Did Neil Strauss, Author of the Game, Single Handily Destroy the PUA Community?

Men have been attempting to determine ladies out endlessly. There have been numerous books written on the topic over the years, but none of them appeared to work. That was till Neil Strauss just lately printed, The Game Penetrating the Secret Society of the Pick Up Artist. Neil’s eBook, a greatest vendor, appears to be the first eBook that males are really latching onto as the savior of the male race.

The eBook describes Neil’s journey from AFC (common pissed off chump) to PUA (choose up artist.) Neil, or Style as he refers to himself in the eBook, joins an underground neighborhood of aspiring PUA’s and begins unlearning the whole lot he is aware of about ladies. Once he washes out his outdated perception new lecturers, gurus, mad seducing scientists fill his mind with the strategies they use.

Mystery, of the Mystery Method, focuses his system on the M3 mannequin. This mannequin contains: constructing attraction, constructing consolation, and seduction. Mystery builds attraction by means of use of DHVs (demonstrations of increased worth.) A DHV may very well be merely a narrative wherein the storyteller shows a sure attribute he needs his listener to choose up on, or it may very well be magic trick, a humorous joke, or the method he handles the targets associates and the AMOGs (alpha males of the group.)

In Neils eBook he provides fairly a number of examples of openers, routines, and closes that he realized throughout his time finding out with Mystery, David DeAngelo, Ross Jeffries, Juggler, and the many different seduction gurus on the market.

Some of the widespread examples of Neil’s seduction arsenal:
The opinion opener
The cat on a string concept
The Best Friend check
The dice
The twin induction therapeutic massage
The ESP routine
Negging the goal
The Kiss shut
C vs. U formed smiles

While all these routines are area examined and work, the query is; How lengthy will they survive now that these routines have gotten mainstream data. How lengthy earlier than ladies choose up on what the man is doing? How lengthy earlier than they’ve heard the very same opener twice in a single night time?

Neil Strauss was just lately posed with this query. Here is his response:

“The fact is, the game will always work. It’s just that some of the wording to the scripts may have to change – and that’s only for those who use the scripts for “coaching.”

For example:

What’s one of the most cliched pickup lines in the world?

The corniest, cheesiest one?

That’s right: It’s “What’s your signal?”

If you walk up to a girl and say, “What’s your signal?” she’ll know you’re delivering a rehearsed pickup line from some bad 70’s TV show.

But guess what? “What’s Your Sign” is almost exactly like the openers and DHVs (demonstrations of higher value) in The Game.

There was a point when “What’s your signal” was not a corny way to start a conversation. It was a non-sexual opener: a means of breaking the ice with strangers without hitting on them. It was a current topic, exciting and interesting. (As Mystery once put it, the best subjects for conversations are relationships and the unknown.) Furthermore, it was a way of demonstrating value. Instead of saying “let’s ball” (or whatever the lingo was at the time), you were showing that you were spiritual and had interesting knowledge to offer.

In the parlance of the seduction community, it was a neutral entertaining opener with DHV spikes built in.

And, sure, we all know it’s outdated and cheesy. But isn’t it extraordinary how a few minutes into seventy percent of all conversations with women, a discussion of astrology ensues? She’ll probably ask you, “What signal are you?” And if you know a lot about astrology, it’s actually a demonstration of higher value.

(Note to logical, empirical, factual men: Don’t say, “I do not consider in that bullshit.” Cynicism and negativity are two traits to avoid when meeting a woman, even if you think they make you seem “cool.”)

When I was researching the book, I spent hours in Miami with a PUA named Maddash, who gave me a long tutorial on astrology. He taught me what all the signs meant, what the twelve houses were all about, how to identify astrological trends in people’s lives, and how to determine sign compatibility.

Whether or not I believed in astrology was immaterial: I now knew a lot about it. And it made for great conversation, connection, and value when I was meeting people.

So the epiphany I had was: “What’s your signal” STILL WORKS. It will always work.

Everything will always work. If people find out about it, all you have to do is change the way you say it and perhaps when you say it.

For example, if saying, “Hey guys, I want a fast opinion on one thing” telegraphs that you’re delivering a pickup line because the women read about it in a magazine, no worries. Just change it to: “I want some fast assist settling a debate.” If opinion openers don’t work anymore, save the question for later in the conversation. I already have three other types of openers I’ve come up with that I’m waiting for the right time to release. And if I can come up with alternatives, I’ve got a feeling YOU can too.

In the bigger picture, the thing that’s important to remember is: There is no such thing as a pickup line. The language and wording don’t matter. What’s important is the intent behind them. The Jealous Girlfriend opener works not because it’s the Jealous Girlfriend opener, but because it’s a way to start an animated conversation with a group of people without hitting on anyone. So as long as you can always do that, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Knowledge will not change the fundamentals of how women and men are attracted to each other. To make a bad comparison: Guys who like big breasts tend to be into women with fake breasts; it doesn’t even matter to them that they’re NOT REAL. They still flip the same attraction switches that natural ones do.”

So Neil clearly thinks that it’s the duty of the PUA to proceed to evolve. I couldn’t agree extra. I’m fairly shocked when I’m at a bar and I hear a man reciting a line phrase for phrase that he realized in a eBook. It is one factor to be taught rules and construct upon them with your personal character and expertise and its one other factor to be a social robotic.

Websites like TSB Magazine are getting tens of hundreds of hits day by day. I can solely hope that the males browsing these websites are searching for training into the deeper understanding of attraction and seduction, and usually are not searching for phrase for phrase traces to say to ladies at a bar.

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