25 Rules to Keep Casual Dating Fun and Honest

For some people, the idea of a casual relationship seems like a contradiction in terms. Casual, after all, means there’s nothing – or not much – to lose, and dating is the process by which we meet “The One.” If you’re the type who feels this way, you’re not alone. But there are other perspectives to consider.

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With casual dating, for example, you can meet more people and have fun while enjoying the activity of dating without much commitment. You don’t have to disrupt your life when you go on a casual date, and you don’t have to give up your independence either. You can enjoy the company of another while still being professionally motivated. Casual dating can be very fulfilling, as you will see below.

Why do people like to date casually?

Casual dating may not make sense to someone who wants to find their One True Love, but it is often the right solution for a variety of reasons:

  • You are too busy for a full time relationship
  • You want more than casual sex but less than a relationship
  • You just got out of a serious relationship
  • You are planning to move or make a life change in the near future
  • You do not spend much time in one place
  • You enjoy a person’s company but find that you are not compatible in the long run

Of course, there are other reasons why people enjoy casual dating. And some people will never be able to handle these casual relationships, which is fine. For some people, there is a time in their lives when casual relationships make sense. Maybe they’re younger, recently divorced, or want to focus on school or work first. Eventually, they will reach a point where they want to pursue something more serious.

Regardless of the reason, however, casual relationships aren’t for everyone. And you need to navigate them carefully, just as you would friends with benefits of NSA sex relationship. Read More Here . If you don’t think you can separate love or sex or worry about managing a busy dating schedule, you should stick to traditional dating and follow our dating advice.

Otherwise, read on to learn how to make casual dating work for you!

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Casual dating rules for a good time

  1. Let everyone you’re dating know that you’re not looking for anything serious right off the bat.
  2. If you are seeing more than one person at a time, let everyone know. Talk about whether your date can see other people, too.
  3. Understand that some people may not be comfortable with casual dating, so let them go gracefully.
  4. Set boundaries for the types of communication and physical activities you are okay with.
  5. Always use condoms when having sex. Learn how in this guide .
  6. Look for symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and get tested before having sex with a new partner. Read more Here .
  7. Be able to separate sex from emotions.
  8. Recognize that you can be jealous of a partner even if you are only casually dating or have no long-term emotions.
  9. Take time to get to know your dates. Watch out. Just because you’re not on the road to marriage doesn’t mean you should be rude.
  10. Don’t mix up your dates. Remember details about each guy.
  11. If you date frequently, use a calendar – either digital or paper – to keep track of your commitments.
  12. Consider moving each date to a different location so that location and social circle don’t overlap, which can make one or both of you feel uncomfortable.
  13. Determine whether to keep your casual relationship a secret.
  14. Don’t talk to the guys about your other dates – unless you’ve agreed to do so.
  15. Keep your mind open. Don’t focus too much on one type of person or you may miss out on a lot of fun.
  16. Try out different types of dates. Don’t just stick to dinner and a movie. Get ideas in this post for your next casual date.
  17. Make sure you go out if you want to keep things casual. Movie night at your place can confuse the situation if there’s a lot of cuddling going on.
  18. Avoid buying each other gifts.
  19. Don’t celebrate milestones like anniversaries of your first date or first time having sex.
  20. Don’t let anyone try to use casual dating against you. Slut shaming is not cool and you still have feelings even if you don’t want to settle down.
  21. Don’t compare yourself to your coupled friends. What works for them may not work for you and they may not be as happy as they project.
  22. Be true to yourself. Casual dating does not mean you are on the up and up Everyone. Only you know if someone should get a second date!
  23. Set the right mood to attract attention, flirting and phone numbers from potential dates. Improve your flirting skills with tips from this post and This article !
  24. Stay independent and engaged with your casual partners instead of playing hard to get.
  25. Remember that data should be fun!

Signs that it is no longer casual dating

If you notice that you are spending unscheduled time with a casual partner, it may be time to rethink your relationship. You may be spending a lot more time with one person than with anyone else you’re dating more casually. You want to introduce him to your friends and start imagining a future together. But introducing him to your friends, colleagues, and family – especially children – can lead to confusing situations.

Other signs include leaving things in each other’s houses or cars and fighting, which shouldn’t happen if there really are no feelings involved. And if you told him that things were casual, he might not consider anything more with you, which is why you need to talk about it as soon as possible. Otherwise, there may be a lot of hurt feelings. Communicate your feelings. Check out our guide to sexual communication .

Sometimes people who want casual dating are afraid of commitment and can’t connect emotionally with people. This might be fine for you if you are also not looking for someone who is serious. However, if you fall in love with this person, try to fall in love with the issues of this post – you might get into a world of heartbreak.

If you get into a “casual” relationship where you want more, the guy may use this as a means to control you because he knows you have or are developing feelings for him. A controlling person may demand that you see only him, even if he is not interested in taking things seriously. Likewise, he might sweep you off your feet just because he wants a relationship, even if he doesn’t want to be one with you. Beware of people who might be emotionally abusive. Signs of emotional abuse here.

While the risk is usually lower if you’re only dating occasionally – you may be able to just drift apart without negative feelings – you may want to read this post to look for similar information Signs It’s Time to Break Up. And if your talk about feelings means you can’t see each other anymore, we have advice to help you Get over your broken heart.

When you discuss your boundaries and expectations for casual relationships, you can successfully have a lot of fun. And while emotions can sometimes make things difficult, as is the case with people, you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy the world of casual dating, even when you set rules for casual dating.

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