The Youth Sexual Behavior

Sexual purity is likely one of the exceptional virtues which has obtained little consideration from the society at present. The consideration given to this advantage generally in the past is not any extra acknowledged. Sexual immorality has develop into the mainstay of the youth’s habits.

The query as as to if it’s essential to maintain oneself pure sexually has remained beneath quite a few controversies. Majority of the youth don’t see the necessity of preserving themselves pure when it comes to intercourse, that is due to the speed at which free intercourse is growing. The youth don’t see the necessity why their sexual feelings shouldn’t be put to check. Many younger women and men have come to embrace fashionable ideas of residing, compromising their sexual purity with no slight consideration. It may be very superb that even the older technology hardly discuss sexual purity.

Christians and their Muslims counterparts in addition to conventional people are torn between modern ideas and their sacred ideas or valued ideas; curbing sexual immorality among the many youth has develop into a significant problem to those spiritual adherents.

Society normally is to be blamed, because it has utterly failed to deal with the problem of immorality among the many youth. Thus it has suffered steady sexual misconducts and abuses in each nook and nook. Sexual injunctions laid down by societies have continually been defied. This rebellious phenomenon in recent times has expressed itself in rank permissiveness in European and American societies. Today, in Ghanaian societies too, the traditional reticence about intercourse is being exploded and permissiveness and promiscuous indulgence among the many younger and outdated have gotten nationwide ethical concern. The seriousness of this amongst Ghanaian youth is especially alarming.

There is a poor sexual habits within the mist of Ghanaian youth of at present. This immorality is because of quite a few components contributing to very appalling sexual angle.

In the primary place, the youth freely take pleasure in boy-girl relationships with out examine. Curiosity is the mind behind most of those relationships. In such relationships, a man or a woman tries to experiment his or her sexual feelings and satisfies it. Gone are the times they dare to enterprise into such an enviornment.

Besides, there may be additionally an concept of courting a man or a woman for cause which solely the 2 contain can clarify. This concept is rising very quick among the many educated youth. Most of those ‘datings’ lack correct monitoring and counseling from accountable adults and that the 2 contain freely comply with their emotional intuition to do no matter pleases them. The type of courting individuals observe in Ghana, particularly in faculties and schools, can solely been described as “sex dating”.

Uncontrollable courting which lack maturity and correct monitoring all the time lands in sexual actions and therefore immorality.

Moreover, the watching of attractive movies or pornographic movies can be on the ascendancy. Pornographic movies and photos freely flow into on our markets unchecked, straight portrayed by each the print and the digital media particularly the web and the TV stations. Our modern music incorporates quivers of sexual lyrics and quantum sexual publicity. The youth have taken the chance of the present scenario of the society to resort to the watching of those movies to fulfill their sexual drives. Many of them have ruined their minds for soiled intercourse, dangerous public exposures (exhibiting of breast although dressed by most girls) and different sexual abuses. Rape and defilement, gross fornication and prostitution are the fruits of this pornographic commercialization.

Masturbation among the many youth can be one other lasting problem contributing to sexual immorality among the many youth. This act has develop into the day by day exercise of most common adolescents present in our secondary faculties and schools in addition to universities. Some overdo it and get themselves mad and wild for intercourse. The end result may be very unspeakable.

What is especially lamentable is how the youth freely entry household planning for his or her sexual acquire. Family planning in Ghana has no restrict or barrier when it comes to it use and prescription, that’s who’re the proper individuals to entry it? Though meant for controlling household dimension, it has somewhat develop into the avenue the place many of the youth discover answer to their sexual exploitation and journey. Free intercourse is raiding the youth unabated. Institution appears mendacity low regarding this development of youth’s irresponsible habits.

Teenage being pregnant among the many much less privileged may be very rampant. A variety of youngsters who’re born out of wedlock attributable to irresponsible habits outweigh the reputable youngsters born to marriage couples. Due to improper upbringing, most of those youngsters find yourself on the street. Those who haven’t any selection resort to social vices such armed theft, prostitution, drug dealings and amongst others. Diseases are raiding many with HIV/AIDS being the deadliest. Life spans of individuals are shortened nowadays attributable to immorality. Our human assets capability is endangered on a regular basis.

Parents, lecturers, conventional rulers, instructional directors, spiritual leaders and different accountable adults are more and more getting alarmed and anxious about developments in sexual habits among the many youth. There is certainly an upheaval in male-female relationships and there’s a break-up of conventional sexual morality. Sexual indulgence or promiscuity amongst our ladies is getting alarmingly excessive. Many girls and boys are sometimes discovered with contraceptives in our faculties and schools together with pornographic movies. The wave of sexuality that’s engulfing the youth is accompanied by enhance in thefts, covetousness, shamelessness, jealousy, pleasure, selfishness, wickedness, rise up and violence. Sex appears to be the foundation of all evils and never cash. It may be stated with out exaggeration that these developments pose an incredible hazard to the way forward for this nation; for because the dictum of Lenin rightly expresses it, “if we wish to destroy a nation, we must first destroy its morals”.

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