The Best Sexting Apps

If you want to send Steamy texts, download these best sexting apps as soon as possible

Best Sexting Apps

Regardless of which route you take, making the effort to meet someone in person to resolve your sexual issues only requires a certain amount of time and energy, making sexting a popular alternative. Sexting is not just for people in relationships. Rather, it is a legitimate alternative to face-to-face contact that gives you the added convenience of saving time, effort, and money.

Sexting is also a safer option because you can remain anonymous. Since you are hiding behind a digital screen, you can let your inhibitions run wild. Sexting is often considered the easier or lazier way to hook up but it still requires some skill. Getting the conversation going with someone online is challenging enough, but with sexting, you need to refine the direction of the conversation to get the sexual undertones flowing. While some women respond to a simple cue, which others wear, others look for their sexting partners to be more creative, developing new and exciting ways to turn you both on without touching each other.
Whether you’ve been sexting with others for years or are just interested in all that sexting has to offer, there are plenty of apps that can help you quickly and easily find others for digital connections and make sure the information you share is there Secured and Loaded. Read on to find the best hookup apps for your sexting game.


1. MeetKing

Best for: Affairs

Why we like it: You know your privacy is a priority when you discover others on an adultery-focused hookup platform. MeetKing is probably the most well-known online dating site with an equally private app.

Pros: The beauty of communicating on this platform is that there is something of an unspoken law of the land to keep interactions secret, which everyone who joins agrees to. Plus, the inherent secretism is part of the fun, as you and those you communicate with interact under the assumption that you’re both already doing something naughty. You can be anywhere on the spectrum, from completely single to in a committed relationship, to use the app. Regardless of your status or current situation, this is an app where you can truly speak freely without judgment.

Disadvantages: Although you can message other users directly, there is no community-based connection method, such as in a forum or chat room.

Learn more at MeetKing


2. Match

Best for: High quality app

Why we like it: Match continues to lead the online dating industry because it simply works and helps you meet others. What you do after you meet digitally is up to you, of course.

Advantages: The highly regarded digital dating platform has an incredibly well-designed app that offers multiple ways to discover others and unlimited communication options. It includes one of the most thorough searches you’ll find on a dating app, and allows you to send instant messages to show interest.

Disadvantages: It does attract a more mature crowd, but on the flip side, it means you have a pool of people who are more eager to get the most out of the app, and therefore more likely to respond.


3. Dust

Best for: At the moment sexting pleasure

Why we like it: Let your guard down immediately when communicating with Dust, the service that automatically turns everything you send into dust after 24 hours.

Advantages: You can stick to the standard 24-hour time window or customize messages to disappear even faster, such as immediately after opening them. All content is heavily encrypted, so you can delete messages from other people’s phones to ensure there’s no trace of your conversation. Other benefits include confidentiality of your identity in one-to-one messages and instant notifications when screenshots are taken.

Disadvantages: Since the privacy is so high, there may be instances where you don’t really know who you’re chatting with – which could affect your texting escapades.

Learn more at Dust


4. Wickr

Best for: Sending photos and videos

Why we like it: If you just want to communicate in a private, secure digital environment, sometimes you can skip the online dating route and go straight to an app best known for trusted transmission of information like Wickr.

Pros: The highly secure app ensures you have full control over messages, files, photos, and videos you share, either in group settings or one-on-one communication – something that’s obviously a priority when sexting with strangers. Each individual message is encrypted with a unique key, and you can control who sees it and how long it stays active. Better yet, the app doesn’t require any personal information to log in, so even your email address and phone number remain private. The app is used by everyone from human rights activists to celebrities for personal safety. It offers a unique take on sexting in a fully protected digital environment.

Disadvantages: You need to know who you are sexting before you sign up as finding matches is not an option.

Learn more at Wickr


5. Trust

Best for: Absolute privacy

Why we like it: If privacy is a major concern when sexting, you’ll find relief with Confide, the confidential messenger service that works with iMessage, texts, photos, documents and voice messages.

Advantages: It is known for its end-to-end encryption and message disappearance. However, the most notable aspect is the screenshot protection, which uses special technologies so that screenshots are captured as a gray blur on most platforms. The app is perfect for those who benefit from visual stimulation. It allows you to send even your most impressive photos with the knowledge that if a screenshot is attempted, it probably won’t come out right – and the recipient will be ejected The message and you, the sender, will be notified.

Disadvantages: It lacks the community aspect of the previous apps – but it’s a great option for taking things to the next level with someone you’ve already met.


6. Plenty of Fish

Best for: Quick connect

Why we like it: Plenty of Fish is certainly not a new app, but it’s definitely a staple. It provides a casual connection environment where it’s incredibly easy to have a conversation.

Pros: In one of those rare instances where the app version is seemingly years ahead of the desktop experience, the Plenty of Fish app is incredibly easy to navigate and gives you plenty of options for discovering others, including searching for people nearby and finding people who are already You’ve looked at your profile and played a Tinder-like hot or not hot game. The app even has a section that shows you which profiles are most likely to respond to you, significantly reducing the time it takes to get a satisfying sexting conversation rolling.

Disadvantages: You will have to fish through the members looking for something more serious here.

Learn more at Plenty of Fish


7. Wild

Best for: Connect to real users

Why we like it: Chatting with a profile that you can tell is fake makes sexting fun. However, Wild requires users to be verified (sending a thumbs-up photo to the app to verify the images you claim), so your fantasies won’t be ruined by the sudden thought that this person actually looks pretty gross.

Pros: You can also set your search parameters to filter out anyone who is here for something more serious, making the experience even more efficient. Also, you can make your profile invisible while chatting with a match to minimize distractions.

Disadvantages: You have to verify your photo. So if you are looking for more anonymity, this one may not be for you.


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