Alexandra And Andreas

“Thank you for being a part of MeetKing.”

We registered on MeetKing in the hope of finding true, sincere love. My wife Alexandra took the first step and wrote me a letter in German. We communicated daily via WhatsApp and saw each other on weekends via Skype. We love hiking, we have a similar sense of humour, but otherwise we are still different.

Our first meeting took place on 07.08.2018 at the airport in Düsseldorf. I met my wife at the airport and together we went to her relatives in Bielefeld, where my wife lived during her stay in Germany. We talk to each other in German, my wife has a good command of German.

A relationship with someone from a different culture is very interesting and doesn’t become boring. Sometimes differences in mentality are felt in matters of punctuality and order, I am a typical German, who has to do everything properly and neatly :-). My wife approaches these issues in a more relaxed way than I do.

I wish everyone, who will dare to try his happiness on the dating site MeetKing, that he can find the same beautiful, sincere and pure love as we did. Tips: don’t be afraid to take risks, overcome fears (like I overcame my fear of flying a plane), always listen to your partner and his feelings, treat with understanding, never give up and never lose hope.

Alexandra and Andreas

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