How to Tell if a Man Likes You: 16 Important Signs to Look For!

How to tell if a man likes you? If you’re not paying attention to the signs, perhaps because you’re looking at your phone too much, you may miss when a man likes you. If he likes you, there are many telltale signs, but you need to know what to look for and actually know what’s going on around you.

Here are the 16 different signs of how to tell if a man likes you:

1. You catch him looking at you

When you see a man looking at you from across the room, he is interested in you. This is one way to determine if he likes you. If you look back, he may even come over and start a conversation with you. He may not know if he likes you yet, but it’s safe to say he likes the way you look, which is a start.

When he talks to you, he may look you in the eye a little longer than a casual friend … another good sign that he likes you.

2. He pays a lot of attention to you

One sure way to tell if a man likes you has to do with attention. If a man likes you, he will pay a lot of attention to you. He will ask you many questions to get to know you (Read: 8 questions to get to know him). Pay attention to the questions. For example, if he asks you basic things like where you’re from and what kind of work you do, he’s probably just making small talk.

But small talk is how guys start. If he sticks around after small talk to really get to know you, he’ll like you. When you’re ready, try these 11 seduction techniques to win him over .

3. He’s looking for things you have in common

When talking to a guy, a pretty good sign that he likes you is when he says he likes the same things you do. Whether it’s a certain movie, music, or whatever, he’s trying to bond with you. He’s seeing if you two can get along and do a lot together.

It’s not a perfect sign, but it’s a pretty good one.

It’s also important to have things in common if you want relationship compatibility. Discover the 5 things you need for compatibility This article.

4. He tries to make you laugh

It’s not always easy to be genuinely funny. When someone tries hard to be funny or witty, he is trying to impress you. He knows that girls always say they like guys who have a sense of humor, and he’s trying to win you over, which is a great way to determine if he likes you.

5. He laughs at your jokes

People who have researched humor in dating found that guys like girls who laugh at their jokes. Guys probably think they’ll like them too if they laugh at your jokes.

You might and you might not, but know that he’s probably laughing at your jokes to show that he likes you. You could also be really funny. In any case, his laughing with you is a good sign that he likes you.

6.He seems to be jealous when you talk to other people.

If he sees you talking to another man and you see that he is not happy about it, he likes you. One sign he might give that he is jealous is a sourpuss face. He might try to listen to what you and the other person are talking about. He might even show up and claim you in some way by taking your hand or being aggressive with the other person.

Find out how it goes make a guy jealous to make him yours!

7. He bends over to you when he talks to you

When a guy who likes you talks to you, he will focus his attention on you and lean over to be closer to you. Compare this to the guy who is not interested and leans back and scans the room.

8. He makes frequent contact with you

If he makes contact, this is an important sign and also quite flattering. If you also like him, you are probably thrilled that he contacts you often and may even want to see you all the time.

A healthy dose of contacting you and seeing you when he says he will is a sign that he likes you. But if he starts monopolizing all your time, it could be a turn off for you. Learn how to deal with a clingy boyfriend this post.

Sometimes a man is as nervous as you are. Don’t wait for him when you can try these11 ways to start the conversation now!

9. He is conscientious about coming back to you

If he doesn’t return your text right away, or if he’s late for a date and doesn’t say anything about it, it’s a sign that he doesn’t like you that much.

But something happens. There are legitimate reasons why he couldn’t write you back or why he was late. If he sincerely apologizes and you know he’s real, forgive him. He probably likes you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t bother explaining himself.

10. He asks about your day

Suppose you told a man that you had a job interview the next day. If he likes you, he will ask you about it the next time he talks to you. This shows that he is thinking about what is going on in your life and cares enough to ask you about it. If he didn’t like you that much, he probably even forgot that something important was going on, and he won’t ask.

However, this does not mean that there is no hope. Did you know that there are ways to get your crush to like you? Find out how !

