Ungodly Relationship Consequences

– Tested information of life
– Truths that may ship you from future ache

Gal 6:7, Jer 32:17-19, EccL 11:9-10, Eccl 12:1, Eph 5:14-17

1) Your life is your palms
– You could be no matter you need to be on this life. (Phil 4:13)
– We reap what we sow
– Life could be ruined/destroyed in youth.
– Life is sort of a coin you may spend it anyway you would like however you may solely spend it as soon as. (Eccl 11:9-10)
– This stage in life is a interval of character formation.
– It is a interval of basis mendacity. (Pro 11:3)
– If you lay a superb basis you’ll rejoice later, but when not you’ll remorse in life.
– It’s not completely improper to be in a relationship.
– You want to search out out the motives behind that relationship.
– Before you go into any relationship it’s essential ensure of your self.

First are born once more? If sure then each relationship must be primarily based on the ideas of the phrase of God.


Pro 11:3
– It is offensive to God.
– It opens a door to demons (spirit spouses)

Serpents will chunk you and all types of issues will set in.

– Academic failure- your consequence is essential and might have an effect on your selection of profession or put up graduate scholar.
– It results in emotional issues you start to fantasize (one other world)
– Pre-marital intercourse results in lack of belief and in addition most occasions results in damaged relationships /engagement after he has seen and examined you.
– Once you interact in pre-marital sex- there’s a drive to do it time and again except God helps you. (It is a limitless pit)
– Un needed being pregnant
– May result in abortion and finally to loss of life.
– It is healthier to bear the disgrace of them to abort it.
– It results in homicide. Ex 20:13
– It provides you a painful reminiscence.
– It results in lack of sexual satisfaction.
– It opens you as much as demonic operation in case your intercourse associate is possessed /demonized
– Sex is an alternate of blood and life is within the blood. (physique chemistry is alternate)
– It is an alternate of covenants.
– Curses are shared.
– May result in well being issues that provides you ache torments.
– It (could) deliver everlasting hatred/harm.
– Sexually transmitted ailments are exchanged within the course of.
– Casual intercourse results in informal love.
– The extra a person’s want for is glad outdoors marriage, the much less want he has for marriage.
– Love and infatuations experiences sturdy ardour and sexual urges however love displays self-control whereas infatuation is in a rush.
– The finest reward you can provide to your husband in your wedding ceremony night time is your virginity not “experience gotten from other men”

Ingredients of fine relationship

Integrity, trust-worthless for a wholesome relationship; Avoid dishonesty, it quenches love and destroys intimacy.

Three most essential selections within the life a single:

1. The determination to give up completely to God and serve him faithfully by turning into born once more.
2. Decision to find and fellow Gods goal to your life – have a imaginative and prescient of Gods plan to your life.
3. The determination of whom to marry.

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