What Girls Want?

What Girls Want

What Girls Want? How many men out there would love to have a fly on the wall in a room full of women thinking about the way they feel about men? It would definitely be a treat and could probably help men understand exactly what women have on their minds. It’s true that women don’t understand men who are just as mysterious as women.

Before attempting to fully uncover all the mysteries between the two sexes, I gathered a group of 15 women at AskMen.com headquarters, ranging in age from 20 to 40, to hear what they had to say about the enigma we commonly refer to as ‘the male.’ These women were single, married and divorced. They covered the entire professional spectrum: some were students, managers, secretaries, and even corporate executives.

If only walls had ears; Therefore, I inform you of what I have heard and taken note of. Men beware. You have assembled a group of women in an open forum, and any man would be too intimidated to enter the room, and for good reason. Yes, it was female bonding at its finest – I said female bonding, not female bonding!


Building bridges

Given the fact that I have received many emails asking for answers to the burning question, “What do women want?”, I HAD to come to the rescue of the poor souls who have no idea What do women long for? I hope this helps close the gap between Venus and Mars.

This is the first in a series of open forums aimed at creating a liberating environment for women to talk about what they love, hate, or just say what they feel. Watch out guys! Here it is.



A group of 15 women gathered in a room with the question ‘What do women want?’ In answering the question, many character traits were mentioned. These should not surprise most men, as they want pretty much the same things from women. Sincerity and honesty topped the list and were the most requested character traits desired in men. “I don’t want any more bull from men. No more bullshit ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’ I want the truth. I want the guy to be open and honest with me “, explained Sarah *.

Sarah wasn’t the only one who said she’s tired of men who are too scared to reveal their true feelings to their partners. ‘If the guy doesn’t have the guts to be honest, he should go somewhere else and put his lame excuses on his friends,’ Justine exclaimed.


Communication is the key

Along the same lines as honesty and openness comes the aspect of communication. Although men seem to think that women can’t bear to hear the truth about some things, women would rather have their partner tell them what’s bothering him than keep it for a rainy day or as spare ammunition in case they get into a fight situation.
6 out of 15 women said they don’t want a man who is indifferent; they want him to show more emotion when something is bothering him or when he is happy. “How else can we know how he feels if he just stares like a blank slate when asked a question? You get to express most of the emotions, ” Stephanie explained.

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