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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus? It seems not, but common themes are sometimes hard to find. We are definitely of the same species, but sometimes both act like aliens. And it becomes difficult to understand each other. What to tell a girl so she did not die of boredom and support the conversation? I will tell you how to start a dialogue with a girl when you have nothing to talk about, how to talk to a girl to make her like you, and what topics you can talk to her about, how to keep the conversation going. As a bonus – examples of conversation with a girl: at the first meeting and later.

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What to talk about with a girl. How to find a topic to talk about

How to begin a conversation with a girl

How to talk about yourself in interesting ways

What to talk to a girl about on the phone

What to talk to a girl about on the Internet


What to talk to a girl about on a date

What not to talk about

What to talk about with a girl. How to find a topic of conversation

There’s never a question of what to talk about with your friends, whether it’s sitting in the garage with a beer, going to the movies, or having a party at one of your houses. While in the company of girls, guys often resemble fish: 

  • They blink their eyes,
  • open and close their mouths in surprise,
  • they don’t understand at all what sound to make.

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Is it really that critical? Yes, for centuries women have differed from men as a minimum because of different social positions. Now feminism has settled most of these differences. We grow up in the same conditions and have conventionally the same, almost equal opportunities. It doesn’t ensure identical thinking, but it keeps discomforting differences to a minimum.

Keep up with the times, leave misogyny to the Middle Ages and see girls as people first. How to talk to people usually turns out to be clearer. The relevance and pleasantness of the topic usually does not depend on the gender of the interlocutor, but on his interests and knowledge. If you’re an engineer, you may find it hard to talk about work with a confectioner, whether male or female. Stop being so timid in front of girls-they’re not as alien as many people are used to thinking they are.

Of course, there are differences in thinking: due to gender, women have a stronger multi-tasking and emotional interaction, while men’s brains are better attuned to tunneling and persistent single problem solving and a complex deep learning of the mechanisms of action of the world around them.

Nevertheless, this issue is smoothed over by sympathy in most cases. When two people are interested in communicating, they both strive to find a suitable topic, and even to make any topic suitable. The trick is that this almost always succeeds-just because both want it to.

So what do you say to a woman when you first meet her if you don’t know what to say? Anything! Whatever comes to mind, as long as it’s not rude or vulgar.

  • Give a compliment.
  • Ask her something.
  • Tell her you like her.
  • Admit that you can’t think of anything to talk about
  • Find any excuse around you and use it.

Don’t freeze in front of a woman just because she is a woman – and at least half of your communication problems will disappear 🙂

How to start a conversation with a girl

Many are lost at the first stage and do not know how to talk to a girl they like.

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I’ll give you some advice on this:

  • Find an unobtrusive reason. The weather outside, the taste of coffee in the establishment, the dog walking nearby.
  • Say a compliment. Praise the ability to dress, beautiful makeup, face, smile, look, hair, legs, general appearance. And that’s just the standard list of reasons to compliment. If you give out something like “girl, you have such an Italian nose” – you will only win more attention. Find a reason for a compliment is easy: just follow what attracted you to a particular girl so that you wanted to talk to her, and say something nice about it.
  • Act provocatively. Openly declare your sympathy, call on a date directly or veiled. Don’t give reticence the slightest chance from the start: let her know why you approached her.

In the first stage of acquaintance you will get to know each other. This is the time when seemingly stupid questions about work, studies, hobbies, dreams, childhood become completely relevant. You’ll need to start the conversation with the girl in the right way. This is a simple step: you’ll tell her about yourself and ask everything you want to know about her.

When the acquaintance takes place, you will already discover something in common – or at least a desire to find it. In fact, all communication is built on the demand for communication. As long as you want to communicate, topics will come and go. Even the daily exchange of news, which is nothing grandiose, will be enjoyable and important communication.

What should couples do when they discover they have nothing in common?

  • If they stay together, it’s usually the interest in each other that keeps them together.
  • Each finds something inspiring, cool, and interesting in his or her partner, and they live it.
  • They don’t do anything together, but each cheers for the other and is genuinely interested in him.

You don’t have to have anything in common for love, nor do you have to be complete opposites. You only have to want these feelings and be interested in each other. Seriously.

How to talk about yourself in an interesting way

To get a girl to talk, you need to know how to present yourself. Show your best side at the beginning: this determines how communication will develop later on.

