How To Start a Conversation With a Girl You Like: Top 100 Phrases

It seems that the phrase “you can’t ride a crooked goat” was coined about girls and how to start a conversation with a stranger. Some people just need to walk up and say the first compliment that comes to their mind, while others will watch a girl for days before they figure out how to start a conversation with a woman to get acquainted. If you don’t know where to start a conversation with a woman you’ve just met, this article is for you. Learn what words to say when meeting an unfamiliar girl, how to hit on a girl with phrases, how to start communicating with a girl online. There will be not only theory, but also practice: I will share examples of phrases to communicate with a girl and words that they like.

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Why it is important to start dating in the right way

List of the best phrases for dating a girl

Examples of phrases for online dating

Original and unusual phrases

Funny and funny phrases

Beautiful and romantic phrases

Offline Dating Phrases: Anywhere and Anytime

In cultural places

Why it’s important to start dating in the right way

The answer is simple: because further communication depends on it. You can’t make a first impression twice, and you can’t replay it. We form an initial opinion about a person in 15 seconds of interaction, and the rest is simply layered on top of it. Of course, there are situations where the first impression is deceptive, but you have to at least earn the chance to prove it if the acquaintance fails.

The way you look, how and what you say is the main thing that a girl remembers about you in the very early stage of acquaintance. For the first time this image of you will be fixed in her mind. And if this image is not good enough, you won’t get a chance to continue acquaintance.

This is the importance of an original, literate and catchy first phrase. If it does not provide half the success, it is entirely dependent on it, whether it will be possible to show your best side. Try to make a good impression on the girl right away – and it will be much easier to communicate later.

A list of the best phrases to meet a girl

If you are lost and don’t know what to say to a girl when you first meet her, you have two ways. You can either orient yourself by the situation, train your communication skills and learn how to get acquainted, or use ready-made template phrases. In the first case you will definitely be cooler, but the second will get results faster.

Here is a list of good phrases to start a conversation with a girl:

  • Keep smiling – I’m falling more and more in love!
  • You are so charming that I completely forgot what I wanted to ask you.
  • You have such a warm look in your eyes – can you give me some tenderness?
  • I looked at you so much that I forgot to introduce myself. Let’s try again!
  • What’s the secret of your always delightful appearance?
  • Can I walk you home? At least with a look.
  • I beg your pardon. Tell me, please, what is the shortest road to your heart?
  • Do you believe in love at the eleventh sight?
  • Young lady, what time is it, please? Free. You.
  • I thought my smile was irresistible, but yours seems to rival it.
  • Your name is the only thing I couldn’t read in your eyes. Help me fill that gap.
  • I can’t remember my phone number. Maybe I can do better with yours.
  • What gods do I pray to that you’ll be as interested in me as I am in you?
  • Wow! I didn’t expect to meet the girl from my dream.
  • Do you tolerate tardiness? Because I’m worried that I’m too late to meet you and have feelings for you, and my place has already been taken by someone else.
  • I’ve been studying the local cafes for several evenings. And now I know where we can enjoy coffee together!
  • Help me, girl, what are you standing there for? Can’t you see I’m drowning in your eyes?
  • There are at least two people in this place who got lucky today. And that’s us.
  • What stunningly beautiful legs you have, young lady! I’m even jealous!
  • Is it all right if I walk up with such a smug look on my face?
  • Oh, girl, do you smile so radiantly at everyone, or only at those you like?
  • You must have a lot of boyfriends. But I’m the best of them. Want me to prove it to you?
  • Young lady, don’t look at me like that. My own thoughts are making me blush.
  • Smile, please, it’s dark outside.
  • What a beauty! Are those your feet?
  • Young lady, do young men crawl at your feet regularly?
  • Have you turned many of them away today? I’ve had four so far. What a cheeky bunch of girls!
  • You’re like a museum piece, girl. You can’t touch it with your hands – yet, but you want to watch it.
  • Young lady, do you want to get married? No! Good, then I’m in the right place.
  • Young lady! Did you just pinch my ass? No? Oh, that’s too bad, too bad.

