Dating Foreigners: The Importance Of Video Calls

Having got acquainted with an interesting man on an international dating site you can make your communication diverse and effective with the help of video calls (for example, using the following applications: Skype, WhatsApp or Viber). Video communication helps not to waste your time on long exchange of emails and to find out if there is mutual interest and understanding between you and, thus, possibility of real meeting.

We recommend you to transfer your communication with a foreigner from the format of letters and short messages into a regular communication by means of video calls. Video format communication is a necessary step to make your acquaintance real.

Benefits of communicating with a foreigner in a video format:

  • In “real time” mode you can see how a man reacts to your words and questions. This means you’re not just looking at photos and emails of a potential suitor, but you’re seeing how he looks, behaves and reacts to you in a way that closely resembles a real conversation. While some questions or statements may not be asked during a video call, ask a question during a conversation and you’ll see how he responds.
  • Through exchanging emails and photos you get an incomplete image of the man. Your imagination determines the complete image of the man. During a long correspondence it is difficult to see the line between the real man and a desirable image of a man that exists in your imagination and has those qualities and characteristics you gave him. Video call will help you not only to see the person you are texting with, but also to perceive him as a whole: to hear his voice, his speech, to see his manner of holding himself, his gestures and facial expressions.
  • With the help of a video call you can see the man as he is for today. Photos can’t fully convey a person’s appearance: remember the different angles and the effect that lighting can have – for example, a man may look younger or older than his years. And the photo sent to you may have been taken several years ago.
  • It’s a bonding experience. Regularly communicating in video format you can feel and understand each other better than exchanging letters and photos for a long time.
  • When getting acquainted on the Internet, many people are afraid to start a conversation with a person who pretends to be someone else. A video call can help dispel doubts about the reality of your new acquaintance.
  • Communicating via WhatsApp, Skype or Viber is absolutely free! Many people still remember the times when it was possible to contact a person from another city, from another country only by phone, and phone calls between countries cost a lot of money. Today you can talk to people from different countries, talk to them on the phone for free and even see them! Benefit from the advantages that the progress of science and technology gives us!
  • You can save your time!
  1. By meeting on Skype, it will be easier for both of you to know if you are interested in continuing to communicate and meeting in person.
  2. This way you can find out if a woman is ready for a serious relationship or if they just want to text. Men who are looking for a serious relationship and are interested in getting to know each other better have nothing to hide and are open to video chatting.

Are you planning to set up a “video date” with a foreign beau?
Pay attention to the following recommendations, maybe they will help you to avoid some misunderstandings.

  • Before you convert your communication with a new acquaintance into a video format, exchange a few emails with him or her, make sure that you feel comfortable communicating with this person, and then offer to “meet” for the first time, for example, in Skype. Do not put pressure on the new person by telling them in your first emails that you want to move straight into video calling.
  • When scheduling an online video meeting, be aware of the time difference between your countries and cities. For example, the time difference between Berlin (Germany) and Novosibirsk (Russia) is 5 hours in summer and 6 hours in winter.
  • Remember that a video call is not always appropriate for a working person. Therefore it is better to agree in advance when it will be convenient for both of you to call.
  • Choose a room with good lighting for the call so that the man can see you clearly.
  • Pay attention to your appearance: clothes, makeup, hair. Think of the video call as a date with someone you like.
  • Consider beforehand how to communicate with the man if you don’t speak any foreign languages.
  • Smile more while talking to a foreigner. A cheerful, happy smile is the most valuable decoration for a confident woman!

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