11. He helps you out

Do you have a big step ahead of you? Do you need to study for a big test? Need help figuring out what’s wrong with your car or if you should buy a new one? A guy who likes you will jump at the chance to help. Most of these tasks aren’t too exciting for guys to want to do. So if a guy can’t wait to help, it’s a safe bet that he likes you.

12. He tries to hang out with you alone

If your man plans a date where it’s just the two of you, he’s into you. A guy who doesn’t like you that much usually wants to go out in a group so he’ll be distracted. And a guy who isn’t into you won’t ask you out in advance or very far in advance because he won’t care that much if you’re already busy.

But a guy who likes you will plan a romantic date for himself. But if you want to blow his mind with a great date, try one of these 17 romantic date night ideas.

13. He stays around you at a party

A guy who doesn’t like you might still ask you to go with him to a friend’s party. But when you get there, he’ll probably leave you to your own devices while he talks to his friends. But if he likes you, he will most likely stay pretty close to you. He will introduce you to people and act like he is proud to be with you.

14. He is not thrilled when you go out with someone

You may like a man, but think your relationship is meant for friendship. He can always say that he just wants to be friends, even though you both seem so right for each other. When you start to think that this relationship is really just a friendship and start seeing someone else, see how he reacts.

If he is upset or just unhappy about seeing you with another man, he may like you more as a friend. If you are with another man, this may cause him to get over whatever is holding him back if he doesn’t want to lose you.

15. He trusts you

When a man confides in you, he is trying to connect with you on a deep level. This opens the door to building a relationship. Guys usually only confide in girls they like. However, confiding in you does not always mean that he wants to have a relationship with you. In this case, you may still be in the friend zone. Take his trust in you as a sign that this could lead to something romantic.

16. He says he likes you

If you are particularly blunt and stubborn and can’t tell a certain man that he likes you, even after showing several signs, he may come right out and tell you that he likes you. Be careful with this one though. Some people might say this just to hook up for the night.

If that’s what you want too, then great. Read our tips for fantastic casual sex .

But if you want something more long-lasting, see where the relationship goes first and if he really likes you or if he just likes the idea of going to bed with you. Look for signs of sexual attraction if you want to sleep with him.

And just as important as knowing when a man likes you is knowing when he doesn’t. If you’re wondering, ‘Does he like me?’ Here are four ways to tell:

1. He only treats you as a friend

If you have been texting and communicating for a while, but you are never asked out, he probably doesn’t like you that way. However, he could just be shy. Discover how to tell with ease if a shy guy likes you .

2. He seems happy in his current relationship

If he’s with someone and happy, or if he talks about his ex all the time, he’s not into you. He may be hanging out with you, but his heart is probably with her. Or at the very least, there are some unresolved issues he has with this other person. In either case, he can’t devote himself to you at this point, so it’s probably best not to waste your time with this guy.

3. He doesn’t touch you much, if at all.

When a guy is into you, he wants to touch you. Women do it all the time too when they flirt (Read 15 flirting tips to make him obsessed )! He will show you affection, compliment you, and make you feel hot and sexy. If he doesn’t do these things and barely touches you, he probably doesn’t like you that much.

Don’t forget to read this 13 signs that a guy is absolutely flirting with you !

4. He is telling you right now

man holding smartphone leaning on bicycle during daytime

No one but a real jerk will just say he doesn’t like you. But there are code words that mean the same thing. So, if you’re wondering, ‘Does he like me?” look for the biggest sign, which is probably him saying he’s ‘not ready for a relationship right now’. Yikes. Don’t keep dating this guy.

Think about it: If you really liked a man and wanted to be with him, would you say those words to him? No, but you might say them to a guy you like to hang out with when no one is around, but you don’t like romantically. It’s the same with guys.

All men are different, so these rules don’t apply to every man in every case. But they are general rules that can give you a good starting point. If you’re wondering how to tell if a man likes you, the often confusing world of dating will go a little smoother if you know the signs of when a man does and doesn’t like you.

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