Examples of phrases for online dating

It’s easier to be brave on the Internet, but it’s often difficult to find a reason to meet a girl. You have to think up something unusual for a girl, because you can’t just sit down with her and make a joke or ask her what she’s doing. 

If you don’t know what to write a nice girl and how to start an interesting conversation with a strange woman – this list is for you (and this one). I tell you how to get acquainted with a girl on the Internet, and what compliments to write her when dating in correspondence. For convenience, I will divide all the phrases into three categories.

Original and unusual phrases

  • Hi, can I talk to you? Cause there’s all kinds of women…
  • Hi. What are you doing tomorrow night after our date?
  • Young lady, you’re the only one who can save me. I don’t know how to make dumplings, and I’ll come to dinner with you if you don’t tell me.
  • Do you think I like you more than you like me?
  • It’s such a lovely day, I can’t leave you without a good mood.
  • Tired of waiting for you to write first. Hi!
  • One look was enough for me to know that we just had to meet.
  • You dreamt about me a couple of days ago, remember?
  • How about a little flirting?
  • Hi, I need to know what it’s like to be a totally charming girl for research. Can you help me?

Funny phrases

  • Are we just going to keep on liking each other, or are we going to get to know each other?
  • Until I looked at your pictures, I was sure I was gay.
  • I’ll trade you my free time and you give me your companionship.
  • Who’s your boyfriend? Let’s be me.
  • If I were a nice girl like you, I’d be sure to meet me.
  • Are you seeing someone? Or maybe you need someone better?
  • You have very pretty eyes. Especially the right one!
  • What a mouth. I’d just love to see it. You’ve got a great mouth.
  • They say you can get what you can from who you can get. I want to get it from you. Have fun with me, please.
  • Ever been on an escalator? Let me take you for a ride!

Beautiful and romantic phrases

  • You look like a beautiful man. I’ve always dreamed of meeting someone like that.
  • I wonder what such a beautiful girl is doing in our town and not in Hollywood. But I guess it’s luck. Let’s get acquainted, shall we?
  • I saw a star fall from heaven yesterday. Then today I stumbled across your profile. I don’t think that’s a coincidence!
  • This day seemed incredibly sad to me, but your photos changed everything dramatically.
  • I have a piece of happiness lying around, looking for a beautiful girl to give it to. You seem to be the perfect fit.
  • I assumed it was possible to meet a dazzlingly beautiful girl on a dating site – but that much! I’m blown away. I didn’t expect it.
  • I’ve read a ton of advice on how to start conversations with girls, but one look at your photos and I can’t remember anything. Why don’t we just get to know each other?
  • You look like the girl I’ve been looking for all my life. Shall we celebrate? I found it, didn’t I?
  • Young lady, be careful! You almost missed an opportunity to meet a great guy.
  • You know, you look just like my first wife. I haven’t seen her yet.

You can also see a list of affectionate words that make girls melt.

Phrases for offline dating: anywhere and anytime

Situational dating can be tricky, but in most cases it’s the most interesting and fun. Check it out for yourself! And I’ll tell you what phrases to use to flirt with a girl, no matter where you see her.

On the street

  • Young lady, did you drop a smile?
  • Young lady, did you drop a smile? Not you? Please drop it, I really need it.
  • You can’t walk on busy streets with your legs like that! Aren’t you ashamed of provoking accidents?
  • It doesn’t matter when the trees are in bloom – you can make any street look a thousand times better.
  • I look at you and think: why monuments to Lenin are placed in squares, and your beauty has not yet put any?
  • Girl, it’s so cold! Can I walk beside you for a while? Your charm is warming.
  • I love charity. Can I donate coffee to the owner of the most radiant smile?
  • I was looking for something interesting to see in the area, and I found you. Where are you headed? I haven’t looked yet.
  • Young lady, I need your help! Be my navigator. A navigator is a good place to start, don’t you think?
  • I’ve never seen such beautiful sights as you in any other place on the planet.

