Top 10 Tips On How To Make a Guy Like You And Make Him Fall In Love With You


You won’t be cute by force, but you have to make an effort make a guy like you. And while all guys like short skirts and stockings with garters by default, it’s shortsighted to bet on sexuality. The age of emotion born out of an erection is short. Let’s talk about what, besides good sex, makes a lasting impression on a man.


Take it and like it: what you need to be

“I want a guy to like me,” the desire is plain and simple. Take it and like it, win a man over. Any girl can do it by pumping herself up on a few points.

Take care of yourself.

Let’s agree that unshaven armpits, cellulite and other trappings of natural beauty – for a narrow circle of connoisseurs. An overwhelming number of guys like clean hair, smooth legs and light makeup – mascara will open your eyes, balm will make your lips more sensual and highlighter will hide traces of fatigue. Exercise a couple of times a week to keep your body toned.

Have a style.

You can’t go far on grooming alone. Everyone runs to salons. You have to stand out from the crowd of “well-groomed” people, and usually it’s charisma – your own style, your own point of view, a halo of mystery. How to develop your charisma? Learn to dream (and read), get out of the captivity of prejudice, start an unusual hobby. Together with courage and responsibility it will make you charismatic like Joan of Arc.

Be an optimist.

There is nothing more asexual and unattractive than a dissatisfied face, whining and complaining, boys are sure. They, who have shouldered the burden of survival in the name of the continuation of the species, after a tiresome hunt for money and fame, want to duck into a warm, soft and positive face. A smile on the face is more valuable than professional makeup.

Turn on the “hostess.”

The strong connection between a man’s stomach and his heart has never been undone. You don’t know what to do if you really like a guy – take him out to dinner. Your hands cooked steak and ironed shirt in the morning can’t help but like him (specify the degree of cooking of the steak).

cooked dish on gray bowl


A girl who knows how to listen, appreciate, and praise is worth her weight in gold. Guys need the dope of nice and inspiring words just as much as they need sex. Have you heard about how behind every great man is a great woman? Women muses don’t just like them. They become a necessity in life, and that’s an order of magnitude greater than just liking someone.


As an appetizer – a simple and accessible technique with which you can draw the attention of any man without exception. This is flirting, that is, a wide package of verbal and non-verbal means of seduction (compliments, stroking the hair, ajar mouth).Flirting girls like instantly – against nature you can not go against.

Basically, it’s enough to make a guy like you and even make him fall in love with you. A well-groomed, smiling, and flirtatious girl can’t help but like you. Unlike the one below.

Make a Guy Like You

He won’t like it: what you don’t have to be

Grimms, bitches, dorks, and naughty girls sometimes make guys fall in love with them, yes. Basically, you can live with the hashtag #love me any# and not have to worry about anything. Just in case, I’ll tell you what kind of feminine “zest” men can’t stand.


The opinion that infantile girls make guys want to care should be relegated to the category of myths. Irresponsible, nurturing young ladies are at best smiling. Condescending, of course. In a trend for a long time caring, purposeful and independent women who are and a horse on a horseback and in a burning house. And yet, include a little girl and want to handle periodically to stimulate his masculinity.


Nobody forces you to cook at the haute cuisine level, but you just have to cook eggs, wipe the dust and put things in the washing machine. On the other hand, history knows quite a few examples when the Marie – arts woman (and cross stitch, and bake pies) are left out of the male attention, and slobs – twined by a crowd of admirers. But today we are discussing the question of how to please a guy with a high probability, not as an exception.


A woman’s favorite pastime, “blowing guys’ brains out,” tops the list of negative feminine traits. If a guy doesn’t meet your expectations or doesn’t fulfill your desires (he doesn’t call, he doesn’t give you a gift, he drinks too much), that’s no reason to have a large-scale, protracted, and exhausting scandal. Get it through your head – a guy can have more important things to do than you, as well as his own opinion about anything.

Boring sex.

A boring sex life is a way to make a guy dislike you 99% of the time. Boring sex destroys couples who have eaten a lot of salt and gone through fire and water. Nascent feelings boring sex will destroy at the root. Remember, initiative in this matter is not only not punishable, but encouraged and even rewarded.