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I’ll give you some tips on how to better present yourself in an acquaintance:

  • Be confident in yourself. Speak clearly, don’t be afraid to make jokes, and be cool about trick questions. Tease yourself, don’t be shy about any topics, Try to be charismatic.
  • Be polite. Don’t ask the girl too personal right away, don’t interrupt, apply the technique of active listening and take an interest in her. Being a good conversationalist is half the battle.
  • Talk about what you are good at and what you like. This way you show your passion, your skill, your enthusiasm – and give the impression of someone who loves life and knows how to find interesting things in it.
  • Try as little as possible to talk about the shortcomings and problems. But do not try to pretend that they do not exist – it’s more likely to cause suspicion. Keep a balance: do not talk only about the problems and their shortcomings, but do not avoid these topics, if they are accidentally touched upon. Say little, but don’t be shy: a man who admits his weaknesses is trustworthy.
  • Take an interest in the girl. You didn’t just want to meet her, did you? Maintain your interest. Ask her questions, be surprised, offer help, build associative chains – and that conversation will be enjoyable for both of you.
  • Turn sad moments in your biography into jokes. Don’t devalue them, but don’t present them as drama. The wording you need is something like, “Actually, it was a pretty tough moment, but never again in my life have I had to think about how many Snickers it takes to run away from home for a week. This approach tends to characterize mature individuals who have come to terms with their own traumas and made the most of them.
  • Share your plans. Tell what you would like and what you already know how to get.
  • Show your best moral principles-anyone has them, anyway. And when there aren’t too many, and they’re really good for life, girls respect that kind of conservatism.
  • Make jokes. Sharp, subtle, and on time. Humor will make a terrific story even the most inarticulate and rambling thing you’ve ever said. An impending dissatisfaction can always be corrected with humor.
  • Be optimistic. Not the kind that doesn’t take off the rose-colored glasses, but the kind that believes in your ability to provide yourself with a happy ending and a life to be content with. Optimists are loved: they don’t complain, they don’t scare you with gloomy predictions, and they don’t bore you with whining.

What to talk to a girl on the phone

Optimal topics are about work or school, the news, and when you will see each other. On the phone, it’s convenient to flirt and pique a girl’s interest – the latter topic is especially relevant.

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I’ll explain using an example of a phone conversation with a girl:

– Hi, this is *name*. You gave me your number, remember?
– Oh, hey, nice to hear from you!
– How’s school going? Are you studying for your exams?
– I’m trying, but I get distracted all the time.
– I believe in you, you’re smart and responsible.
– Really? Well, if you are, maybe I really can do it.
– You’ll do great, literally. And I’ll make sure to reward you with something nice afterwards.

– Hi. I missed your voice. Tell me something, what’s new with you?
– Hey. (Chuckles) Good to hear from you, too. Nothing much, I guess. I’ve got a movie planned for Friday, but it’s just a routine.
– Great, what are you going to see?
– Some kind of horror movie. We’re going as a group. I haven’t really gotten into it yet.
– Horror movies are great. It’ll give you some adrenaline. It’ll be fun.
– Yeah, I hope so.
– You have a good trip, then. I hope you’ll keep me company sometime.
– Not this Friday, but someday I will.

– Hi. Have you forgotten that I exist yet?
– No, how could I!
– That’s good.
– I really enjoy texting and talking to you.
– So why don’t you allow yourself more joy and meet me?
– Can you promise me joy?
– I’ll swear on anything. You know me, I’ll do anything to the highest standard. Literally everything.
– Hmm, sounds like fun. Then how about Saturday?
– I’ll make it up to you.
– What an honor!
– Take advantage of my kindness and desire to see you!

What to talk with a girl on the internet

If the conversation on the phone should be short and succinct, the Internet is just the way to break it up. Discuss each other, the news, hobbies, share stories and opinions on anything.

Online dating

You can talk about anything on the Internet:

  • From food preferences to family history,
  • about animals,
  • travel,
  • dreams and plans,
  • theories,
  • science,
  • nature,
  • space,
  • literature and cinema – the list of topics is inexhaustible.

It’s also an easy way to get a woman to talk about funny topics. Don’t believe it? See for yourself in the following articles!

