International Dating: The Importance Of Tolerance

One of the important qualities that, in our opinion, a woman who intends to get acquainted with a foreigner, marry him or her and move to live in another country should have is tolerance (tolerance and openness to another culture, to a different view of the world).

Tolerance, as a behavioral aspect, is one of the important and indispensable “components” of acquaintance with a foreigner, relations, family life and integration in another country. So why is flexibility of thinking and lack of condemnation of everything that “does not fit” into the picture of the world accepted in Eastern Europe so important?

Acquaintance and relations with a foreigner
The lack of tolerance to another culture in the modern world is an indicator of the low level of personal development. The lack of tolerance towards other cultures in the modern world is an indicator of a low level of personal development. We wrote a lot of times, when getting acquainted with a man from a distance, by using letters or messages in messengers and social networks, it is important to understand what kind of impression you make on a man, whether he wants to continue meeting you and come to your country for a first meeting. When meeting a foreign man, it’s simply not nice to disrespect his culture or criticize his mentality or that of his country. You can compare cultures of different countries, but you shouldn’t criticize or be disrespectful. Why get to know foreign men at all, if the mentality of men, the picture of the world and relationships accepted in your home country suits you, or if you simply cannot accept the fact that a relationship between a man and a woman can develop in a different “scenario”?

Being open for new things, for a different culture and different way of looking at the world will help you to know the mentality of a foreigner, and, therefore, to understand whether you could marry, create a family with a man who is characterized by this way of looking at the world, this way of behavior.

Marriage, moving to another country and integration
Tolerance is an important part of integration in another country. If you cannot accept and respect the culture and views of a certain society, you cannot fully integrate into that society. And consequently, it is impossible to live a full-fledged life as a part of that society, of that country where you have moved to. For example, you do not need to accept another religion to integrate in another country. However, you do need to be respectful of the other religion.

It is important to accept the idea that when you marry a foreigner and move to live in another country, you are not just changing your place of residence geographically, but you are actually moving to another country where many things in society “function” differently. You will have to adapt to this and to accept the culture of this new country. Openness, tolerance will help you in that.

Tolerance and openness to the new, to another culture
In Germany it is common to say: “Andere Länder, andere Sitten”, which literally translates as “other countries, other customs”.

Not only to save time (you may be in a different country or culture than you are used to), but also to maintain peace of mind, we advise you to realise at an early stage that you’re not getting to know a Slavic man and to accept the differences, not just to expect your usual behavior or to point out the “mistakes” of a foreign cheating bachelor. For the foreigner, in your opinion, the “mistakes” in behavior will not be so, because he is not used to behave differently, he hasn’t had any other experience, he doesn’t know about the other model of behavior. You do not want him to start to “remake” you or criticize you for the views that have been raised in you by parents or society? Do not demand that and from him. Accept him for who he is.

The way of looking at the world that is prevalent in Eastern European countries is familiar only to members of Eastern European society. It may be, and even often is, alien to citizens of other countries. This, in turn, does not mean that it (Eastern European mentality) is the only right or not at all. There is no one right way of looking at the world, everything is relative and depends on the point of view and circumstances. So you just have to accept the differences of opinions and mentalities of different countries and try to find a “golden mean” for yourself without rejecting your own cultural identity completely and without denying the culture of another country. The country where you would like to live happily.

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