In fact, it can feel like time slows down when you can’t be with the person you love. We all understand where Selena is coming from with this one! Ok enough about the rain.

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3. Aerosmith – I don’t want to miss anything

This song about missing someone became an instant hit when it was featured in the movie Armageddon. And while it’s unlikely you’ll miss your honey from afar until the moon is away from Earth, it can sometimes feel that way. When you’re with someone, you can’t get enough of it, just as the lyrics talk about ‘staying awake just to hear you breathe.’ The sweet song goes on to describe how much “the sweetest dream will never do” compared to the reality of being in love. Aww!

4. Nickelback – Far away

If you and your husband are often separated, you may understand where this song about missing someone is coming from. Whether it’s work or school that keeps you both away, it doesn’t seem to get any easier. You may simply have times when you feel like you can’t survive until you can see your husband. These feelings are typical. We also have a great post about makes it easier when you’re apart If listening to the songs on this list doesn’t help!

5. Jack Johnson – Better Together

If you want a song about missing your man that sounds a little more upbeat, this one is for you. Instead of focusing on how hard it can be to be apart – and it’s definitely hard! – This song is about how good you two can be when you’re together. Don’t we all want a partner who makes it better? Separation may be hard to handle, but this song about missing someone can remind you how lucky you both are to have found each other!

6. Bill Withers – No Sunshine

In this classic R & B hit, Mr. Withers sings about how cold and bleak the world can be when separated from the woman he loves. You’ve probably experienced the same thing after temporarily saying goodbye to your husband. It can be difficult to enjoy life or even get out of bed when you can’t be with your loved one. However, it is the right thing to do!

7. Billie Myers – Kiss the Rain

Ok, maybe another song about missing someone that is also about the rain … Here is another song that shows how much these musicians of the 90s understood our feelings of love! With her deep voice, Billie Myers sings about missing someone, and even if they are on the other end of the line, it doesn’t feel that way. We can all understand that. A phone call, SnapChat message or email is nice, but it doesn’t feel as good as being in the arms of our lover. Maybe that’s because it doesn’t induce the same chemicals like oxytocin as cuddling and sex? Read more Here .

8. Avril Lavigne – I wish you were here

There’s no shortage of songs to miss someone with this title. It’s to the point, isn’t it? And in Avril’s version of this song, she makes it clear when she sings ‘Damn, damn, damn. I wish you were here.’ Sometimes that’s all we can think or say when we’re away from the person we love. The feeling of missing them is so overwhelming that our normally articulate selves are speechless. It’s okay though, because Avril is here to sing us through!

9. Three Doors Down – Here without you

In this song about missing someone, the rockers show their sensitive side. It’s another song that goes into detail about how missing someone along the way can be a huge source of stress. Just because you can’t see your man every day doesn’t mean he isn’t constantly in your thoughts. In this song, the wheels keep turning, just as life goes on around you when you miss your husband. But sometimes missing someone can make life seem so surreal!

10. George Strait – Carry Your Love With Me

You may prefer a country crooner to the pop and rock stars that make up the bulk of this list. Don’t worry, because George Strait has got you covered. This might be a good song for you if for some reason you’re on the road and missing your man. In it, George sings about packing his things. He assures his lover that he will be fine and the most important thing is that he carries their love with him. It’s as sweet as it is sad, just like it is to be away from someone you miss!

Of course, you may find that many songs remind you of how much you miss a certain person, even if it’s not about missing another person. Maybe it’s just a song by his favorite band that threatens to bring you to tears, or one of Taylor Swift’s emotional songs that gives you pause when it comes on the radio. The song is far less important than the feeling they create.

These songs about missing someone remind us that we are not alone, even if we think so. Everyone has missed someone at one time or another, and circumstances don’t always give us what we want. Sometimes, When we are apart, we can feel stronger! However, we can connect with others by picking up the phone to call a friend or by listening to a song about missing your husband to ease some of the pain.

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