Bad manners.

Bad girl can be turned on in bed. At a restaurant, eat steak with a knife and fork. When talking, don’t interrupt, but listen. Use a handkerchief when you sneeze. Cover your mouth with your hand when you yawn. Do not pick your nose. Don’t swear. Be a well-mannered girl, because the vast majority of guys, after all, like ladies, not unbridled, vulgar, or femme fatales.

Combat Coloring.

Dark lipstick, bright eyeshadow, a “mask” of foundation and powder should be left for meetings with girlfriends. They will surely appreciate, unlike the guys who are – for the naturalness. By the way, what we girls call a highlighter, guys usually take for a “sweat. And they are willing to put up with the imperfections of our skin, so as not to get their shirts dirty on the “plaster.”

Web flirting: how to make a guy like you by pen pal

Let’s move on to the issue of seduction in virtuality, when effective means of seduction – a look, a smile, manners – are not available for use. Let’s talk about what you need to do to get a guy to like you by correspondence in VK, on a dating site and any other web portal.

Can words be more effective than scarlet lipstick or a juicy steak? After all, it was the word in the beginning. And how do “broadsheets” make teeth? Or do sales texts sell? Words, whether spoken or written, elicit an emotional response, and emotion is exactly what we need.

What to write to a guy you like to draw attention to yourself and immerse you in a maelstrom of experiences and feelings? Here are some fundamental rules for effective correspondence.

In a positive way.

Remember the optimism that guys need so much? So write in a positive vein, instead of discussing the financial crisis (global and personal) and mental nerdiness (“life has no meaning”).

Here’s to diversity!

Not only sex, but correspondence shouldn’t be dull. Change the subject (but don’t bounce from topic to topic like a flea), talk about different things (of course, pleasant things), express your point of view. In general, create an image of a girl with a broad outlook. Fortunately, you can always turn to Google for help – learn something new and share the news (“They say the Higgs boson will destroy the universe!”).

“Selling” yourself.

With text, sell it. Unobtrusively emphasize your virtues. The key word is unobtrusive. Not in the headline – “Komsomol member, athlete, and just a beauty,” but casually – “was doing yoga in the park and witnessed this scene. Or, “I think about you even when I’m at the gym.

The light is not a wedge.

Don’t put him at the center of your life. Even if he happens to be (became the center of your universe), don’t bring him into the loop. Form an image of a girl with a variety of hobbies. “I’m sorry I can’t give you as much time as I’d like. But I’m just torn – work, fitness, helping homeless animals. And I can’t not communicate with you – you’re unique and interesting!” Unique and interesting, I assure you, will look like you.

Before you send

What is written with a feather cannot be chopped with an axe. Once you hit “send,” there’s no going back. All mistakes, bad jokes, and taboo language will remain forever in history. First, think about it. Then write it. Reread it, and then send it.

It’s enough to pin a guy’s attention on your uncommon online persona. By the way, it’s correspondence that’s the perfect tool to help you when a guy you like isn’t paying attention. Find his account on social networks and hunt in chat, impressing with his intelligence (thanks, Google) and versatile personality.

person using MacBook pro

Bites or not: how to tell if a guy likes you

The results of a hit pickup will tell you…

  • The View. Any guy will tell you, looking into the eyes of a girl he likes is a challenge. If he looks shy, averts his eyes, or can’t tear his eyes away, he’s hooked.
  • The Initiative. A guy persistently initiates communication for two reasons – either he wants something from you, or he really likes you. If he has nothing to take from you, then he likes you.
  • Self-Promotion. Obviously, if a guy picks up a guitar or shows off his bicep strength when he sees a barbell, he’s trying to show off his best features – he definitely wants to like you. And that means he likes you.
  • Tactile contact.. If he likes you, he’ll want to be closer to your body. And as long as it doesn’t come to bed, he’ll make contact with you in any way he can – touching your hand, picking up dirt from your clothes, or piling on top of you on the couch when you’re sitting for a visit.

Want to practice the art of pleasing? Sign up on any dating portal and collect fans. In general, rock the skill of liking people in any situation. Remember, right? Watch yourself, flirt, smile. Good luck!


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