On a dating site

A dating site is more conducive to talking about personalities and relationships – you can ask how long the girl has been there, if she likes it, what she’s looking for. Talk about personal things, so you can see each other as soon as possible and decide if it’s necessary to date.

online dating

Here are a few examples:

– Hi. I’m new to the site, decided to write to you because you look friendly in the picture. Let’s get acquainted 🙂 How long have you been here?
– Hi. Yeah, sure. Thanks for the compliment. It’s been three months.
– Wow, that seems like a long time. What’s the experience like?
– It varies. Some guys are good, some guys are inadequate.
– What category am I in so far?
– You seem pretty good.)
– That’s good to know. You’re the first girl I’ve written to, and I like chatting too. What do you do, what do you like?
– I’m a designer. In my free time I go swimming.
– That’s great! I am not a very good swimmer 🙂 But I am a good designer and that’s what I earn.
– It’s really easy to swim 🙂
– Will you teach me sometime?
– Sure!

– Hi. You have a charming smile, I couldn’t help but write 🙂
– Thanks!
– What are you doing?
– Right now, I’m having dinner. Actually, I work in an office.
– Do you like dating sites?
– Yeah, there’s a lot of interesting people.
– I think I might be one of them 🙂
– Talking will show while you have all the chances!

– Hi. You have such beautiful eyes! I’ve gone over the picture a few times.
– Hi. Thanks, and you have a good figure 🙂
– And not just a figure!
– Really?
– Yeah, I’m also the city’s premier coffee connoisseur.
– Haha 🙂 the coffee sommelier?
– Yeah. And that’s just one of the perks! I’m sure you have a lot of those, too.
– How do you know?
– Professional intuition! Let’s talk on the phone or meet – I’ll prove it 😉
– Well, show me what you can do on Friday at the best coffee house in town!
– Deal!

On Facebook

This is an environment for discussing everything. 

I’ll prove it with examples and tell you what to talk about with a girl in a Facebook correspondence:

– Hi! You’re as pretty as the cupcake I had today.
– Ahahaha! A work of art for breakfast?
– It sure is. But I think you’re still cooler: the cupcake had no sense of humor. Where did you get such gorgeous photos from?
– From my vacation in Thailand.)
– I knew it! I’ve been there myself.
– You like to travel?
– Yeah, I’ve been to 20 countries.
– Wow, that’s impressive!
– Would you like to hear it sometime?
– Tell a good story here, and then we’ll decide 🙂
– No problem!

– Hi. What does such a beautiful girl do in the evenings?
– Walking the dog and social networking 🙂
– Sounds good. I got to social media already, maybe I will see the dog too 😉 what is your breed?
– Golden Retriever. Here’s a picture.
– He looks cute. But you can not tell from the photo. Can I keep you company for a walk?
– Not so fast! But it’s not out of the question 🙂
– Well, I’m ready to earn that right.

– Hello, girl of my dreams. Do you want to meet a prince on a white horse? I’m ready to wear a crown and get a horse 🙂
– Wow! A plan to do something?
– And that’s just the beginning. If you let me, of course.
– And what does the prince like, what does he do?
– The prince runs a candy store. And he likes to do good deeds.)
– Would you do a couple for me?
– Anything you want! I could start with eclairs 🙂
– Sounds like fun! I’ll give your eclairs a chance, I guess 🙂

What to talk with a girl on a date

There are many topics for communication on a date.

Here is a very simple list:

  • About the news.
  • About what’s going on around me.
  • About plans.
  • About the evening.
  • About each other.
  • About nature.
  • About feelings.
  • About hedonism.
  • About culture.
  • About relationships.
  • About friends.
  •  About family.
  • About pets, if any.
  • About who likes what.
  • About desires.
  • Vacations and weekends.
  • About the agenda for the next date.
  • About what happens after the date.
  • About aesthetics and beauty.
  • About his own hobbies.

What not to talk about

You can really discuss almost anything with a girl. 

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However, there are taboo topics with which it is better not to take risks:

  • Former relationships.
  • Financial issues (only if you’re not at the family budget stage)
  • Things she thinks are nasty.
  • Gossip about friends.
  • Things that absolutely do not interest her in any way.

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  1. What would you like to talk about with a girl?
  2. And are the topics of conversation very different when she suggests them and when you suggest them?
  3. Do you think you can talk to a girl about a very limited number of topics?
  4. Share your opinions in the comments.

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