Should Christian Singles Date More Than One Person at a Time?

Here’s a usually highly-debated query: Should Christian singles date multiple individual at a time?
The purpose it is so usually debated as a result of it is such a murky query. Before we are able to even start to assault the query, we now have to contemplate: what is the function of dating anyway? And – should not we be ‘courting’ as an alternative of ‘dating’?

What is the aim of dating? According to right this moment’s tradition, it is a method of attending to know somebody, to hang around with a member of the other intercourse, to have somebody to escort you (or be escorted) to an essential occasion or (relying on how worldly you might be) a method of acquiring a common intercourse accomplice. Courting is taken into account to be dating, however with one essential caveat: you might be seeing that individual as preparation for getting married. Therefore, courting is normally thought-about way more severe.

So, returning to the unique query (now that we now have a working definition of dating), ought to Christians date multiple individual at a time? What do you consider it?

I personally assume it is a dangerous concept. Why? Because, with all issues, the extra components you throw into the pot, the extra complicated issues will likely be. Let’s say you’re going out with Bill (whom you want), often spend time with Tim (as a result of he has a actually cool-looking automobile) and have simply began seeing Steve (as a result of he’s so high-quality). What do you assume will change into of all these relationships? You like Bill, however he’ll greater than doubtless get misplaced within the shuffle as you juggle him and two different males. Tim is cool, however he does not have a lot to say for himself. However, you get a private excessive from being seen in his Corvette, so that you proceed to waste time with him. And Steve? You might or might not like him, however you do not know as a result of you do not have the time or vitality to spend a lot time with him! So you might be dating three males, however not getting a complete lot of enjoyable. Are you having enjoyable but?

I feel it’s simpler (and way more productive) to simply date one individual at a time. In a good world, I might even advise courting, versus dating. That method you’ll each know that what you might be doing is attending to know one another and getting ready for marriage with that individual. But I acknowledge that we don’t reside in a good world (and most women and men aren’t able to be that dedicated till they’ve spent extra time with a individual), so my greatest recommendation could be to simply spend time with one individual. (When I say in earlier chapters you must ‘preserve your choices’ open, this normally applies to somebody you might be simply attending to know. If you’ve been dating a few folks casually and eventually determine with whom you need to be severe, then it is time to lastly shut these choices.)

Why? Because your life is busy sufficient as it’s – you’ve church, you’ve your loved ones, you’ve your folks, and presumably college and a job. Dating multiple individual will certainly detract from all these items. I feel your time will likely be a lot better spent doing issues to construct your life, your funds and your relationship with God. And, as I discussed in an earlier chapter, Does Being Single Mean Putting Your Life on Hold?, when you find yourself single, you might be centered on God. And on serving Him. As a married individual, you’ll extra naturally start to change into extra centered on pleasing your mate. So, since you realize that can occur when you get married, it can be crucial as a single individual to verify God is your main focus so as to have this relationship to construct upon (the one with God) when you find yourself married (as a result of having a sturdy relationship with God is what’s going to let you have a sturdy relationship together with your husband). And you won’t be able to focus in your relationship with God if you’re dating a number of folks at as soon as!

So, if you’re dating multiple individual proper now, critically contemplate why that is. Do you discover none of them very satisfying as a potential mate? Are you attempting to be a participant? Are you simply not trying to be severe proper now? Or do you simply assume that is the norm?

And, after you’ve answered these questions, contemplate if that’s the greatest use of your time. Only you realize what’s going on in your life, so solely you can also make that call. I solely hope (and pray) you make your best option for your self.

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