Svetlana and Daniel

“Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I hope that I have met my one and only. Thank you very much for a good site!” Daniel (Germany)

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Her name is Svetlana and we found each other on the international dating site MeetKing. You could say that I made the first step. I expressed my sympathy to her and after some time she responded to me. From that moment, we communicated a lot. From the beginning I found her to be just great. I hope she feels the same about me 🙂 What I like the most is that she is looking for a man for a long serious relationship, she doesn’t pay much attention to the little things and appreciates more the joys of family life.

At this point communication is quite difficult. I don’t speak Russian and don’t know English very well. Right now we can only communicate using a translator program. It is not easy at all. Sometimes the translator program makes mistakes and does not convey the meaning of statements correctly. We need a common language. We speak to each other almost only in Russian. And it turns out that I am gradually learning Russian, and she is learning German.

Our first meeting has already taken place. I liked it in Russia. However, first of all, Svetlana was important to me, not the country. At the same time, I would have loved to learn more about Russia.

The decision to go to Russia was made by us together about three months ago. She couldn’t come to Germany, and I wanted to meet her as soon as possible. So we decided that I would come to Russia first.

I spent 14 days in Russia. Every day we went to the beach, took walks, and once went to a neighboring town. I was able to meet her children, they were with us every day. I also met Svetlana’s sister and her son.

The country and people made a positive impression on me. I can’t say anything bad about my first impression or the people. I liked a lot of things. I learned a lot about the country: its positive and negative sides. At the same time I learned what is really important in life. The departure was not easy for me.

The next step is Svetlana’s trip to me in Germany. She will come for two months. I really like this woman. And the more I get to know her, the stronger my feelings get. I would do anything for her. I hope that soon we will be able to talk about our future together with more confidence.

My advice to everyone else: keep looking 🙂 I am happy and hope she is the one, the only one. Either way, she can’t get away from me that easily anymore! 🙂

Danielle (Germany)

This article is based on correspondence between Daniel and a member of the MeetKing website, and translated into Russian. The material is published with the consent of the couple.

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