In transportation

  • Young lady, are you getting off at the next one? What about the next one? How about getting off at my stop?
  • This bus must be special after you’ve ridden it.
  • You look so stunning, I can’t tell if it’s the train wheels beating – or my heart.
  • My day will be wasted if I don’t pay your fare and buy you a coffee.
  • Young lady, you’re so charming, but so tortured. Will you let me get you out of this stuffy metal monster and fix your mood and evening?
  • I wouldn’t enjoy riding in the same limousine as the Queen of England as much as I would enjoy riding in the same trolleybus with you.
  • Young lady, be careful not to dazzle the driver with your beauty!
  • What are you doing on the transport? I thought celestial creatures float above the ground by themselves!
  • Young lady, you seem to be uncomfortable holding on to the handrail. Try my shoulder – it’s just as strong!
  • How can you walk in those heels? Why don’t you sit down and rest? You can sit right on my lap.

In the store

  • Young lady, help me with my choice, please. I want to trust you more than the consultant.
  • Do you know what the most valuable thing in this store is? No? I’m looking at the most valuable thing right now.
  • Young lady, teach a bachelor how to pick vegetables.
  • What, are you confused? It’s a big window. Come on, I’ll show you the best ones.
  • Do you know how to make risotto? …Thank you. Can I always ask you?
  • Doesn’t it bother you that there’s a good-looking guy in line?
  • Young lady, there’s no price tag. How much is your smile?

At the Caffe

  • Young lady, do you see that table over there? Look how many empty chairs there are. Help me fix the situation – take one of them.
  • If I were the chef in this café, I’d feed you for free. Well, not really– for a smile before and after dinner.
  • I see you already ordered coffee. Can you manage two portions? I can’t help but treat you.
  • Do you come here often? Yes? Then I found the best café in town.
  • Young lady, what do you think is the best here? I can see that you’re the best in this café, but maybe there’s something good in the food too.
  • If you were me, would you buy yourself a coffee?
  • Wow! I see the main course was served before I even ordered!
  • I came in here so hungry, but one look at you and I don’t have a single thought about food. You do wonders, girl.
  • I thought the foam on my coffee was the most delicate thing I could get in this café. But maybe I can get something a hundred times more gentle-your smile, for instance.
  • Young lady, you’re whetting my appetite. And it seems it’s not just about the food.

In cultural places

  • My friends warned me that it was beautiful here. But until I saw you, I didn’t know what they meant.
  • Young lady, aren’t you ashamed to outshine all the sights of this square with your beauty?
  • If I had known I could meet people like you in a museum, I would have loved to go there as a child.
  • Young lady, would you mind stepping back a little? It’s hard to admire the Impressionists when there’s something much more beautiful around.
  • Do you know which architect designed this fountain? I don’t know either. But before he met you, he didn’t understand anything about beauty.
  • Young lady, let’s help each other: you tell me how to understand these works of art, and I’ll show you where the best coffee is around here.
  • Did you happen to pose for this portrait? In reality, of course, much better, but it’s fine on canvas, too.
  • I don’t understand why I have to watch the play if I can’t stop looking at you for an hour and a half.
  • Young lady, do you like opera? Do you know what the best thing to do after the opera? Drink coffee in a cozy Caffe with a new acquaintance from the theater.
  • I’m told there’s great architecture here. The architecture really is great, but you’ve managed to outshine it.

On the beach

  • Girl, you could work as a lighthouse – such a dazzling beauty can be seen from afar. And the ships, too.
  • Aren’t you afraid to swim? I’d be hanging around, even if I were the most dangerous predator in the water.
  • Young lady, help me to wring out my swimming trunks, please.
  • Young lady, you’d be more careful walking past old men with such hips – just in case you have a heart attack. You walk past me, I’ve got a strong heart!
  • I never would have thought it possible to look so tempting in flippers and goggles.
  • Young lady, are you a good diver? I can’t dive at all, but my swimming trunks seem to have sunk. Can you help a forced nudist?
  • Oh, I think it’s people like you who kiss the sand. Where did you go today? Maybe I could kiss it there. Sand, grass, asphalt. I’ll kiss anything for you, even your husband.

I hope you now have enough good phrases to start a conversation with a girl. Now go to the best dating site MeetKing and start chatting!

  1. Which ones did you like best?
  2. How do you feel more comfortable getting acquainted: to conquer with romance or to make you laugh?
  3. Do you now have enough courage and ideas to experiment?

Let’s discuss in the comments 🙂

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