How to Read Body Language and Know What He is Thinking!

Reading a man’s body language can give you insight into what he’s really thinking. Has he been lying to you? Is he into you? Is he not into you?

About 55 percent of communication is through body language, so learning to read body language can be a useful skill. Sometimes we learn body language instinctively and sometimes we just don’t know what some body language signals mean.

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Before you come out and ask your man how he really feels – learn how it goes this post – first learn to read body language. It’s simple, but first you need to know what to look for. This is the key to reading body language effectively.

Once you understand body language, you can also use it to send the right signals to a man. Read more here.

Here are some of the main types of body language that indicate what a man is thinking:

Legs crossed

Crossed legs mean he feels cut off from you. If you are trying to get him to do something for you, wait until he crosses those legs. So if he has his legs crossed, it’s not the ideal time to talk about where you two are in a relationship.

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Arms crossed

If crossed legs mean he’s closed, you can now assume that crossed arms mean the same thing or that he’s feeling insecure – more Here. But this gesture could also simply mean that he is cold or that he is sitting on a stool or chair with no arms and nothing else to do with his arms. So this sign could mean nothing. It’s all about context and what some other body language signs are saying, along with what he’s actually saying.

Legs and arms crossed

A person has checked out when he crosses his legs and arms. He may be sitting near you, but his thoughts are elsewhere, not with you.

Crossing ankles only

This can happen when he is sitting or standing. It usually signals that he is nervous or worried about something.

Shaking the leg up and down

You probably know that this is not a good sign, and you can’t help but notice it. When a man sits down, but one leg moves up and down, he is worried. He might also be a little irritated or angry. Maybe you asked him embarrassing question.

I bend to you

When he does that, he’s into you. He might also look you in the face when you’re not even talking. Some guys may point their feet in your direction if they are interested. Guys will only lean on or face someone if they are interested. When you start a conversation, observe if he mirrors your gestures. The date goes really well when this happens.

Rubbing his hands together

When you see a man rub his hands together, he usually expects something good to happen. Or it could mean he’s nervous. If he keeps rubbing his hands together, it’s usually nerve-wracking. The same goes for rubbing his arm with his hand. He could be anxious or nervous when he does that.

Steepling his fingers

Steepling his fingertips together with his fingers up makes him feel like an authority figure with you. A manager often does this when explaining a job to an employee. If he squeezes his fingers while sitting down, but his fingers are pointing down, he still feels like an authority figure, only now he is listening.

Breaks eye contact quickly if you can do it

If a man breaks eye contact with you, it probably means he is uncomfortable. If he was comfortable, he might hold a glance and look romantically into your eyes, or he will look at you again after looking away. If he breaks eye contact and doesn’t look back but looks all over the place, he’s either not into you or is uncomfortable or nervous. If he’s not looking around the room, but it’s looking at someone else quite a bit, then he’s probably more into that person than you and may wish he was talking to that other person.

Keeps eye contact with you

He’s looking you in the eye because he’s aroused by you, and he’s hoping you’ll feel the same way soon. Either that or he’s an axe murderer trying to stare at you to intimidate you.

It’s safe to say that a look from a strange man in a dark alley can cause fear, while a look from a hot man you’re dating can cause lust. Maintaining eye contact also shows that you are interested in conversation. More in this post.

But if the look is too long for comfort, longer than about five seconds, possibly even a blink-free look, he could be lying.

He is in your personal space

When a man is sitting or standing near you, and not because he has to because you are in a crowded elevator or something, he is interested in you. If he stays in your personal space, he likes you. That’s why we recommend touching as part of flirting !

Open attitude

When he stands with his feet apart and takes up space, he feels masculine and confident. When he leans back in his chair, he feels in control. When he sits in that chair with his hands behind his head and his elbows up, he feels like he has gained something. The same is true when he lifts his chin. This is a winning pose.

When he feels the opposite, as if he has lost or has no power or control, he has a closed posture and makes himself smaller. He might even put his arms around himself.

Smile, but without wrinkles around the eyes

If he smiles at you, but the smile is only detected in the mouth area and not in the eye area, it is a fake smile. The eyes get those crinkled lines when the smile is genuine. People usually use a fake smile when someone insists on taking a picture or when they want to appear happy but don’t really do so.

Raised eyebrows

Is he saying you look great in that outfit and his eyebrows are raised? He’s not raising those brows to get a better look. He’s doing it because maybe he doesn’t really think you look good in that outfit at all. Raised eyebrows signify discomfort. People’s eyebrows also raise in fear and worry.

Narrowed eyes

When his eyes narrow and his chin drops, he does not feel well. He feels uncomfortable and stressed. Other symptoms of stress are when he rubs his neck and clenches his jaw.

Covering the mouth

If he puts his hand or fist near his mouth, he could be lying. Other telltale signs of lying are touching the nose or rubbing the eyes. Covering the mouth is the subconscious taking over and trying to cover the lie, and covering the nose and eyes are variations of this. Not only does he rub his eyes, but he looks away from you when he tells you a whopper.

The pursing of the lips is another sign that someone is lying to you.

Touching his ear

A man usually touches his ear when he doesn’t really want to hear what you have to say anymore. It’s almost like covering his ears. He might also do this when he feels that you are talking too much and not letting him in a word.

Pick up imaginary fluff

If he is fidgety when he talks to you, brushing off his shirt and appearing to brush off lint that is not really there, it means he disapproves of something you say or an attitude you hold. He may look away from you and focus on the lint that is not there when he does this.

His hand on his cheek

When the hand is closed with the index finger up, he is interested in what you are saying. But when that hand opens and the hand is now supporting his head under his chin, he gets bored. If his palm practically covers half his face to hold his head up, he’s as bored as can be.

Stroked his chin

Stroking his chin means that he is deep in thought and thinking about a big decision or trying to work out a plan.

Watching for signs and learning how to read body language can help you better understand what he really means. It might help you learn if a shy guy likes you . However, these signs are not always accurate. We have already shown that crossed arms can only mean that he is cold, and not that he is closed to you.

People have learned to mask their emotions, so reading body language with facial expressions may not always be accurate either. We can pretend to look interested when we are really bored, happy when we are really sad, and look neutral when we are angry. This does not help us make connections with others. Read more here . So you can’t always rely on reading facial expressions when reading body language.

It would be a mistake to assume that your interpretation of his body language is always correct. However, it can sometimes be accurate, especially when deciding whether someone is uncomfortable and anxious or confident and in love with you. This is when learning body language can be very useful.

Reading body language can also be a way to tell if a man is lying about something. People usually feel uncomfortable and look somewhat guilty when lying, and this is expressed through body language.

Drawing conclusions based only on one’s body language is a bad idea. It’s not an exact science. You can use body language signals as part of an overall assessment to determine how he really feels about you. While reading body language might reveal some things, there’s nothing like having an open, honest conversation about feelings.

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