How Grab Your Man and How to Be Hot

How grab your man? Everyone wants to be hot. After all, hot girls get the guy, the free drinks, and the preferential treatment in almost every area of life. But being hot is difficult. Some people are blessed with genes that make them curvy in all the right places – and a winning smile. Being hot isn’t so easy for everyone. In fact, you could argue that it’s not easy for most people. Think about how hard models and actresses work to stay in shape and look good – all in an attempt to be hot. If you emulate their behavior, you’ll be a hot woman too!

How to be hot

There are several ways to be hot, and you may not use them all. Read on to see what we mean.


Although you may think of physical attributes when it comes to being hot, that’s not all it’s about. It is, however, a good place to start! Here are a few tips for women learning how to be hot.

  • Exercise to make your body toned and fit
  • Eat well to stay fit and keep you energized. It’s also good for your skin.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Your hair, skin and nails are all affected by hydration.
  • By the same token, get enough sleep. Your complexion deteriorates when you are deprived of sleep.
  • Good hygiene. You will smell good and be clean.
  • Stand up straight with your shoulders and chest outstretched. Poor posture can give the wrong impression.
  • Walk with your hips, you know, like models do!
  • Bite your lip. This one move makes men wild, so they will do it wanting to kiss you.

Of course, you can’t necessarily argue with genes. If you’re short, lanky, curvy, or anything else that isn’t traditionally considered ‘hot’, you can worry about that. Remember that unique features can attract a man before you get plastic surgery or start hating yourself!


Add basic physical attributes to your foundation with your style. Even if you don’t have the perfect skeletal structure or body (and who really is perfect!), CAN you develop a sense of style to draw attention to your strengths, minimize flaws, and show off your personality! Here’s how to look hot with your personal style:

  • Use foundation garments. Bras, shapewear, panties and underwear can make or break an outfit. Choose foundation pieces for your outfit, such as a strapless bra for a racerback top or Spanx under a tight dress.
  • Flatter Dress. This means dark colors and vertical stripes where you want to be slim and longer. You can find tops and dresses with the right top to accentuate your waist, push-up bras to give you that extra boost, and so on. But don’t get too caught up in rules about how to be hot. If you like horizontal stripes, rock them! Nothing is sexier than confidence!
  • Show off your shape. Do you have curves? Show ’em, girl! Don’t hide under boxy dresses that are two sizes too big. If you’re out at night, it’s perfectly fine to show a split. Guys love more clingy clothes for women. If you don’t feel comfortable, take our advice on how to feel sexy .
  • Wear high heels. They elongate your legs and make your butt look great, especially with a skirt.
  • Choose the right hairstyle. Find a stylist you trust and who can give you advice for your face shape. Change the color if you have always gone natural. Why not try a few highlights? But you don’t have to try the latest trend. Rainbow hair looks good on some people, but not all!
  • Play with color. Pastel colors look girly and fun, which is great if you want to be pretty. Bold reds, especially with black, look “hotter”. Similar..
  • Wear sophisticated clothing. Don’t wear lace dresses with ruffles like a little girl. Opt for a little black dress and a pearl necklace. It’s a classic, feminine look.
  • Try more edgy clothing. Many people equate “hot” with edgy. Complement your outfit with a leather jacket or riding boots for the absolute hot badass look!
  • Learn how to do makeup. You don’t have to be an expert, but you should learn what works for your face and then learn the skills you need. Watch Youtube videos or stop by your local makeup counter for help.
  • Change your look from day to night. Open an extra button on your blouse. Go a little heavier with the makeup. How about a smoky eye and red lips? These make the difference between

You need to learn how to look hot based on your own body and style so no one look works for every woman, but that’s okay!

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Many women think that the only way to be hot is from the outside, but that’s not true. Once you look the part, you have to play it. Otherwise, you’re all style and no substance. If you are looking for more than sex without strings you will regret not doing the following things.

  • Act mature. Sure, you can be a little goofy, but show that you are a capable woman who has her stuff together and is capable of being in a relationship. That’s hot!
  • Make sexual innuendos. If you hint at your naughty side, especially if a guy is already into you, he’ll find it super sexy.
  • Flutter your eyelashes. This is a classic flirting trick. Learn more ways to flirt this post .
  • You can also shyly throw them down.
  • Play it cool. Don’t overwrite or wear your heart on your sleeve. Add a little puzzle to it. After all, it works so well for boys!
  • Take an interest in what others have to say. Ask exciting questions. Pay attention. Show them that you remember details of a previous encounter. This comes across as incredibly gracious and personable and, you guessed it, hot!
  • Like typically ‘manly’ things. Guys love a woman who likes to play sports and drink beer. If you are usually interested in girly things, check if cars, computers, Star Wars or video games could be interesting for you too. You’ll impress a guy If you’re meeting him for the first time, or at least can show him that you’re interested in learning what he’s into, by asking the right questions. Just don’t fake it. Guys will see right through it.
  • Have a sense of humor. Laugh at his jokes – if they’re funny. Learn a few of your own. It also helps to have a sense of humor about the situation. Maybe your dinner reservation got lost or the weather turned bad at the last minute. Laugh things off. It shows you are adaptable and totally hot!

man and woman in bathtub

While many women – and men – gloss over the personality aspects of how to be hot, this is a mistake you don’t want to make. The world is full of beautiful women, but many of them lack personality. The ability to act mature and sophisticated attracts the right people for friendship and more. Moreover, the personality you show is one of the things you control the most when it comes to looking hot.

Some people have a harder time looking hot. You may wonder how to be hot because you’re short or have a cute, round face that gives men you’re interested in a “little sister” vibe. But if you learn how to look hot and how to do it Our tips for action – tailored to you, of course – you’ll be hot in no time!

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