Do I Call to Confirm a Date?

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Should I name a man to verify a date?

The guidelines for confirming a date are fairly clear:

If the date is made greater than three days prematurely it’s acceptable to name the day earlier than the date to verify.

So, if the man made the date with you on Monday and the date is for Thursday you may name on Wednesday to verify it. As nicely, if the date is made on Monday to get collectively on Friday or Saturday it’s acceptable to name on Thursday however not on Friday. The purpose right here is that calling on a Friday to verify your Saturday date, except you name earlier than the early night, possibly regarded as ‘checking up on him’ and never simply confirming the date. Guys could be suspicious that means. Girls too.

So sure, you may name to verify a date with a man, simply not on a Friday or Saturday evening for a date the following day except the decision is made earlier than the early night, earlier than 5:00pm or so.

The dialog for confirming a date ought to be one thing like:

“Hi John, I am just calling to make sure of our date tomorrow night at (whatever time), at (whatever place)” or substituting the place for the place and when he’ll decide you up. And that is it. Do not drag the dialog out, that is what the date is for, to spend time collectively and have enlightening dialog.

The identical for laving him a voicemail if he does not reply.

The message ought to be related too:

“Hi John, nice greeting (laugh), I want to be certain of the time of our date tomorrow. Call me back before (this time). Thanks, bye.” Short, to the pint and no room for making bizarre feedback that may give him second ideas about dating you or altering his plans.

Now you already know.

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