When To Start Learning a Foreign Language: Before Or After Meeting a Foreigner?

“If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten” Tony Robbins

“You will never be able to solve a problem if you keep the same thinking and the same approach that led you to that problem.” Albert Einstein

One of the main problems many ladies face when they want to meet a foreign man is the presence of a language barrier and the associated lack of meaningful communication.

Communication plays an important role in making acquaintances through the distance, i.e. through internet by means of an international dating site. If full-fledged communication between two people at a distance is not possible, mutual interest begins to disappear quickly. Many women and men have experienced that not being able to talk freely with each other brings frustration.

It’s no secret that with regard to dating foreign men and the related fact of the need to learn a foreign language, many ladies take the following position: I am ready and will learn a foreign language only when I meet a worthy man.

Lovely ladies, you need a foreign language just in order to meet this worthy man! If you are serious about dating and having a relationship with a foreigner, you need to learn a foreign language in advance, that is, before you meet the man.

It is important for a self-sufficient and educated foreigner to have a full conversation with his beloved, to share his opinion and feelings with her. It’s not enough for a man to make a decision about the first meeting just to smile at him on Skype. Every sane man before making a trip to another country, to a woman he does not know will want to know her first, to feel whether they are connected by more than just a liking based on external data – for this purpose, communication is essential, and for full communication a common language is important. Even if that language is not a native one for both of them, but just an intermediary language, for example, English.

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Learning a language takes time. It is impossible to master a foreign language in a week, even one month is not enough. You can find a thousand reasons not to learn a language, from the financial side of the issue to the fact that maybe my efforts will be wasted. Excuses can be many, however, Your main motivation should be personal happiness with a foreign man! Sometimes it’s worth setting aside all doubts and fears, and just taking the first step.

Nowadays, it is not necessary to hire a tutor or sign up for paid foreign language courses. Foreign languages can be studied independently and for free on the Internet. If you haven’t decided what country you would like to meet a man from, knowing English will be universal.

The most important benefit of knowing a foreign language is that it will greatly increase your chances of dating success. Once you start learning a foreign language:

  • You will feel confident in yourself;
  • you will have an undeniable advantage in dating;
  • Communication with foreign suitors will become more meaningful and prolonged;
  • you will be able to ask questions you are interested in with ease and understand Answers;
  • Once you get your first results, you will be proud of yourself and your determination;
  • Men will no longer be tormented by doubts about how you will communicate in person and whether the language barrier will not become an obstacle to the development of relationships.

MeetKing – is a dating site mainly with German men, so below we will tell you why knowing German is important if you decide that you want to tie your life with a German.

If you have decided that you would like to meet a German man and you are considering a German citizen as your future spouse, you need to learn German. The reason for this is not only the advantage of knowing the language when meeting a German man, but also the bureaucratic formalities.

When a decision is made to marry a couple, the question arises: in which country will the marriage be consummated? There are three possibilities: the groom’s home country (Germany), the bride’s home country or a third country (for example, one of the European Union countries where the conclusion of an international marriage does not require a great number of documents). In all three cases a German bride or wife will need a national visa* to travel to Germany. “A fiancée visa for marriage and subsequent residence in Germany (Eheschließung) or a visa for spousal reunification (Ehegattennachzug) if the marriage was not concluded in Germany. The list of documents to be submitted to the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in order to open an entry visa includes Certificate of proficiency in German at A1 level (certificate of successful passing of the exam for level A1). “Workarounds” for moving to a German fiancé or husband without proof of language skills do not exist.

You can take the A1 exam at one of the Goethe Institut’s branches. It is not necessary to attend a German course at the Goethe Institut.

Links to free resources for learning German, you can find in our Blog article “About Germany, about visas, about learning German: useful links”.

* A national visa allows you to enter and stay in Germany for more than 90 days. The national visa, unlike the Schengen visa, can be extended without leaving Germany. In order to get married in Germany or to move in with your spouse, you need a national visa.

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