14 Intensely Powerful Ways to Say I Love You

When you’re in a relationship, it’s important to let your man know how you feel. It’s great to say those three magic words, ‘I love you.’ But that can feel stale after a while. It’s fun to express those emotions differently from time to time. So try this way of saying I love you instead.

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1. Try another language

Of all the ways to say I love you, it can sound most romantic to say I love you in different languages, especially if you say it in one of the Romance languages. Here’s how:

  • German: Ich liebe dich
  • Italian: Ti amo
  • Portuguese: Eu te amo
  • Spanish: Te amo

To be authentic, search for the phrase on a pronunciation website to hear how it sounds. You can search for any language you like. It will be romantic no matter what language you say it in.

2. Write it down

When you write down not only the words ‘I love you’ but also how you feel about your husband, engage in the old pastime of writing a love letter. Read some famous love letters to inspire you in this way and say I love you (or read the advice on writing a letter this post) and then write what is in your heart. You don’t have to be a writer or a poet. Just a simple note that he can keep will mean a lot and is a great way to show your love.

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3. Show it

Besides loving you, you can show your husband how much you care by doing something nice for him. Here are some ways:

  • Make it his favorite meal
  • Give him your undivided attention by putting your phone away when you spend time together
  • Wear an outfit you know he will love
  • Make an effort to look good
  • Tell him how much you appreciate him
  • Encourage him to spend an evening with the boys or participate in his favorite hobby
  • Ask him for advice or help
  • Hug him tightly
  • Initiate sex and give him a blowjob

4. You complete me

Tell your husband that he completes you, meaning that your life with him in it feels complete. Note that in this way, to say I love you, that expression could backfire if you come off as needy. It is important that he realizes that you are not pressuring him in any way.

5. Use other words

Instead of saying I love you, you can replace “love” with a whole plethora of words. Here are some new phrases you should try. They will give you many more ways to say I love you:

  • i adore you
  • I am in love with you
  • i need you
  • i want you
  • I care about you very much
  • I have desire for you
  • I am bound to you
  • I am devoted to you
  • I am devoted to you
  • I long for you
  • i long for you
  • I long for you
  • I have a crush on you
  • i cherish you
  • I rejoice in you

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6. We are soul mates

Did you and your husband feel an immediate connection when you met? And did you both fall in love after that first connection? That might indicate that you are soul mates. If that was your experience, let him know that you consider him your soul mate in this way to say I love you. Let him know that he is someone you can be yourself with, who understands you and who brings you true inner peace.

7. I am head over heels

You can also use the phrase ‘neck over head’ to describe your love in this way and say I love you. And if you both have a geeky side, you can explain the background of neck over head. If you think about it, your head is always above your heels, so you can ask him if he knew that the phrase dates back to the 14th century and was actually ‘heels over head’, which meant to ride a bike.

So this can be your inner way of saying to each other, I love you, only the two of you will get it. ‘I’m over head in love with you.’

8. Play a song that describes your feelings.

What better backdrop for a romantic evening at home than playing love songs for your lover that describe your feelings for him? Here are some popular love songs that you can play in this romantic way for your man to say I love you:

  • ‘Endless Love’ by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie
  • ‘Bleeding Love’ by Leona Lewis
  • ‘We Found Love’ by Rihanna
  • ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston
  • ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyonce

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9. I love you to the moon and back

If you are a parent, you may be familiar with the phrase ‘I love you to the moon and back’, which comes from a children’s book. Parents often say this to their children. But the phrase also means that you love someone more than you can imagine, or that you love someone more than anything else. So you can say this to your husband to let him know the depths of your love in a sweet and cute way.

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10 I fall in love with you every day

Tell him that you fall in love with him every day. This shows that your love does not get old and tired and that you cherish every day that you are with him.

11. Cook him breakfast in bed

If you’ve settled into a routine – maybe you have kids – you don’t exactly spend a lot of time having a leisurely breakfast. Surprise him one morning (when the kids are staying over at Grandma’s) by cooking him a romantic breakfast in bed. This will set the tone for you to enjoy on a lazy weekend morning.

12. Give him flowers

Usually it’s the guy who gives girls flowers, but who’s to say you can’t give him flowers? Men enjoy gifts too. But avoid delicate pink buds with a pretty bow around the bouquet, which would seem too feminine. Instead, choose a colorful arrangement with yellow or orange flowers. Blue and purple are also beautiful.

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13. Take care of the simple things

The little things you say sometimes and mean the most. Notice the things he could use help with and do them for your husband in this way to say I love you. For example, some people are terrible at buying new socks, so present him with a few new pairs.

If he needs to take medication but keeps forgetting, ask if he remembered to take it. Even if you throw a load of clothes in the washing machine that he doesn’t think needs washing, this is a great way to show your love.

14. Tell him exactly why you love him

marquee love signage

Don’t just say “I love you” or similar words, say “I love you” and add the reason. You could love him because he cares about the family. You could love him because he makes you feel special. Whatever it is, tell him. It will make him feel good (compliments usually – more on that Here ), and it will mean a lot to him if you choose this way to say I love you.

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It’s important to tell someone you love them, so you should do it often. Just make sure your actions back up those words!

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